What's New in Dialpad Meetings
  • 12 Feb 2024
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What's New in Dialpad Meetings

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We're always rolling out updates that contain new features and capabilities to ensure customers get the most of Dialpad Meetings.

Launch Dialpad Meetings to take advantage of the latest additions. You'll also discover some bug fixes to improve reliability. Dialpad Meetings is made to live at the center of your business communications.

Let's take a look at the major improvements made to our business communications platform every month.

January 2024

This month's releases were a testament to our commitment to user satisfaction. Instead of introducing new functionality, we focused on fixing bugs and polishing our robust Ai features to ensure a flawless and refined meeting experience.

December 2023

Playbooks for Dialpad Meetings | Ai Playbooks are now available in Dialpad Meetings! The Ai playbook will be automatically selected for the Dialpad Meetings user if they belong to a single group and are on an external meeting.

Initiating dial-out for Meetings | If users are experiencing a network issue while in or joining a meeting, a window will pop up, allowing participants to select or enter their number and dial-out within the Dialpad Meeting interface.

Screensharing with limited connection | Participants can now view a delayed screenshare (using periodic screenshots) when screen sharing doesn't work due to certain firewall restrictions.

November 2023

Scheduled invite improvement | We're now including a system test on Google calendar invites. This lets you conveniently test your setup (audio and video) before joining a meeting.

Renamed phone number to 'Dial-in' number | We've updated the label on your Dialpad Meetings number. It's now called your Dial-in number to help differentiate, and avoid confusion.

October 2023

Dynamic view improvements | Dynamic view is now available for everyone! You can now view more than 16 participants on the Dynamic View layout when organizing a conference call for a huge group. 

Call recording greeting update | Don't want your meeting to have a 'This call is being recorded' prompt? No problem, we've added a new setting that allows you to turn the audible call recording greeting on and off. 

Summary email update | We revamped our call summary email so that it doesn't display too much personal information. We know how important (and confidential!) phone numbers are, so we've removed them from the subject line. 

September 2023

Mic and camera improvements | We shortened the delay for camera and mic activity when joining a meeting.

August 2023

Dark Mode | We added Dark Mode to Dialpad Meetings! Choose to view your favorite virtual meetings in Light or Dark Mode, or have it automatically update based on your system preferences. 

July 2023

Our team updated a lot of behind-the-scenes functionality.  We’ll return next month with more high-profile product updates. 

June 2023

Improved Meeting Entry | Gone are the days of fussing with your background and headset volume when you arrive at a meeting. We've revamped the entry process by removing any unnecessary steps when you join a meeting. Now, you and your guests can effortlessly configure your audio, video, and virtual backgrounds before you join the meeting. 

May 2023

New Default Settings | You talked, we listened! Based on User feedback and the frequency of settings customization, we've updated the following settings to be the default behavior.

  1. Auto-expand chat on the first message — expands the chat window as soon as the first chat message is sent
  2. Allow capture of custom actions — allows custom action item details to be noted in the Meeting history

Rebrand | Dialpad Meetings is so much more than your basic virtual meeting software. Dialpad's proprietary Ai improves every aspect of our product, and we feel it's only fitting to have the product name reflect it. Dialpad Meetings is now Ai Meetings! 

April 2023

Internal and External Meeting Filters | Learn more about who your company is meeting with by filtering your meeting data by Internal or External participants (or, view both!)

Meeting controls for Picture-in-Picture sharing |You can now access the microphone and video controls while you are using Picture-in-Picture sharing. 

Icon Refresh |  We've upgraded our icons and formatting to make your meeting experience as intuitive (and aesthetically pleasing!) as possible. You'll notice enhanced icons and an overall look and feel that matches the rest of the Dialpad experience. 

March 2023

Faster join time | We reduced the join time by one second! 

Separate Intel and Apple M1/M2 app versions | We now offer two separate builds for Intel and M1/M2 architecture:  

  • On the download page, Users have the option to choose between Intel and M1
  • When you update the app, the correct build will be downloaded automatically

Self-View options on all layouts | Self-view options are now available across all the layouts and not uniquely in dynamic views.

