Ai Recap - Early Adopter Program
  • 21 Feb 2024
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Ai Recap - Early Adopter Program

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Article Summary

Say goodbye to lengthy call reviews with Dialpad’s newest feature - Ai Recap. 

With Ai Recaps, you get highly accurate, conversational summaries of every AI-enabled call or meeting, so you can focus on revenue-generating activities, instead of reviewing transcripts or meeting notes. 

These summaries are editable and sharable, created with Dialpad's proprietary generative Ai, Dialpad GPT.  Ai Recaps also categorizes the call's purpose and outcome, and can even schedule a follow-up meeting or write a post-call email or text message. Whether you are a busy executive or a customer support representative, Ai Recaps helps you streamline your workflows and save valuable time.

Let's dive into the details!

Ai Recap is currently in an Early Adopter Program.

In March, 2024, Ai Recaps will be available to Dialpad users on all plans and licenses.

What is an Ai Recap?

Ai Recap uses Dialpad’s proprietary NLP and NLU models to instantly summarize your calls and meetings, collecting valuable Ai insights and action items to keep your team on track and ensure your clients receive the service they deserve.

Ai recap combines the following four Ai features into a single, easy-to-read, format: 

  • Ai Call Summary - An Ai-generated summary of the call.
    • A summary of key conversation points and topics that can be customized per call.
  • Ai Outcomes - The call outcome, defined by Ai.
    • Was the issue resolved? Do you need to circle back? 
  • Ai Call Purpose - The reason for the call, categorized by Ai.
    • Call purpose categories let you quickly spot patterns and easily track conversations related to the same topic. 
  • Ai Action Items - Follow-up tasks, determined by Ai
    • Action Items remind you about tasks discussed in the call, such as sending a report or follow-up email. Not only that, calender events can be created right from the Action Item. 
As we fine-tune Ai Recaps, we continue new functionality. Currently, Ai Recap is only available in English. 

Turn on Ai Recaps

To use Ai Recaps, there’s only one thing you need to do to — make sure Ai is turned on.

To turn on Ai:

  1. Head to Your Settings from
  2. Navigate Dialpad Ai
  3. Check the box beside Turn on Ai for my calls


Ai must be enabled at the company level before you can configure Ai preferences for offices, contact centers, departments, individual users, and coaching groups. 

If you don’t see the Ai option in your settings, reach out to your admin.

View an Ai Recap

Seconds after the call or meeting has finished, your Ai Recap is ready to be viewed.

Access your Ai Recap from four unique places:

  • In-app conversation » Access your Ai Recap from within the conversation thread. Once generated, it will appear in the conversation overview. 
  • Web Call History » Access the Ai Recap from your Web Call History by clicking the Ai icon beside the call
  • Inbox — Calls » Access Ai Recaps directly from the Calls section of your inbox. Simply select View Ai Recap 
  • Inbox — Meetings » Access Ai Recaps directly from the Meeting section of your inbox. Simply select View Ai Recap

Customize your Ai Recap

Do you want to add something to the recap, change the formatting, or update someone's name? No problem, Ai Recaps can be edited, right within the Dialpad app!

Dialpad offers 3 ways to customize your Ai Recap

  1. Adjust the length of the summary
  2. Change the summary to a bulleted list
  3. Edit the summary or Action Item text

Let's go over each one. 

Adjust the summary length

Want a shorter (or longer!) summary? Hover over the Ai Recap summary 

  1. Hover over the recap
  2. Select the magic pencil icon 
  3. Choose the desired length

That's it! Sit back and watch as Dialpad GPT adjusts your summary to the new parameters.

Change the summary to a bulleted list

Need something a bit shorter to send to your executive team? Use the bulleted list format to keep things concise. 

To change the summary into a bulleted list:

  1. Hover over the recap
  2. Select the list icon

Dialpad GPT will instantly update your summary into a bulleted list. 

To change it back to the original format, simply select the magic pencil icon and choose the summary length. 

Edit summary and Action Item text

Use our edit functionality to adjust text in your summary — this is especially helpful if a name was spelled incorrectly.

To edit the summary text:

  1. Hover over the recap or the Action Item
  2. Select the editor icon
  3. Write your updates
  4. Select Save changes

Smart calendaring 

How many times have you said "I'll book some time on your calendar" or "Sure, I'll schedule a follow-up meeting for next week" and then promptly forgot?

