What's New in Dialpad

With Dialpad by your side, productivity can strike from anywhere. Take a look at the biggest updates and new features hitting your platform.

December 2017

A new way to communicate, for free

You don't need an office to change the world, just a voice. And now you have one—for free. Introducing Dialpad FREE, the world's first free business phone system

An easier way to find the right contact

Now when you search for a contact, we'll display where we're pulling the contact from if outside of Dialpad (like Google or Microsoft) plus the status of your contact (Available, on an UberConference, DND)



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November 2017

On an active UberConference? Now your presence shows it  

No need to second guess whether a team member is on an UberConference. Now your Dialpad presence icon displays a U whenever you're in an active meeting. Learn how to launch an UberConference from Dialpad.


Custom status makes its way to your conversations

We've added the ability for your custom status to appear within your conversation threads to team members (no worries, custom status is still just shared within your own Organization). 



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October 2017

Improved Salesforce logging for iOS 

Now users can log a note during or after a call to have it automatically log as a closed activity. Need to add notes to a past call? Select it from the new Related Call menu. 


Rename group messages on iOS 

We've added the ability to rename group messages from your iOS devices, making it easier to find chats no matter what device you're on.

Polycom ordering now supported ☎️

Not ready to cut the cord on your desk phones just yet? For the desk phone faithful out there, we've has partnered with Polycom to give Dialpad Admins the option to order pre-provisioned Polycoms directly through Dialpad. See? We can even make desk phones productive. 

Gmail + Dialpad are better together

If your existing platforms don't make each other better, what's the point? Introducing the Dialpad Gmail Add-On (now available in the G Suite Marketplace), a more intuitive way to stay connected in Dialpad without having to switch windows, manage tabs, or lose productivity. 


Looking for something? Search through messages and transcripts (iOS)

Now when you search a keyword or phrase on your iOS app, we'll pull any messages and voicemail transcripts that include that word. Tap on the search results to be pulled into the moment it was mentioned in your conversation. 


Dismiss multiple notifications at once (iOS) 

Notifications clogging up your feed? Now you can mark all as read straight from the top of your Recent thread. 

Heading to a meeting? Say it with a custom status (iOS)

Stuck in a meeting? Heading to the airport? Now you can add a custom status from iOS app settings (and why not throw an emoji in for good luck 😉 )



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September 2017

Log Closed Activities Automatically 

Spend more time closing deals and less time managing your CRM. Log a note during an active call or long press on a past call to automatically have us log it as a closed activity in Salesforce.

Collaboration in one tap (Android)

On an active HD call? Now when a second HD call comes in, we'll give you the option to merge the calls together in one tap. Talk about productivity. 

Heading to a meeting? Say it with a custom status (Android)

Stuck in a meeting? Heading to the airport? Now you can add a custom status straight from your Android app (and why not throw an emoji in for good luck 😉 )


Cut out distractions in group messages (Android)

Group messages are great for huddling together and getting work done. But sometimes groups can get a little distracting. That's why we've added the ability to mute group notifications straight from your Android. 

Silence recording prompts on user lines

While you may need to record a call, having a recording prompt play before your personal calls can be a little disruptive to the conversation flow. Now Admins can toggle that recording prompt off for their user's direct lines. 


Set a custom ring time for Call Queues

Just like your direct line, room phone, and Departments, now Call Queues offer custom ring durations (meaning now you can control how long Agents are rung out before routing them back to your Hold Queue.) 

Call 711 with Dialpad 

We now support dialing to 711 from your Dialpad connected devices.

Invite your Dialpad favorites to UberConference

Launch a meeting from Dialpad and now you'll be able to search and invite conference participants that are also your Dialpad contacts. Isn't it great when apps work together? 💪

Never miss a beat with email notifications on Call Queues

Now your Agents never have to worry about missing a fax or voicemail on your Call Queue. Just navigate to the Call Queue page to see the option to enable email notifications.


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August 2017

Transfer to VIPs in one click

Now when you transfer a call, we'll display the contacts you engage with the most for easy access. Learn more about transferring calls

Get a rundown of your entire team

If you're a Company Admin, export your entire team list from your Company Settings. Learn more about managing more than one Office in Dialpad.


