Desktop App Updates


August 16, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.27.1 updates include:

  • Transfer to Frequent Contacts: Now when you transfer a call, we'll display the contacts you engage with the most for easy access. Learn more about transferring a calls

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai VM Indicator, Group Chat, Billing Alerts

August 11, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.26 updates include:


July 28, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.25.1 updates include:

  • DND Banner: Now when you toggle on your DND status, we'll display a banner across your desktop app for better awareness. Learn more about setting your DND status. 

  • Self-Upgrade to Pro: Self-upgrade to Pro straight from your Billing page without having to reach out to sales or support. Learn more

  • Dial by Extension: If you've enabled extensions, you can now direct callers to dial by extension in your System Greeting IVR. Learn more

  • iOS Update

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai VM, Office 365 Login


July 19, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.23.1 updates include:


June 27, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.21.5 updates include:

  • Call Queues Hours Routing: We've made some updates to closed hour routing for your Call Queues. Learn more about setting Call Queue rules. 

  • Department Failover Number: In the event of an outage, we've added some extra security to ensure calls get to the right team. Learn more.

  • iOS Updates

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai, Polycom, & Room Phone Support

June 22, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.21.3 updates include:

  • Various Polish Fixes

June 13, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.20.0 updates include:

  • Dialpad Web App: Need a way to access Dialpad from a shared device? With your Chrome browser and our new web app, now you can. Learn more.  

  • Fax Notifications: Choose between enabling or disabling emailed notifications when you receive a fax to your personal line. Learn more.

  • Extension Assignments: Enterprise accounts can now add and edit extensions straight from their web portal—without having to reach out to support. Learn more

  • Hold Queue Updates: Now you can allow callers to remain in the hold queue even if no Agents are available. Learn more about your hold queue rules.

  • Real-Time Data via Admin API: Our Admin API call export/stats now supports real-time data for "today". Learn more about our Admin API

  • Export Team Members: Export your entire team list straight from your web portal. Just navigate to your Team page to select this option. 

  • Run a System Test: Now users have access to a system test straight from your desktop app. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Admin API, Call Queues, Dialer (Chrome App)


May 30, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.19.3 updates include:

May 24, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.18.0 updates include:

  • Canceled Calls on Analytics: Now your individual analytic report will include the total number of canceled calls. Learn more.

  • Weekly Stats Email Update: Dialpad Administrators will now see a breakdown of minutes, voicemails, and texts in their weekly email update.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Room Phones, Billing

May 12, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.17.0 updates include:

  • License Count on Admin API: When transferring users to another office via API, we'll now alert you if there's an insufficient # of licenses. Learn more about our Admin API.

  • Android + iOS Updates

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Warm Transfers, Call Queues, User Management


May 9, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.16.2 updates include:

  • Amazon Alexa + Dialpad: Place + receive calls, look up analytics, or send a message. With Alexa + Dialpad, the future of communications is hands-free. Request early access.

  • Muted Notifications on Mobile DND: Turning DND on your mobile device will now stop push notifications.

  • Dialpad for Salesforce Lightning: When your lightning app needs to be updated, we'll alert you with a notification in your app header (just like your desktop app). 

  • Internationalized Ring Back Tone: Your ring back tone (RBT) will now play based on the dialed country number.

  • Disable Recording Prompt: Pro and Enterprise teams can now opt to turn off the recording prompt that plays for callers. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Calling Credits, Call Recording, Warm Transfer


April 19, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.14.1 updates include:

  • Contact Info on Search: Need help deciphering between two similar names? Hover over your contact in your search results to display a Contact Info icon. Learn more

  • E911 Notifications: Now when an Office changes their E911 location, specific Admin types will be alerted via email. Learn more

  • Improved Porting: Say hello to your new local porting flow, complete with number batching and tool tips to help guide Admins. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Obihai Phones, Inbound Ringing, Call Handling 

April 4, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.12.5 updates include:

  • Generate User List: Need a list of all your Dialpad users? Now Enterprise customers can with our API.

