Custom Moments
    • 18 Dec 2023
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    Custom Moments

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    Dialpad's Custom Moments feature allows users to track specific items during a call, serving as bookmarks for important themes. These moments are useful for historical trend reporting, call reviewing, coaching, and real-time alerts. Custom Moments are available in English and Spanish, with the ability to assign them to specific call centers or groups. Managers can intervene immediately or review the moments after the call. Custom Moments can be shared across multiple groups and contact centers and can be used for post-call analytics. Users can create custom moments from scratch or use templates provided by Dialpad. The feature also allows for editing, duplicating, and deleting custom moments. Analytics on custom moments can be viewed in the admin settings or call history. It is important to optimize trigger phrases for effective use of Custom Moments.

    Gain incomparable insights and unlimited coaching opportunities with Dialpad's Ai powered Custom Moments.

    Custom moments allow you to track specific items during a call — think of them as bookmarks for important themes on your calls that you might want to come back to later. Custom moments are invaluable for historical trend reporting, reviewing calls, coaching, and even alerting managers in real time.

    Let's take a closer look at how they work.

    Who can use this feature

    Custom moments are available to Ai Sales and Contact Center customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

    Dialpad Ai is currently only available for offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain. 

    Language availability

    Custom Moments are available in English and Spanish.

    • For use in English, ensure your call center language is set to English, then create your English-language cards.
    • For use in Spanish, make sure your call center language is set to Spanish, then create your Spanish-language cards.
    Custom moments created in a Spanish-language call center will not fire on an English-language call center, and vice versa. 

    How custom moments work

    Custom Moments (CM) are used to alert managers when a given word or phrase is triggered on a call. A manager can intervene right away, or review the custom moment and its trigger post-call.

    Custom Moment cards can be assigned to whichever call center(s) or group(s) you choose, and trigger phrases can be assigned to the customer side, agent side, or both sides of a call. CMs can be shared across multiple groups and contact centers, and each existing CM can be edited or updated to add new groups or contact centers.

    Not only for live conversations, CMs can be used in post-call analytics like historical trend reporting, for coaching purposes, and for real-time alerts.

    To view your custom moments, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Dialpad Ai
    2. Select Custom Moments  

    From there, you'll see a list of all your custom moments and search your library by CM name, filter by creator or assignee groups

    Create a custom moment 

    Creating Custom Moments takes just a few seconds, and yields incredible benefits. 

    Dialpad has a wide variety of CM templates designed for sales and support teams, or create your own from scratch.

    First, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Dialpad Ai
    2. Select Custom Moments
    3. Select Create Custom Moment
    4. Choose to create a CM from scratch, or use one of our templates
    5. Verify your desired criteria                                                             
    6. Select Create Card

    Regardless if you are creating a CM from scratch, or using one of our templates, be sure to review and customize the following details to ensure they fit your exact needs:

    • Name
    • Triggered by options:
      • Triggered by anyone
      • Triggered by rep
      • Triggered by customer 
    • Keywords and phrases
    • Assign groups and/or contact centers

    Edit a Custom Moment

    Business needs are constantly evolving, as will your Custom Moment cards — so we've made it nice and easy for you to edit them at any time.

    First, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Dialpad Ai
    2. Select Custom Moments
    3. Select the options menu beside the CM you'd like to edit (that's those 3 vertical dots)
    4. Select Edit
    5. Make the desired changes and select Save 

    Be careful, changing trigger words may impact analytics.

    Duplicate a Custom Moment

    To duplicate a Custom Moment card, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Dialpad Ai
    2. Select Custom Moments
    3. Select the options menu beside the CM you'd like to edit (that's those 3 vertical dots)
    4. Select Duplicate
    5. Enter any desired changes
    6. Select Create Card

    Delete a custom moment 

    To delete a Custom Moment, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Dialpad Ai
    2. Select Custom Moments
    3. Select the options menu beside the CM you'd like to edit (that's those 3 vertical dots)
    4. Select Delete
    5. Confirm deletion

    Custom Moment analytics

    View your custom moments in your Analytics and Call History data.

    1. Navigate to Analytics from
    2. Select the Moments tab

    Here, you can view custom moments mentioned over time, your top-performing custom moments, and an agent leaderboard documenting CM usage. 

    You can also view Custom Moment usage from your call history.

    Head to and navigate to Call History

    1. Select Moment filter
    2. View the Call Summary by selecting the Ai logo beside the desired call
    3. Moments used will appear on the left-side panel
    4. Select the desired CM to see where exactly it appeared in the call, and in what context

    Best practices

    There are a few ways to optimize your Custom Moment trigger phrases to make the cards as effective as possible. 

    For a CM to be useful, it has to be triggered under the context you’re actually aiming for — be sure to consider the following key points:

    1. Accuracy
    2. Variation
    3. Inclusiveness

    Without the above characteristics, you'll miss important instances where they should have fired, or worse, they'll fire at inappropriate times, in unhelpful contexts.

    Remember, you're creating CMs to be used in real conversations, so make sure your trigger phrases sound like normal English. For instance, the following trigger phrases are useful to include in a pricing card:

    • pricing discussion
    • price discussion
    • pricing discussions
    • price discussions

    But you’ll want to leave out a phrase like:

    • prices discussion

    Be sure to read our Best Practice guide for more useful tips and tricks. 

    Frequently asked questions

    How are custom moments different from real-time assist (RTA) cards?

    Custom Moments are meant to be used for reporting and alerting admins — they do not trigger agents while on a call. If you want little “helper” cards to pop up during calls for your team, use RTA cards!

    Can I use numbers for a trigger phrase?

    Yes, with one caveat: any alphanumeric phrases (e.g. R45) need to be added to the company dictionary before you are able to include it as a trigger phrase.  

    It is possible to add a trigger phrase that consists entirely of a number, but keep in mind that this trigger phrase will fire any time that number is mentioned — which may have much wider coverage than you intend (e.g.$250). 

    • For English moments, you can write number-related trigger phrases with the numbers as digits, or spelled out, and they will be triggered regardless of their format in the transcript.
    • For Spanish moments, numbers must be entirely spelled-out, not written as digits. 

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