Manage a Coaching Team
    • 21 May 2024
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    Manage a Coaching Team

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    Managers can monitor calls with Coaching Teams, created and managed by Office Admins. Coaches and Trainees can be added, settings modified, and duplicate teams created. Coaches can listen in on calls, set missed call routing, access call recordings, and view analytics. Trainees can be assigned to one team only. Coaches can access Trainees' recorded calls, set Ai features, use local presence numbers, and manage call dispositions. Coaches can monitor all team activities, filter interactions, and access live meetings. Coaches can also create and edit Real-Time Assist Cards and Custom Moments. Each Coaching Team can have up to 500 Trainees and 50 Coaches. Internal calls are not recorded or coachable. Multiple Coaching Teams can be created as needed.

    With Coaching Teams, Managers (Coaches) can monitor direct calls that their team members (Trainees) are on. Office Admins can create Coaching Teams, add Coaches and Trainees, and modify all settings as their teams scale. 

    Let's take a look at Coaching Teams in Dialpad.

    Who can use this feature
    Coaching Teams are available to Ai Sales customers.
    If you're on a Pro or Enterprise level Ai Voice plan, Coaching Teams are available as an add-on feature.
    *Both Coaches and Trainees must be on an Ai Sales license to use this feature.

    Create a Coaching Team 

    To create or edit a Coaching Team, first, head to your Admin Settings at 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams 
    2. Select Add a Coaching Team (the + icon)
    3. Enter the name of the Coaching Team
    4. Select Create

    Edit the Coaching Team's name and description at any time. You can also delete a Coaching Team from this menu.

    Duplicate a Coaching Team

    Need to create a new coaching team that works just like your existing team? Make the setup easier by using the duplicate feature. This can seamlessly duplicate your custom coaching team settings, including coaches within or across different offices. 

    To duplicate a coaching team, head to your Admin Settings from

    1. Select Coaching Teams
    2. Choose a Coaching Team
    3. Select Duplicate
    4. Name the new coaching team, and add a description
    5. Select an office from the drop-down menu
    6. Select coaches
      1. Include all coaches
      2. Choose which coaches to include
    7. Select Duplicate

    Trainees will not be duplicated — this ensures they remain unique to their current team.

    Add coaches and trainees

    Both Office Admins and Coaches are able to add Coaches and Trainees to a Coaching Team.

    Navigate to your Admin Settings.

    1. Select Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Coaches & Trainees
    4. Enter a name in the text box
    5. Designate them as a Coach or a Trainee

    Each user can serve as a Coach for multiple Coaching Teams; however, a Trainee can only be assigned to one Coaching Team.

    Coaches and Trainees do not need to be in the same Office, though, and may be spread across Offices throughout the Company as long as they have an Ai Sales license.

    Coaches are able to listen in to others' calls from this Coaching Team, but you may also allow Trainees to do so.

    Keep in mind that you're able to import Coaches and Trainees from previous Coaching Groups to a Coaching Team as well using the checkbox below the text box.

    If a Coach is not assigned to a Coaching Team, a trainee call will not appear in a call history or analytics search for that team because it is not considered part of the team's calls.

    Coaching team settings

    Settings for a Coaching Team apply to only a specific Coaching Team created; therefore, you may customize different settings between Coaching Teams.

    To access your Coaching Team's settings, head to your Admin Settings. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team

    Advanced missed call routing

    Use advanced missed call routing to keep things consistent within your Coaching Team. Coaches and admins can determine how missed calls are actioned, without having to worry that each Trainee has set up the correct routing rule. 

    Dialpad offers 4 unique missed call routing options:

    • To trainee’s voicemail: Sends the caller to the Trainee’s voicemail.
    • To a message (no voicemail):The caller will hear a recorded message but cannot leave a voicemail.
      • Record a unique message, upload your own .mp3 recording or choose to use Dialpad’s default message.
    • To a team member or room phone: Sends the caller to another user or room phone
    • To an office, department or Contact Center: Sends the caller to a different office, department or Center.