  • Transfer to Call Queues: Teams can now transfer to Call Queues in addition to individuals, Depts., and your Main Line. Learn more about transferring your calls

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Google Contacts, Chat History, Native App


March 28, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.11.6 updates include:


March 21, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.10.2 updates include:

  • OneDrive Integration: Office 365 users, rejoice! Now OneDrive shared docs will sync to your contact's profile.

  • Stats for Department Calls: Looking to get a snapshot of all the calls handled within a specific Department? Now you can with our Department Call filter. 

  • Room Phone Analytics: Now we've included room phones as part of your Department or Main Line analytics. 

  • Call Recording on Main Line: Just like your Departments, you can now automatically record calls to and from your Main Line.

March 7, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.9.3 updates include:

  • Expand Group Messages: We just bumped up your group message #s so even more teams can collaborate together. Learn more

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Admin Portal, Team Invites, Salesforce for Dialpad 


February 28, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.8.4 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Group Messaging, Login Errors, Transfer


February 17, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.7.1 updates include:

  • Set a Custom Ring Length: Cut down on the # of rings between personal calls, Dept. calls, and room phones. Learn more.

  • Daily Analytics: Now Company analytics include "Today" as a drop-down period. Learn more about your company's analytics.

  • Analytics Access: Share analytics access to non-Admins in your Company. Learn how.

  • MMS Preview: Need to double check an image before sending an MMS? Now you can. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Directory Search (O365), Recorded VM Greetings


February 14, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.6.0 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Salesforce Contacts, Add User Desk Phone, Obihai Activation


February 7, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.5.1 updates include:

  • System Test Page: Need to run a quick system test? Now you can right from

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Call Notifications, Removing Fax Lines, Editing Room Phones

  • iOS Updates


January 31, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.4.0 updates include:

  • Upload Shared Contacts: Need certain contacts to be searchable across your whole Company? Learn more.

  • Quick Click Audio: We're making it easier than ever to switch your mic/speakers. Learn more about your audio settings.

  • Leaderboard Updates: Now Company Admins can see total Placed and Received Calls on their Team Analytics Leaderboards. Learn more

  • Weekly Analytics Update: Company Admins will now receive an emailed weekly report on the metrics that matter most.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Hold Music, Dept. Analytics, Mic Detection Warning, MMS


January 24, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.3.4 updates include:

  • Regional Admins: For Companies with more than one Office, you now have the ability to assign a Regional Admin to manage more than one Office at a time. Learn more

  • Billing Update: Companies with only 1-seat will need to contact support to cancel their account. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Double Call Logging in SFDC, Caller ID, Polycom Support


January 17, 2017

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.2.4 updates include:

  • Various Bug Fixes: Room Phones, Caller ID, Dept. Calls, Notifications




December 16, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.1.0 updates include:

  • Calendar Presence: We've tweaked the calendar update to display 'In a Meeting' when your Company contacts are in a public meeting. Learn more.

  • Voicemail & User PIN: Now you can record your voicemail greeting after entering your User & Voicemail PIN, in addition to toggling DND.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Transfer, Call Queues, JWT Error (Forum)

December 9, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v17.0.4 updates include:

  • Desktop Redesign: Say hello to your redesigned desktop app. Learn more about what's changed.

  • Calendar Presence: If your contact is in a public meeting, we'll display the meeting name right on their profile picture. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Call Screening, Warm Transfer, Creating Depts

December 2, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v16.4.0 updates include:

  • Enable/Disable Desk Phone Set Up: Office Admins can enable/disable the options to let team members set up their own desk phones. Learn how to set up your Dialpad purchased phone or  third-party phone.

  • Main Line Call Handling Options: Now your Main Line call handling includes options to forward callers to other Depts. or team members.

  • iOS updates

  • Various Bug Fixes: Search, Desk Phone provisioning 


November 18, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v16.3.1 updates include:

  • Various Bug Fixes: Polycom provisioning, Analytics (Total Calls, Names Displayed, etc.), Sign Up

  • Obihai Phone Update

November 11, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v16.2.1 updates include:

  • Various Bug Fixes: Team Page, VM Playback, Provisioning Room Phones, Google Integrations

  • Room Phone Update

November 8, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v16.1.2 updates include:

  • Various Bug Fixes: Dept. Recordings, Call Routing to Menu, Invalid Links (Learn More / Onboarding)

  • Desk Phone Updates


October 28, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) & Chrome App v16.0.0 updates include:

  • App Consolidation: We're working on reducing the differences between our native and chrome app. Starting today (and moving forward), both apps will be in-sync/as close to each other as possible. 

