Dialpad + MS Teams
    • 21 May 2024
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    Dialpad + MS Teams

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    Article summary

    Bring everything you love about Dialpad into Microsoft Teams to drive productivity with Ai-powered interactions and analytics. 

    With Dialpad’s MS Teams integration, you can make and receive calls to +70 countries, and send SMS and MMS messages from your business phone number. 

    The best part? No additional install or browser tab is needed - it's all accessible from within MS Teams. Just pin the Dialpad App for MS Teams, and you’re ready to go! 

    Let’s dive into the details.

    Who can use this feature

    Dialpad’s Teams integration is available to Ai Sales and Ai Contact Center users, as well as Ai Voice users on a Pro or Enterprise level plan.

    Microsoft Teams is available as part of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions — if you choose the direct routing option, a Microsoft Teams Phone License is required for this integration, but if you choose our License Free option, no extra license is required.
    Due to the complexity of this integration, configuration must be done through Dialpad's Professional Services Team. Please contact your Customer Support Manager or our Sales team for more details.

    Routing options

    Dialpad offers 2 call routing options to meet your unique business needs.

    • Direct Routing 
    • License Free Routing solution

    While both options give you advanced communication features not readily available in Teams including SMS/MMS, AI, analytics, call recordings and global calling, one solution requires an Phone license and the other doesn’t. 

    Direct Routing

    Dialpad’s Direct Routing option lets you use your Dialpad phone number to make and receive calls within MS Teams, using the Dialpad App for Teams, or the native Teams dialer. 

    Dialpad actually provides two different Direction Routing solutions. One solution allows a customer to have a mix of users on LFR and DR, while the other solution is dedicated to just DR with a different user sync method. Any routing option can take full advantage of the Dialpad App for MS Teams. LINK (Microsoft Teams Direct Routing - aka msdr)

    License Free Routing

    Dialpad’s License Free Routing (LFR) option connects a Dialpad phone number to a user in MS Teams regardless of license type for that user in MS Teams - no Microsoft Teams Phone license required. When using the LFR option, users must use the Dialpad App for MS Teams to place an external outbound call.

    With either routing option, your favorite Dialpad features are available while you call and message external numbers from within MS Teams. 

    Currently, not all Dialpad features are supported by this integration.

    Dialpad app for MS Teams

    The Dialpad App for MS Teams works with both Direct Routing and License Free Routing options. This embedded app in Teams provides easy access to Dialpad features such as inbox, SMS/MMS, analytics, live transcription, call recording, and more.

    To get started, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or the Dialpad Sales Team

    Add users

    Once the Dialpad App for MS Teams has been installed, Teams users can be added. 

    To add users, head to your Company Settings from Dialpad.com 

    1. Select Integrations
    2. Navigate to Microsoft Teams
    3. Select Options
    4. Select Manage Settings
    5. Check the box beside the desired user(s)
      1. The Dialpad user ID (email) must match the O365 user
    6. Select Connect

    7. Select Go to sync.msrouting.dialpad.com portal to complete the setup
    8. Select Sync now,then enter your Microsoft credentials
      1. To perform the sync, you must be a Microsoft Teams Admin
    If you're using our Direct Routing solution, be sure to review this Help Center article for more information about user syncing.

    Pin the Dialpad app

    Once our Professional Services team has configured your MS Teams application, it's time to start calling and messaging. We recommend that you pin the Dialpad App for easy access. 

    To pin the Dialpad App:

    1. Select Apps from your MS Teams sidebar
    2. Search Dialpad
    3. Select Open
    4. Right click, then select Pin

    Make a call

    Use the Dialpad App to place an external call from Teams.

    1. Select the Dialpad app from the left side-bar
    2. Select Call
    3. Enter the number 
    4. Answer the inbound call to connect your outbound call

    That’s it, your external call is now connected!

    If you’re using our Direct Routing option, you can also initiate calls from the MS Teams dialer.

    You'll see the live-call transcript if you have Ai enabled and turned on for the call.

    Call Summaries will be displayed in the Contact’s conversation history. 

    Send a message

    Use the Dialpad for MS Teams app to send SMS messages to external contacts.

    To send a message from within Teams:

    1. Select the Dialpad icon on the left sidebar
    2. Select Message
    3. Enter the recipient’s number
    4. Type your message
    5. Press enter to send  

    That's it! Your message history will open in a new conversation 

    Dialpad inbox from Teams

    Access voicemail transcriptions, message history, missed calls, and more, all from your Dialpad inbox within Teams. 

    Access Dialpad analytics and settings

    You can easily access your Dialpad settings and analytics from within Teams. 

    1. Select the Dialpad icon on the left side-bar
    2. Select the Help menu (that’s the question mark icon)
    3. Select Settings or Analytics 

    That's it! Your Dialpad Settings or Dialpad Analytics will open in a new tab

    Frequently asked questions

    What permissions do I need to have to sync new users?

    For the initial tenant setup (and subsequent tenancy amendments), the administrator performing the Enable Sync function must have Global Admin rights on their Microsoft 365 account.

    Learn how to set Skype for Business Administrator rights in this Help Center article. 

    Once the initial setup has been completed, subsequent user-level updates can be made by anyone with a Skype for Business admin permission role. 

    Skype for Business admin is a legacy term as Microsoft has removed the Skype for Business service, but the security role remains.

    The Teams Administrator role does not have the same level of access and cannot be used in place of the Skype for Business Administrator role.
    Microsoft has removed the Skype for Business service, however, the Skype for Business Administrator security role remains.

    Does the Microsoft credential need to match my user login?

    Nope! You can use a separate admin set of credentials for this. Simply enter the other Microsoft credential into the pop-up window when asked to log in.

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