    To set missed call routing for your Coaching Team:

    1. Navigate to Advanced missed call routing
    2. Check the box beside Override missed call routing for trainees
    3. Choose the desired routing option

    That’s it, your settings will instantly be applied to your Coaching Team. 

    By default, a Coaching Team will use the Trainee’s missed call settings. Missed call routing override must manually be turned on by the Coach or Admin, and configured for each Coaching Team.

    Coaching team call recording

    To access your Coaching Team's call recording settings, head to your Admin Settings. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Call Recording and Transcription

    Here, you have the option to set call recording rules for both inbound and outbound calls, as well as allowing Agents to stop/restart a recording during a call. When an agent stops and restarts a recording, the corresponding company level recording (if enabled) will also stop and restart for the call.

    Keep in mind that, if call recording is not turned on and a Trainee manually records a call, a Coach still cannot access the recording. It's only possible to access Trainees' recorded calls with call recording turned on for the Coaching Team.

    Use the Exception List feature to customize exactly which to record using an area code-based exception list.

    To do this, select Edit Exception List and enter area codes that will not activate call recording.

    Some U.S. states require all-party content — we've created a list of area codes you may want to add to the exception list.

    Coaches' calls are not recorded unless they're also a Trainee in another Coaching Team.

    Access trainee recordings

    Coaches can access their Trainees' recorded calls directly from within the Dialpad app. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select Recordings

    Here, you'll see a list of all inbound and outbound calls that were recorded with an option to play them.

    You can also access Trainees' inbound and outbound calls in the Call History menu.

    Coaching team call history

    Head to your Coaching Team’s Call History to get the full picture of your Team’s interactions. 

    In the Call Summary, you’ll be able to view chat logs, video and audio, and transcripts (if Ai was turned on). 

    First, head to

    1. Navigate to Call History
    2. Select My Coaching Teams 

    • Filter interactions based on your teams to view your Trainee’s calls, and access their recordings and call summaries. 
    • Click the Ai button to access the Call Summary details.

    Coaching teams Ai 

    Coaches can turn on Dialpad Ai for a Coaching Team if it's enabled for the company.

    To access your Coaching Team's Ai settings, head to your Admin Settings. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Dialpad Ai

    Here, you can turn Ai on and off for your Coaching Team, as well as allow individual Users to stop and start Ai during their calls. 

    You'll also see the option to have your Ai transcript start as soon as the call begins. 

    Both real-time assist (RTA) cards and custom moments can be created for the Coaching Team, too.

    Keep in mind that, if Ai is turned on for a Coaching Team, Trainees' personal settings for Ai will be overridden for their calls.

    Coaching teams local presence

    You can also apply Local Presence to Call Center Coaching Teams.

    To access your Coaching Team's Local Presence settings, head to your Admin Settings. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Local Presence

    Click on the checkbox to use Local Presence numbers for members of your Coaching Team. 

    When Local Presence is enabled, you can also choose to authorize Users to toggle Local Presence on or off. 

    Coaching teams dispositions

    Ask Agents to log and add notes to calls in your chosen CRM. You can choose from any disposition lists in use at your company.

    To access your Coaching Team's Disposition settings, head to your Admin Settings. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Call Dispositions
    4. Select the Disposition Lists menu 
    5. Select the desired list from the drop-down

    If you'd like to ensure your Trainees only select one disposition, check the 'Only allow agent to select one disposition code' setting. 

    Advanced Settings

    To enable Coaches access to the Coaching Team's graded scorecard details, you'll need to be a Company or Office Admin.

    Head to your Admin Settings from

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select a Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Advanced Settings
    4. Select Allow Coaches to see details of scorecards for this Coaching team when calls are graded by someone else

    Coaching teams retention policy

    By default, a Coaching Team will inherit the Company enabled Retention Policy, however, you can update each Coaching Team to use a unique policy, or even remove it altogether.

    To access your Coaching Team's Data Retention settings, head to your Admin Settings. 

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select the desired Coaching Team
    3. Navigate to Retention Policy
    4. Select Update (or Remove, if you are choosing to delete the policy)

    Working as a coach

    As a Coaching Team Coach, you can do the following for your Team(s):
    • Listen In 
    • Barge In/Take Over
    • Create and edit Real Time Assist Cards
    • Create Edit Custom Moments

    To monitor your Coaching Team, select the Coaching Teams section in the Dialpad app sidebar.