  • Contact Search: Searching for contacts just got a facelift. Now personal contacts and Dept. contacts are split out, making it easier to quickly identify who you need to contact. Learn more

  • Various Bug Fixes: Caller ID, Voicemail, International Calling 

October 21, 2016

Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.33.1 / Chrome App v15.3 updates include:

  • Various Bug Fixes: After hours VM routing, Dept. caller ID, Number assignments

October 14, 2016

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.32.1Chrome App v15.2: Bug Fixes (duplicate contacts, special characters in search results, Dept. recordings loading)

  • Customize Call Queues Hold Music: If you're using Call Queues, you can customize the hold music your callers hear.

October 7, 2016

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.31.3: Bug Fixes (Contact feed merging, Native app dialing), Desk Phone Provisioning, After-Hours Routing

  • Chrome App v15.1: Bug Fixes (Contact feed merging), Desk Phone Provisioning, After-Hours Routing
  • Desk Phone Provisioning: We've got a whole new look and feel to the provisioning flow of your desk phones. Learn more.

  • After-Hours Routing: Now Dept. Admins can create after-hours call routing rules, including forwarding directly to voicemail, another Dept., team member/room phone/number, or automated response menu. Learn more.


September 30, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes: Google/LinkedIn Integrations, Salesforce Integration, Account Settings

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.30.3

  • Chrome App v14.8.6

September 23, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes: Removing Faxlines, Blocking Caller ID, Active Call Screen

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.29.2

  • Chrome App v14.8.7

September 16, 2016

  • Warm Transfer: To make the transition smoother, we'll show the caller's info when you receive a warm transfer rather than the team member who's transferred the call. Learn more about all your transfer options.

  • Click-to-Call: Users can toggle the option to confirm a phone number before dialing. If this is turned off, click to call will automatically place a new call without giving you the option to adjust your caller ID. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.28.1

  • Chrome App v14.8.2

  • Chrome Extension v0.7.9

Sept 9, 2016

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.27.5

  • Chrome App 14.8.1


August 26, 2016

  • Multiple Office Management: Managing multiple offices just got easier with our new user interface. Learn more

  • Exporting Analytics: Now Admins can export data from the analytics page, including general statistics and call logs. Learn more

  • Call Recording: If you've set up call recording on your Department line, we'll now record both inbound and outbound calls.

  • Inviting Users (US/CA Offices): We've made assigning phone numbers more transparent in our new Invite Team Members flow (for US/CA offices only). Learn more.

  • Removing Users & Account Access: When an Admin removes a team member in Dialpad, it will automatically log that user out of either the native or chrome apps. 

  • New Video Tutorials: We've added new walkthroughs on Admin Basics, Making a Call, Salesforce, and Audio Settings.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.26.0

  • Chrome App v14.8.0

August 19, 2016

  • Plantronics USB Headset Integration: Now you can use your Plantronics command buttons to answer and end Dialpad calls from both the Native & Chrome apps. Learn more

  • Search Characters: Our search feature now triggers results after entering two characters instead of three.

  • New Video Tutorial: Check out our new walkthrough on our Exec-Assist feature.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.25.1

  • Chrome App v14.7.4

August 12, 2016

  • Headset Detection: We're making it easier to start using your USB headset right away with our detection prompt. Learn more.

  • Expanded Analytics Views: Now you can choose last day of the week, last week, or last month in your Analytic reports. Learn more.

  • MSI & PKG Installers: Deploying Dialpad for large organizations just got a whole lot easier. Learn more.

  • New Videos Tutorials: We've added new walkthroughs on Desktop Basics, Messaging, and Analytics.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.24.2

  • Chrome App v14.7.3


August 5, 2016

  • Plantronics USB Headset Integration: Now you can use your Plantronics command buttons to answer and end Dialpad calls from the Native app. Learn more.

