Digital Engagement Channel Configuration
    • 09 May 2024
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    Digital Engagement Channel Configuration

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    Engage customers on every channel and continuously up-level your customer experience by adding emerging channels as they come available. 

    Let's dive into the details below. 

    Who can use this feature
    Contact center admins can manage all things Digital Experience from their Digital Experience Admin Portal.

    Digital Engagement Admin Portal

    Update your channels, users, branding, and more from the Digital Engagement Admin Portal.

    To access your Digital Experience Admin Portal, head to your Admin Settings at 

    1. Navigate to Contact Centers 
    2. Select your desired Digital Engagement Contact Center
    3. Navigate to Advanced Settings
    4. Select Configure Digital Engagement
    5. A new tab will open, taking you to your Digital Experience Admin Portal
    6. Channel overview

    Channel overview

    The Channels section displays your live channels and their selected experiences. These channels allow you to receive contacts from different platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Twitter. 

    From the Admin Portal, select Admin and navigate to Channels.


    Dialpad currently integrates with the following channels:

    • Facebook Messanger
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • SMS
    • WhatsApp
    • Email 
    • Apple Messages for Business 
    • Be sure to read this Help Center article to learn more about our supported channels and their capabilities.

    Add a channel

    To authorize Digital Experience access to a new channel, first, you need to make sure you have the correct log-in information for the platform. 

    Some channels do have a prerequisite that the business will have login access to authorize the Dialpad app for their social/messaging site. In other instances they may need to provide keys, tokens, or credentials to complete the linkage (they will ask for the appropriate information).

    1. From the Admin Portal, select Admin 
    2. Navigate to Channels
    3. Select Add                 
    4. Select the channel type
    5. Follow the prompts (login or enter your credentials)

    The email channel is currently available for those in the Early Adopter Program. Stay tuned for a general release soon!

    Remove a channel 

    Communication methods are constantly changing. Fortunately, Dialpad makes it nice and easy to remove a channel when your business needs evolve. 

    1. From the Admin Portal, select Admin
    2. Navigate to Channels
    3. Select the trashcan beside the channel you'd like to removeDE_Delete_Channel.png

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