Digital Engagement Channels
    • 20 Dec 2023
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    Digital Engagement Channels

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    Dialpad Digital Engagement offers various channels for businesses to communicate with customers. The live chat feature allows agents to provide quick support on the website, while the WhatsApp integration automates responses and workflows. Facebook requests are analyzed and routed to the appropriate agent, who can respond publicly or through private messages. The Messenger integration also automates answers and provides live support. Instagram interactions can be handled through posts, comments, and direct messages. The SMS channel enables businesses to notify and respond to customer requests via text messages. Email communication is supported with AI processing, skills-based routing, and auto-reply options. Lastly, the Apple Messages for Business channel allows automated responses, appointment scheduling, interactive menus, and live agent engagement. These channels support various forms of communication such as text, emojis, links, files, and images.

    Digital business communication has become the norm, and there seems to be no limit to all the ways customers can ask questions, register complaints, and tell you how much they love your business. Dialpad Digital Engagement simultaneously connects you and your clients throughout your channels, ensuring you don’t miss any @ mentions or shoutouts.

    Let's look at what you can do via each of our supported channels.

    We'll give you a hint, each channel delivers always-on self-service automation and live agent engagement with your customers.

    Who can use this feature
    Digital Engagement Channels are available for Contact Center Users with a Digital Engagement license.


    Dialpad's live chat allows you to provide quick and convenient customer support via your website.

    Agents will receive live messages in their Digital Engagement Contact Center and can respond without leaving the Dialpad app. Emojis, images, and file sharing are available to improve customer engagement and conversion rates.


    The Dialpad WhatsApp integration allows you to easily automate answers to common questions, FAQ responses, even complex workflows for your customers through their WhatsApp client. When a customer session requires agent assistance, you can go ahead and route to the right agent for live support with your Dialpad Digital Engagement agent. Emoji, images, file sharing, and even location are available when communicating with your customers.


    Automatically analyze and route Facebook requests to the appropriate agent for live, realtime engagement. Your Dialpad Digital Engagement agents can respond to customers over the public page, posts, and comments or escalate to a private conversation through Facebook Messenger. Use automation to direct customers to common answers or escalation options, and go beyond text interactions by inserting rich media content when communicating with your prospects.


    Facebook Messenger

    The Dialpad Messenger integration automates answers to common questions through their Messenger client, with self-service automation. When a customer session requires agent assistance, route to the right agent for live support. Just like our other channels; emoji, images, file sharing, and even location, are all available at your fingertips.



    Dialpad's Instagram integration boasts self-service automation and live-agent engagement options for your customers via Instagram posts and comments, as well as Instagram direct messages. Instagram interactions are analyzed and routed to your Dialpad Digital Engagement agents where they can respond publicly, or shift into a private direct message conversation. Use automation to direct Instagram inquiries to common answers and insert cheerful emojis and images into your communication.



    The Dialpad SMS channel enables your business to notify and respond to customer requests through standard SMS messages. Customers can get automated responses, answers to questions, and interact with agents for help or assistance at any time. The SMS channel supports text, emoji, links, and in some cases, even files and images.



    The Dialpad email channel lets your business notify and respond to customer requests through standard email messages. Our email channel uses AI processing of the email subject and allows for skills-based routing options, auto-reply, and external API integrations. The email channel supports standard email response methods (Reply, BCC, CC, Forward), Rich text, attachments, customer interaction history, and more. 

    Apple messages for business

    The Dialpad Apple Messages for Business channel lets your business notify and respond to customer requests through verified Apple messages. Customers can receive automated responses, schedule appointments, engage with interactive menus, interact with live agents, and more. This channel supports text, emojis, links, and, in some cases, even files and images.


    Learn more about channel setup and management here.

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