Working as a Digital Engagement Supervisor
    • 21 May 2024
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    Working as a Digital Engagement Supervisor

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    Digital Engagement Supervisors can see Omnichannel interactions in real-time, manage their agent's DND status, whisper to agents, take over a conversation, and more.

    Let's take a look at the details. 

    Who can use this feature
    Digital Engagement supervisor features are available to Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales customers with a Digital Contact Center.

    Contact Center inbox

    To access your Digital Contact Center's inbox from the Dialpad app, navigate to Ai Contact Centers and select a contact center.

    Your Inbox is divided into 6 sections:

    • In Automation - Live view of conversations being handled by a configured automation
    • Hold Queue -  Live view of callers waiting to connect to an agent
    • Live Conversations - Overview of live conversations, highlighting the Agent, channel type, guest name & time Started
    • Agents - Displays Agents within the Contact Center, their status, time within the status, and an easy toggle button to switch agents on and off of DND
    • Your Conversations - Displays your assigned active conversations 
    • Sessions History - Displays information from all sessions with multiple Ai Contact Centers' agents. Supervisors can filter this view to hide or display specific data 

    Sessions history

    The Sessions History section of the Supervisor inbox provides key information from multiple Contact Centers and agents. 

    Here, you'll see details on past interactions and their CSAT score (Ai or customer-provided). 

    Select the Ai icon beside the conversation open up the conversation's Digital Call History.

    Use the filters to choose specific agents and contact centers during a specific period and get granular using the Edit feature to update the columns.

    The Sessions History tab offers the following filters:

    • Agent: Filters for a specific agent
    • Date: Filter by specific dates
    • Channel type: Filter by channel 
    • Duration: Filter by length (duration) of the interaction

    Columns can be configured to show:

    • User and Contact Center: The user and contact center 
    • Channel: Type of digital engagement channel
    • Participant: Client’s name or phone number
    • Date and Time: Date and time the interaction began
    • Duration: Length of the interaction
    • CSAT: CSAT score from the client

    Select the arrow beside a conversation to view all the legs of the interaction. 

    Enable digital interaction assignment

    Admins and Supervisors can assign digital sessions from the Hold queue to themselves or other available agents.

    To enable assigning interactions, head to your Admin Settings at

    1. Select Ai Contact Center
    2. Select your desired Digital Engagement Contact Center
    3. Navigate to Advance Settings 
    4. Select Admin and Supervisor Settings 
    5. Select Allow supervisors to assign calls to specific agents or themselves

    Assign a digital interaction

    As a Digital Engagement Supervisor, you can assign interactions from the Hold Queue to yourself or other agents on your team.

    To assign a digital interaction, head to your Dialpad app and navigate to your Contact Center Hold Queue

    1. Select the interaction you want to assign
    2. Select Assign 
    3. Select an available agent
      1. You can search for a specific agent
      2. You can select from the agents on duty
    4. Select Assign
    You can assign a digital interaction to agents who are on DND or in a customized Off-Duty State.

    Monitor agent availability

    Digital Engagement Supervisors can monitor agent availability from the contact center’s Agents tab.

    Here, you'll see a list of agents, their availability status, and how long they've been in that status.

    Sort your agents by name, status, and more, by selecting the arrow beside the Sort By menu.

    The default agent sort order is Agents on call.


    The default sort order prioritizes all agents who are signed into the queue, and are actively participating in contact center interactions.

    Agents on a call will be prioritized at the top, followed by those receiving a call, in wrap-up, available, or in any customizable off duty state.

    Change agent status

    From the individual contact center Agents view, contact center admins with contact center administrator permissions can easily update an agent’s global availability status.

    Simply select the agent's current status and choose a new status from the drop-down menu.

    Change an agent's DND status

    Supervisors and contact center admins with Contact Center Administrator Permissions can quickly set an agent to DND from the contact center's Agents view. Simply toggle the DND slider on or off and their availability will update instantly.

    Change an agent's DND status for select contact centers

    Supervisors and contact center admins with Contact Center Administrator Permissions can change an agent’s DND status for multiple contact centers by clicking the arrow menu button beside the agent’s name. Here, they can view the agent's DND settings for each contact center and toggle DND on or off for the desired contact centers. 


    You can only change the DND status of an agent in a specific contact center if you are a contact center admin or supervisor for that contact center.

    Quick Reply configuration

    Admins can configure Quick Replies for their team from their Digital Engagement Admin Portal. 

    1. Select Expert Mode
    2. Select Admin
    3. Select Agent Desktop

    Here, you can manage and create Quick Replies.

    • To create a Quick Reply, select Add and enter the desired response. 
      • Add tag associated to that Quick Reply to manage and organize them based on their purpose. 
    • To edit an existing Quick Reply, hover over the reply, then select Edit (that’s the pencil icon).
    • To delete an existing quick reply, hover over the reply, then select Delete (that’s the trashcan).

    Supervisor whisper

    Live chat whispering allows contact center supervisors to talk to agents without the customer knowing. This is useful not only when training, but also to help agents navigate challenging customer interactions. 

    To whisper on a chat, navigate to the Live Conversations tab of your contact center.

    1. Select the desired conversation
    2. Select View
    3. Type the whisper message

    Whisper messages are visible to the supervisor in the live conversation.

    Agents will see the whisper message in the active conversation - new whisper messages are highlighted in orange. 

    Supervisor take over

    If a supervisor feels an agent is not handling the conversation correctly, they can jump in and take over the conversation.

    To take over a chat, navigate to the Live Conversations tab of your contact center. 

    1. Select the desired conversation
    2. Select View 
    3. Select Take over the session
    4. Confirm the take over

    The conversation will now appear in the supervisor’s Your Conversations tab, and the agent will see a notification that the supervisor took over the chat. 

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