Ai Call Summary
  • 11 Sep 2023
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Ai Call Summary

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Article Summary

Finding specific coachable moments within a call can be time-consuming, but with Dialpad's Ai Call Summary, managers can easily find those moments on users' calls.

In the automated post-call summary email, you'll find:

  • Basic call information: A high level overview of the call information such as contacts' names, phone numbers, call dates and times, and call durations.
  • A searchable transcript: A complete transcript of the call where the call is broken down by speakers. You can also search for phrases and keywords in the transcript, as well as skip directly to different parts of the call audio to quickly see who said what on the call.
  • Key Moments: Your favorite Ai features such as Action Items, sentiment analysis, Call Purpose categories, and other important insights extracted from the call. These moments are great as a reminder of what attendees need to follow up on afterward.

Let's dive into the details!

Who can use this feature

Dialpad Ai is available to Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Sales, and Contact Center customers on Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.
Ai is offered in English and Spanish, and is available for Offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain. 

Access permissions

Need to segment your User's access based on their roles?

No problem, Dialpad offers different permission levels based on your role within the company. 

  • Company Admins can see all call records and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for all Department, Contact Center, and Coaching Team calls.
  • Office Admins can see all call records for calls within the Office and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for all Main Line, Department, Contact Center, and Coaching Team calls.
  • Department and Contact Center Admins can see all call records within their respective Departments or Contact Center s and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for the same.
  • Coaching Team Coaches can see all call records for their Trainees and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for the same.
  • Users can see all their own personal calls and access personal call recordings; they can also access Ai Call Summaries for these calls. If users are part of a Coaching Team as Trainees, their Coaches can access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for their calls.

Access call summary 

Call Summaries can be accessed from the Dialpad app and the Web Portal

Access Call Summary from Dialpad App

To access your Ai Call Summary from the Dialpad app:

  1. Choose the selected call from your conversation
  2. Hover over the call 
  3. Select View call details

Dialpad will launch the call review in your web browser.

Access Call Summary from Web Portal

To access an Ai Call Summary from

  1. Navigate to Call History
  2. Click the Ai icon beside the desired call

Dialpad will open the call review where you can dive into the details of the call. 

Visit this Help Center article to learn more about the Call History menu.

Information & controls 

In the title bar, the Ai Call Summary displays basic information related to the call as well as access to additional controls.

You'll see the contact's name or entire number, the call date and time, and the duration of the call.

From the Call Review page, you can:

  • Search the call for specific words or phrases
  • Add and view comments between team members 
    • Use @mentions for anyone within your company 
    • Recipients receive an email and a message from Dialbot with a link to the call review
      1. If a recipient doesn't already have access to the call review, the @mention will grant them access until the comment is removed
  • Add to Playlist to store the call alongside others similar to it in a playlist.
  • Download Data
    • Receive a URL to copy/paste or download a CSV file containing the transcript.
  • Share the Call Review by creating a link specific to the entire Ai Call Summary or only a portion of the call.
    • Security options limit the call review's link to anyone with the URL, or only team members logged in to Dialpad. There's also an option to revoke all links shared previously.

Moments summary

Moments allow you to see how many specific Moments were triggered in a call. View the overview on the left-hand sidebar and click on any Moment name to see when and where the Moment was triggered. Select the Excerpts tab of the Call Review to view the exact phrases that triggered the Moment. 

Real-time assist (RTA) cards that were activated will appear here, too, if enabled.

Types of Moments

Dialpad offers many different Moments, allowing you to get granular with your call review.

Our list of Moments is constantly growing — have a look at the definitions below. 

  • Action Item - a single, clearly-defined task to be completed after the call/meeting, usually assigned to an individual or small group
    • "I will send the information to you tomorrow"
  • Address - an address of a physical location or building.
  • Call Recording Notification - agent notifies the customer that the call is being recorded.
  • Competitor - a customer mentions a competitor defined in your company dictionary.
  • Currency - the customer or agent mentions a dollar amount or an amount in another currency.
    • “That costs $100”
  • Date - the customer or agent mentions a specific date.
    • “Let’s meet on December 10, 2020”
  • Time the customer or agent mentions a specific time of day.
    • “Let’s meet at 1:30 PM”
  • Email Address - when anyone mentions an email address.
  • Interesting Question - any interesting question asked on a call.
    • “Can we meet tomorrow at 4:00?”
  • Call Purpose (available to Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Contact Center, and Ai Sales customers) - the caller states why they are calling.
    • "I'm calling today to see if I can get my windows washed"
  • Negative Sentiment - the customer says something generally negative.
  • Positive Sentiment - the customer says something generally positive.
  • Phone Number - identify when anyone mentions a phone number.
  • Recommendation - marks where a Real-Time Assist popped up on a call.
  • Snippet - Snippets allow agents to mark and save important parts of conversations for future reference. For example, an agent can snip parts of a call where a prospect discusses their top concerns in order to create a reminder of what the agent should bring upon subsequent calls.
  • Support Defective (available only to Ai Contact Center customers) - the customer mentions that the product or service is defective.
  • Support Issue Resolved (available only to Ai Contact Center customers) - the customer indicates that their problem has been solved.
  • Swearing - identified when anyone uses profanity.
    •  "That's bullshit"
  • Unsure Agent (available to Ai Contact Center customers) - the Agent expresses uncertainty about an answer.
    •  "I'm not really sure"

Transcript & recording 

The live transcript shows the full text of the conversation in real time.

Call History and Call Review allows you to look at the call details post-mortem. Reading is faster than listening, so having a transcript allows you to quickly catch up on conversation details at a glance. Use the search bar to quickly find specific words, or if you're tired of reading, listen to the audio using the playback controls (if the call was recorded).

In the Ai Call Summary (found on the Call Review page), you'll find transcripts, highlights, and Moments-based excerpts.

We do recommend rating the Ai Call Summary for punctuation and capitalization accuracy; the ability to rate appears at the bottom of the screen each time a call review opens.


Call quality 

Easily see the network quality of your call from the Quality tab of your Call Review.

HD Calling (also known as VoIP) breaks the sound of your voice into thousands of packets. These packets traverse various paths on the Internet to Dialpad's servers, and then onto their final destination where they're reassembled. 

Without a reliable network, there's no guarantee that those packets can be reassembled in the right order or even arrive at all.  

The Quality section of your Call Review gives you the information you need to troubleshoot call quality issues by displaying information on bitrate, packet loss, jitter, and latency.

You will not see network quality information for calls placed on the mobile app, or for calls where the browser was closed before the end of the call. For calls with fanouts, Dialpad only displays the network quality information for the first fanout.

Learn more about call quality in this Help Center article

Share a call summary

Need to send a call to a colleague for their review? Dialpad makes it easy to share the Ai Call Summary with a single URL.

Unique call links can be set to be shared with anyone within your organization, or to anyone. 

To share a Call Summary, first head to

  1. Select Call History
  2. Select the options menu beside the call you'd like to share (that's the three vertical dots)
  3. Select Share
  4. Choose who can access the link (users within your company, or anyone with the link)
  5. Choose which portion of the call you'd like to share 
  6. Select Copy Link and share

You can also share the call transcript from the call review page itself. 

  1. Select the share icon on the top right
  2. Choose who can access the link
  3. Select Create link
  4. Copy the link and share

    In order to comment on a shared Call Summary, you'll need to be signed in to your Dialpad account. If you're not already signed in, you'll be prompted to sign in before being able to access the Call Summary.
    Once a Summary has been shared, Office and Company Admins can stop remove shared access by selecting Stop sharing from the share menu. 

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