Adjust Your Meetings Settings
  • 13 Oct 2023
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Adjust Your Meetings Settings

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Article Summary

Dialpad Meetings lets users adjust their Meetings settings in a few clicks. You can modify your meeting URL, PIN settings, audio greeting, hold music, and other areas to customize the experience.

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, navigate to Settings to see the full list of meetings settings.


Meeting settings availability and customization will depend on what your Admin allows.

Change meeting URL

To change your meeting URL head to your Dialpad Meetings settings. 

  • Navigate to Personal roomURL  and click Change
  • Enter the new meeting URL (minimum of 5 characters) and click Confirm

Changing the meeting URL will not redirect participants who've already received invitations with the previous meeting URL. You'll need to notify your participants of the change.

Change meeting phone number

Get in touch with our Dialpad Meetings Support Team to change your meeting phone number

You may, however, add a PIN as a requirement for participants to join your meetings. To do that, navigate to Settings > Phone Number and select the toggle to enable a PIN. Dialpad Meetings will then display your organizer PIN and ask if you'd like to generate a new PIN for participants.


Audio greeting

Choose Dialpad Meetings' default "Joining meeting now" or a custom greeting to play for participants before they join your meeting.


If you'd like a custom audio greeting, click the 'Upload audio file' button and select the file from your device. It must be an MP3 file and no longer than 10MB in size.

You'll need to be a Dialpad Meetings Business user to customize your greeting, and team members must first have custom hold music enabled by their Admin before making any changes.

Hold music

Choose hold music to play for participants before the meeting begins.


Users can choose among a variety of sounds, including Dialpad Meetings' popular "I'm On Hold" track.

Dialpad Meetings will accept custom hold music, too. Click the 'Upload audio file' button and select the file from your device. It must be an MP3 file and no larger than 10MB in size.

You'll need a Dialpad Meetings Business license to customize your hold music, and team members must first have custom hold music enabled by their Admin before making any changes.

Call recording greeting

Choose to audibly inform participants when a meeting is being recorded. When enabled, all participants will hear 'This meeting is being recorded' when recording is turned on. 

Don't forget to pay attention to your local legislation. If the audible call recording greeting is turned off and your state requires notification, you must verbally inform the meeting participants. 

Auto-lock & waiting room

Automatically lock a meeting after a certain amount of time passes from the start time and after any unlocks. Once a meeting is locked, Users who attempt to join your meeting will be sent to your waiting room, where they will wait until you permit them to join your meeting room. 


Set a meeting to lock after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.


Your hold music will play when anyone is in your waiting room. 

Meeting countdown timer

Set a meeting timer for the Organizer and all Participants to see; an alert plays at the end of the countdown.


Keep in mind that, while the Organizer needs a Dialpad Meetings Business license, any Participant in their conference may view, set, and stop a meeting timer.

Open meetings in

Choose between automatically launching the Dialpad Meetings desktop app, or within the Dialpad App.

  1. Open your Dialpad Meetings settings and scroll down to the "Automatically open meetings in" section. 
  2. Click the dropdown arrow and choose between opening your meeting in the Meetings desktop app, from your browser, or from the Dialpad App. 


Do note that some companies face compliance issues regarding browsers and cannot install third-party software like Google Chrome. The desktop hand-off feature allows the user to launch Dialpad Meetings from the desktop app, bypassing the browser.

Other meeting settings 

Customize your meeting settings with the following options:

  • Allow meetings to start without me: If turned on, meetings will start when multiple Participants join rather than placing them on hold until you (the Organizer) join
  • Allow anyone to screen share: If turned on, Participants can screen-share during your meeting
  • Enable automatic recording: If turned on, you (the Organizer) and all Participants will hear a prompt alerting that the meeting's audio and video is being recorded; video recording is limited to Dialpad Meetings Business
  • Enable automatic Dialpad Ai: If turned on, Dialpad Ai will automatically start transcribing meetings and store transcriptions in the call summary
  • Log meeting chat logs: If turned on, chat transcripts will be saved for each meeting and stored in the call summary
  • Anyone with a link can access recordings: If turned on, you (the Organizer) can share your call summary, which includes the option to play or download recorded audio, with Participants
  • Anyone with a link can access chats: If turned on, you (the Organizer) can share your call summary, which includes the option to view chat logs, with Participants
  • Play entry/exit chimes during call: If turned on, an entry chime will play for the first 5 Participants who join, and an exit chime will play for the last 5 Participants who leave; turning this off will only play for the first Participant in order to alert the Organizer
  • Auto-expand chat on the first message: If turned on, the chat side-bar will automatically expand into view upon receiving the first message
  • Allow capture of custom action items: If turned on, you (the Organizer) and Participants will be able to capture custom action items during your conferences
  • Allow co-hosts with access to organizer controls: allows other Participants to have Organizer privileges during an active meeting.
  • Turn off mic while joining a meeting: If turned on, your mic will automatically be muted when you join a meeting. 
  • Turn off camera while joining a meeting: If turned on, your camera will automatically be turned off when you join a meeting. 

Please note that some of these toggles require a Dialpad Meetings Business license, and team members may need to request them as an option through their Admin.

Spam prevention

Users can control what occurs when a 'spammy' call reaches their Dialpad Meetings meeting. Decide which types of callers are considered spam and how they're handled.


Check out our help article here for more information. 


Choose the language for Dialpad Meetings to operate in


Time zone

Choose the time zone and if your Dialpad Meetings account should display all time zones for participants.


Lastly, also available on the settings page are your Notification options. 

Check out how Meetings notifications work in this Help Center article.

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