  • Chrome Extension Updates: Give us a list of websites and we'll hyperlink unformatted #'s to enable click-to-call. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.23.4

  • Chrome App v14.7.0


July 29, 2016

  • LinkedIn Update: If multiple matches appear, users can now select and confirm the right match to display shared connections.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.22.1

  • Chrome App v14.6.5


July 22, 2016

  • Salesforce & Canceled Calls: Our Salesforce integration now logs canceled calls. Learn more.

  • Global ID Updates: In addition to your Main Line or personal number, you can now add 'Block my Caller ID' as a Global ID setting. Learn more.

  • Dept. Caller ID Updates: Dept. Admins can now ensure that all Operators IDs reflect the same outbound ID. Learn more.

  • iPad Video Tutorial: Need a walkthrough of our iPad app? Check out our newest tutorial video.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.21.0

  • Chrome App v14.6.4

July 15, 2016

  • Save Size & Position (Native Apps): After quitting your native app (Mac or Windows), we'll remember the last size and position of your app for the next time you launch.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.20.0

  • Chrome App v14.6.3

July 8, 2016

  • Transfer to Hold: Need to park your call? With Transfer to Hold, call park on your personal or Executive lines.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.19.2

  • Chrome App v14.6.2

July 1, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (Analytics, Dept. Operators, Contacts, Call Handling)


June 24, 2016

  • Block My Caller ID: Need a little privacy? Learn how to block your caller ID from individual calls. Learn more.

  • Remote VM Access: Check your voicemail outside the Dialpad app, just enter your pin number. Learn more.

June 17, 2016

  • Weak Connection Warning: If we detect a weak connection during your active call, we'll give you a heads up with a banner notification. Learn more.

  • Department Call Waiting: Admins can turn on call waiting for Department Operators. Learn more.

  • Canadian Taxes and Fees: Canadian taxes and fees are now included within your account (Canadian offices only). Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.16.3

  • Chrome App v14.5

June 10, 2016

  • Enable/Disable Int'l Calling: Company and/or Office Admins can enable/disable international calling on a per user basis. Learn more.

  • Archive Conversations: Need to clean up your Recent bar? Right-click to Archive conversations. Learn more.

  • Abandoned Calls, Missed Calls & Voicemails: Gain better insights to past calls with our new call categories. Learn more.

  • Giphy/Command: If a picture says 1,000 words, imagine how much you can say with a GIF. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.15.0

  • Chrome App v14.5

June 3, 3016

  • Analytics by Device: Admins can now drill down to review office analytics per device (e.g. desktop, mobile, Obihai, etc.). Learn more. 

  • Native Right-Click Options: When using the native app, right-click on links, images, or text to reveal new options including Copy, Save, or Open in Browser.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.14.0

  • Chrome App v14.4.0


May 27, 2016

  • Drag/Drop Profile Integrations: With Drag and Drop, Dialpad users can drag their most important integrations to the top of their contact's profile. Learn more.

  • Answer-Merge: Need to add an incoming caller to your active call? With Answer-Merge, you can add a second caller to your existing call without putting either on hold. Learn more.

  • Fix 'Delete Contact' Logic: Currently, if a user interacts with a deleted contact, it would appear to be 'recreated' with the content history intact. Now, deleting a contact will delete the content history.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.13.3

  • Chrome App v14.4.9

May 20, 2016

  • Department Contacts: Manging Department contacts shouldn't have you reaching for the aspirin bottle. With Shared Department Contacts now displayed, Admins can manage contacts more easily. Learn more.

  • Video Presence: Before, video calls would be ignored when displaying a user's presence (e.g. on a call, DND, etc.). Now when you're on a video call, it will display the same red phone icon you see when on a regular audio call.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.12.3

  • Chrome App v14.4.8

May 13, 2016

  • Edit Contact Name on Active Call: The contact name displayed in the active call screen will be editable, allowing users a quick way to update the name.

May 6, 2016

  • Salesforce Activities: Dialpad & Salesforce - Modern Workforce meets Sales Warrior. To enable our new Salesforce integration, have your Company Admin reach out to our support team. Once enabled, click to learn more.