Automaticatically sync VMs and recordings to the cloud

Now you can automatically backup personal Dialpad voicemails and recordings to Google Drive.


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July 2017

Easier upgrade options for Standard plans 

Self-upgrade to Pro straight from your Billing page without having to reach out to sales or support. Learn more

Dial by extension support

If you've enabled extensions, you can now direct callers to dial by extension in your System Greeting IVR. Learn more

Empower anywhere workers with Microsoft Intune

If your Organization utilizes Microsoft Intune, users can now log in with InTune after downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

Say it all (and more) with a custom status

Stuck in a meeting? Heading to the airport? Now you can add a custom status to display under your name in Dialpad. Learn more.


Cut out distractions in group chats

Getting a group chat going is great, but sometimes you need a break from distractions. Learn how to mute group message notifications.

Dialpad Guides help onboard and deploy your team

Need some help onboarding? Check out our helpful guides on inviting your team, making your first call, or recording your voicemail.  

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June 2017

Better outage support for your business

In the event of an outage, we've added some extra security to ensure calls get to the right team. Learn more.

Access Dialpad from #anywhere

Need a way to access Dialpad from a shared device? With your Chrome browser and our new web app, now you can. Learn more.  


Extension assignments available for ENT plans

Enterprise accounts can now add and edit extensions straight from their web portal—without having to reach out to support. Learn more

Pull real-time data on via Admin APIs

Our Admin API call export/stats now supports real-time data for "today". Learn more about our Admin API

Easier access to system tests 

Now users have access to a system test straight from your desktop app. Learn more.

On the go productivity with iOS + Salesforce

Now you can view and log activity straight from your iOS app. Learn more

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May 2017

The era of bad meetings is over

Welcome to anywhere meetings. Learn how to enable UberConference Meetings + launch your first conference call.

Weekly Admin stats straight to your inbox

Dialpad Administrators will now see a breakdown of minutes, voicemails, and texts in their weekly email update.

The future of communications is hands-free

Place + receive calls, look up analytics or send a message. With Alexa + Dialpad, the future of communications is hands-free.


Silence recording prompts on shared lines

Pro and Enterprise plans now have the option to turn off the recording prompt that plays for callers. Learn more.

On the go productivity with Android + Salesforce

Android users can now log Salesforce activity from their Android app just like they would on their desktop app


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April 2017 

Quick access to contact info

Need help deciphering between two similar names? Hover over your contact in your search results to display a Contact Info icon. Learn more

Better porting flows for your Admins

Say hello to your new local porting flow, complete with number batching and tool tips to help guide Admins. Learn more


App Release Notes

March 2017

Easily manage and move users with Admin API 

Now Enterprise customers can easily manage and move users from one Office to another with our API.

OneDrive integration now supported

Office 365 users, rejoice! Now OneDrive shared docs will sync to your contact's profile.

Dive deeper with Department stats

Looking to get a snapshot of all the calls handled within a specific Department? Now you can with our Department Call filter. 


Automatically record on your Main Line

Just like your Departments, you can now automatically record calls to and from your Main Line.

iOS + Office 365 are better together

Login with Office 365 and we'll display shared docs/emails/events on your team's profiles.

Group messaging just got bigger

We just bumped up your group message #s so even more teams can collaborate together. Learn more.


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February 2017

Set a custom ring time for your lines

Cut down on the # of rings between personal calls, Dept. calls, and room phones. Learn more.

Access daily analytics for your team

Now Company analytics include "Today" as a drop-down period. Learn more about your company's analytics.

Share Analytics access with your users

Share analytics access to non-Admins in your Company. Learn how.

iOS10 Call Kit now supported

Upgraded to iOS10? Now you can place/receive Dialpad HD calls straight from your native iOS interface. Learn more.


App Release Notes 🎉

January 2017

Upload contacts shared across your Org

Need certain contacts to be searchable across your whole Company? Learn more.

Quicker access to audio options

We're making it easier than ever to switch your mic/speakers. Learn more about your audio settings.

Weekly Analytics Updates for Admins

Company Admins will now receive an emailed weekly report on the metrics that matter most

Create a Regional Admin

For Companies with more than one Office, you now have the ability to assign a Regional Admin to manage more than one Office at a time. Learn more.


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