February 2023

Waiting Room Improvement | Waiting room participants are automatically moved to the new waiting room when the earlier meeting is over. Previously, whenever someone was in the waiting room and the meeting room ended, the waiting participants were kicked out.  

Meeting duration logs to Salesforce | We have started sending call duration information in Salesforce so that it can be logged to your records. Now, when a Meeting ends, the corresponding task receives the Meeting Duration information in seconds.

January 2023

Guest Mode | Mobile users can now join a Dialpad meeting without the fuss of creating an account or signing-in by joining the meeting as a Guest on the mobile apps. 

December 2022

New and Improved Bottom Bar | We've launched our improved Dialpad Meetings controls to all Users! This update places the functions you need at your fingertips — organizing features in a more cohesive manner and making it a piece of cake to configure your microphone and camera.  Learn more about your new and improved bottom bar here.

November 2022

Increased Chat File Size Limit | We have increased the file upload limit to 50MB from 15MB while sharing images via chat.

Video Recording Links in Salesforce | Salesforce activity now consists of video recording links! Previously, we only sent audio recordings and call summary links (when available), but now you can access the full video recording.

October 2022

New and Improved Bottom Bar EAP | We always want to make your meetings more accessible and more intuitive. So, we've launched our Early Access Program for the new and improved bottom bar!


September 2022

Participant Search | All meeting participants can now easily search and find conference participants from within the participant panel.


August 2022

Meeting Delegation for Google Calendar | Dialpad Meetings now enables users to schedule meetings on behalf of others in Google Calendar. Meeting delegation allows for one-click scheduling, ensuring personal meeting rooms are used, and that the Executive has full editing permissions.

Customizing Call Summary | Meeting Organizers can now set a name to anonymous participants in the call summary (ie those who joined with only a phone number, and no name). Earlier it was only possible in the participant panel during an ongoing call.

July 2022

Dialpad's Voice Intelligence is now Dialpad Ai | With built-in speech recognition and natural language processing, Dialpad Ai delivers insights and automates workflows across employee and customer experiences. You'll now see our beautiful Ai logo where you previously saw the Vi logo. 


June 2022

Automatically open meetings in the Dialpad App | Dialpad Meetings now allows you to change your settings to have your meeting automatically open in the Dialpad app, as well as the browser, or within Dialpad Meetings.

Performance Enhancements | Virtual Backgrounds are now compatible with non-GPU machines! 

May 2022

Performance Improvements | We optimized the mic visualization icon to reduce your CPU usage by 20%

Virtual Background Enhancements | We improved the CPU performance of virtual backgrounds to make your meetings run even smoother.  

April 2022

Data Retention | We know the importance of accurate documentation and understand that different files must be retained for different amounts of time. Dialpad Meetings now offers flexible Data Retention options to suit your company's and clients' needs.

March 2022

Virtual Backgrounds | In the current world of remote work, you might find yourself in a location that’s not conducive to a video meeting (think — is that a poster of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on your wall?). Dialpad Meetings now offers virtual backgrounds, providing you the choice of custom backgrounds, Admin backgrounds, and many different (and fun!) stock backgrounds to ensure your privacy is protected throughout your meeting.


Sharing images in chat | Need to send a mock-up during your Meeting, or perhaps you want to lighten the mood with a funny GIF you saw over the weekend?  You can now do so without ever leaving your meeting! Dialpad Meetings' chat feature allows you to send PNGs, JPEGs, GIFs, and WEBP files during your meetings, ensuring your meeting is not disrupted.

February 2022

Unique Meetings | Unique Meeting IDs allows you to generate randomized, private URLs for some (or all) of your hosted meetings that don’t rely on your personalized URL.

Mobile support | Need to attend a meeting while in transit but don't have time to set up your laptop? Dialpad Meeting's mobile support capability allows you to ‘join a meeting’ from mobile browsers. Attend meetings from your phone with fully supported audio and video meetings, spotlight view, screenshare as a viewer, device management, participants list, chat, user profile and meeting timer.


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