With smart calendaring, forgotten follow-up calls are a thing of the past. Dialpad GPT easily identifies calendarable action items and creates a prompt to schedule a meeting, directly from the Ai Summary. 

To schedule a meeting from your Ai Recap:

  1. Navigate to the Ai Recap 
  2. Select the calendarable event link listed in your Action Items
  3. Choose your calendar
    1. Calendarable events are currently supported with Google Calendar, Office365 and Apple Calendar (iCal).
  4. Enter the event details in the new event details in your calendar

Share an Ai Recap

Need to share the call or meeting details with someone else? No problem!

Dialpad offers the ability to share the call details to specific people, to anyone with the URL, or to specific users within your company. 

Ai Recaps can be shared directly from the Dialpad and Dialpad Meetings apps, or from the Call Overview page. 

Share Ai Recap from a conversation

Share your Ai Recap from the conversation view within the Dialpad app. 

  1. Navigate to the call 
  2. Select Share Ai recap
  3. Choose who you want to share it with
  4. Choose what you want to share
  5. Copy the link and share
  6. Select Done

Share Ai Recap from Call Overview

To share an Ai Recap from the Call Overview page, head to your Call History from 

  1. Navigate to the call
  2. Select the Ai icon
  3. Select the Share icon
  4. Choose what part of the call you want to share
  5. Select who can view it
  6. Select Create link
  7. Copy the link and share  

Share Ai Recap from Dialpad Meetings

Easily share your Ai Recap from the Dialpad Meetings browser or web app. 

From your Meeting overview:

  1. Select Share
  2. Choose who to share it with
  3. Choose what part of the meeting you want to share
  4. Add a message (optional)
  5. Copy the link
  6. Select Done
  7. Share the link 
Have questions?
Learn more about sharing call summaries in this handy Help Center article

Ai Recap for mobile

Ai Recap is supported on Android and iOS devices. 

To access an Ai Recap, simply tap the call from the conversation view — that's it, the Ai Recap will instantly open. 

All your favorite Ai Recap functionality is available on mobile, too. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is there a cost to use Ai Recap?

Nope! This feature is included in your Dialpad plan. 

Why can’t I share a meeting recap?

Ai recaps are only viewable and shareable by the meeting’s host.

How do I share feedback on Ai Recap?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our newest feature! Please email [email protected] with your feedback.

Why don’t I see an Ai Recap for all my calls?

Even if Ai is turned on, there are a couple of times when an Ai Recap will not be generated. 

  1. If the call is very short, with less than 100 words spoken
  2. If the call was not answered by a person and went to voicemail 

Can I opt out of using Ai Recap?

Ai Recap is a native Ai feature for all Dialpad users. If you do not want to have Ai Recap enabled, you’ll have to turn off Dialpad Ai.

Why don’t I see Ai outcomes?

Outcomes and Call Purposes are only populated for external calls with users on an Ai Sales or Ai Contact Center license.

Do Ai Recaps work for voicemails?

No, not at this time. 

What do I do if my summary or Action Item doesn’t look right?

If the summary or Action Item seems out of context, or even downright incorrect, we want to know about it. 

Hover over the Summary or the Action Item, then select the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icon.

Is my data secure?

Yes! Ai Recaps uses Dialpad’s own generative Ai, DialpadGPT. This ensures the data does not leave the ecosystem. In addition, Dialpad rigorously reviews the systems and services of the third parties that process data on our behalf. 

Be sure to read this Help Center article for more information on how we protect your data. 

Are Ai Recaps GDPR Compliant?

Yes. Ai Recaps are powered by DialpadGPT and are GDPR Compliant.

Are Ai Recaps HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Ai Recaps are powered by DialpadGPT and are HIPPA Compliant.

What languages does Ai Recap support?

Ai Recap is currently only available in English. 

Can I try Ai Recap during my free trial?

Absolutely! Ai Recaps are available on all free and paid plans.

Can I search Ai Recaps?

Yes, Ai Recaps are searchable and a part of Dialpad searches. When you search keywords, names, or phrases, you'll see a new Ai Recaps tab that highlights your Ai Recaps.

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