  • Call View Refactor: We've updated our Call View code to create a smoother call experience (transitions more seamlessly between ringing and connecting states, visual tweaks to call controls, fewer cases where the desktop is in an unexpected state).

  • Call Blocking: Receiving unwelcomed calls and/or messages? Take back control of who contacts your business. Learn more.

  • Global Outbound ID: Get recognized faster. With Global Outbound Caller ID, your team can choose to display your Company's Main Line as their outbound over their personal line. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v10.3

  • Chrome App v14.4.6


April 29, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (Dept. Contacts, Click to Call, Search)

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.9.1

  • Chrome App v14.4.5 

April 22, 2016

  • Click to Call Routing: Now when you use the Chrome Extension for our Click to Call option, you'll be pulled into the New Call screen making it easier for you to adjust your caller ID. 

April 15, 2016

  • Contact Search Adjustments: When searching for a contact, Dialpad will display personal contacts and Department contacts. Dept. contacts will have a colored tag denoting which Dept. they're connected to. Learn more about Dept. contacts.

  • Analytics Adjustment: Now users can select 'Yesterday' as an option when viewing Analytics.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.7.1

  • Chrome App v14.4.1

April 8, 2016

  • Analytics by Dialpad: Gain better insights of your calls and messages with our Analytics feature. Learn more

  • Search Terms/Phrases in Messages: Need to look up that message about your meeting next week? Search terms/phrases in our search screen to pull up any past messages containing those words. Learn more.

  • Headset Adjustments: Both Native and Chrome apps now have the ability to configure speaker and microphone selections within the app. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.6.0

  • Chrome App v14.4

April 1, 2016

  • Last Handled Operator/Agent: On your Dept./Exec-Assist screen, you'll be able to see who the last Operator/Assistant was that spoke to a caller. Learn more.

  • DND & Mobile Notifications: Setting yourself on DND for your Dept. will now halt any missed call or VM notifications on your mobile. 

  • Youtube Links: Sending and receiving Youtube links will now show a preview image and give users the ability to play the video inline. 

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.5.3

  • Chome App v14.3.0


March 25, 2016

  • Analytics (Beta): Gain better insights of your calls and messages with our Analytics feature, now in beta. Learn more

  • Add a Contact: Now users can navigate to Contacts>Add a Contact in their desktop app to create new contacts. Learn more

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.4.4

  • Chrome App v14.2.1

March 18, 2016

  • Drag and Drop Images: Need to quickly add a photo to your conversation thread? Now you can drag and drop images right into your conversation. Learn more

  • Personal Web Settings Update: Visual updates to your personal web settings, making it easier to find everything you need on one page. 

  • Porting Out of Dialpad: Looking to port out your Dialpad number? As your Company Admin, you'll need to request a PIN number. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.3.1

  • Chrome App v14.2

March 11, 2016

  • General Bug Fixes

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.2.3

  • Chrome App v14.1

March 7, 2016

  • Annual Billing: Now you can opt for monthly or yearly billing. Learn more

  • Group Messaging: Grab your group's attention with our group messaging feature. Learn more

  • Notification Redesign: Say hello to a sleeker notification design.


February 12, 2016

  • Fax with Dialpad: Add a fax line to your team's accounts and Departments. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.0.54

  • Chrome App v13.9.11

February 5, 2016

  • Native Mac App: Our Native app for Mac users is now publicly available. Learn more.

  • Native App (Mac or Windows) v0.0.53

  • Chrome App v13.9.10


 January 29, 2016

  • Dial by Name Directory on Depts.: Now Operators can dial by name in their directory to place Dept. calls. Learn more.

  • Chrome App v13.9.9

January 22, 2016

  • General Bug Fixes

January 15, 2016

  • General Bug Fixes

  • Chrome App v13.9.7

January 8, 2016

  • Audio Notifications for Messages: Incoming messages will play a tone when received. You can turn this on or off by going to your App Settings within your desktop app. 

  • Show Connection Signal Strength: We'll display a signal strength indicator on your active call screen via your desktop app, giving you a heads up when your connection strength drops.

  • Chrome App v13.9.6