    From the Dialpad app, navigate to Coaching Teams.

    Navigate between the 4 tabs of your Coaching Team overview:

    • Live Calls: Displays live calls 
      • Select View Call to view the real-time transcription
      • Select Listen In to silently join (the Caller will not know you're there)
      • Select Barge to join the call alongside the trainee (the Caller will hear you)
    • Members: Displays the members of your Coaching Team
      • View the status of your Coaching Team members
    • All: Displays all calls made by your Trainees
    • Recordings: Displays call recordings from your Coaching Team

    Coaching team analytics

    To access your Coaching Team's Analytics, head to

    1. Navigate to Analytics (for the Analytics menu)
    2. Enter the Coaching Team data into the Users or Groups filter

    You'll see a rundown on various metrics, Coaching Team-wide calling habits, and a Trainee leaderboard.

    Coaches will only see their Coaching Team's statistics, but Office Admins can view all Coaching Teams' and their statistics.

    View a live meeting

    To view a Live Meeting, navigate your app

    1. Navigate to Coaching Teams
    2. Select Live Calls - here, Dialpad will display any live meetings your Trainees are on
    3. Select View Call to view the meeting details, including a real-time transcription
    4. Select Join Meeting to join the meeting with the Trainee

    The transcript will only display from the moment a coach selects the View Call options.

    Trainees with listen-in permissions will not have access to view meeting transcripts or join another trainee's meeting.  Trainee listen-in permission is only for active Live Calls.

    Monitor all coaching teams 

    The ‘Monitor All Coaching Teams’ view allows Coaches to view their trainee's activity across all coaching teams they are coaching. 

    Coaches have access to:

    • Live Calls - all interactions are currently being handled by an agent.  Only coaches have access to this view –  the Live Calls tab is not available to Company or Office Administrators. 
    • Trainees - all trainees assigned to the coaching teams being monitored by the coach.  The trainee tab is available to Company or Office administrators.  The admins can see all trainees across all coaching teams, regardless if they are a coach to a specific team

    Monitor all coaching team filters

    Filtering the ‘Monitor All Coaching Teams’ view allows coaches to search and save Coaching Team and Trainee filters.  A coach can save a filter based on:

    • A subset of trainees within a specific coaching team that has a large number of trainees 
    • A small set of coaching teams
    • Specific coaching teams

    Creating a new filter will update the ‘Live Calls and Trainees’ tab to only display interactions and trainees that are associated with those Coaching Teams.   

    How to filter

    Saving your filtered searches for later reference couldn't be easier. 

    First, create your search filter by selecting the desired filter criteria from the drop-down filters located at the top of the Monitor All Coaching Teams view.

    Let's go over the most common filter searches:

    • Specific coaching teams  
      • This saves the specific coaching teams that the coach is monitoring, as well as displays the trainees assigned to that coaching team.  Only the trainees and live interactions for those coaching teams will be visible in the Live Calls and Trainees tab.

    • Specific Trainees 
      • This saves the specific trainees selected across multiple coaching teams.  The Live Calls tab will only show the interactions being handled by the trainees in the filter.  The Trainees tab will only show the trainees in the filter.

    • Specific Coaching Teams and specific Trainees within those Coaching teams
      • This helps first to narrow down the list of trainees across coaching teams and then allows the coach to choose which trainees they wish to monitor within those coaching teams.  Once the filter has been saved, the Live Calls tab and Trainees tab will only show the saved trainees in the filter.

    Once you've set your filter's parameters, select ‘Save as New Filter’ and name your filter.


    The filter is then saved in the ‘Saved Filter’ Drop down menu, and your Monitor All Coaching Teams tab will only show the trainees and coaching teams within the filter.

    Saved filters can be deleted or edited to update the agents or the Contact Centers that are part of the filter.  Simply make the changes in your filter view, and then select either 'Save edits' or 'Save as new filter' depending on your preference. To delete the filter, select 'Delete filter'.

    Frequently asked questions

    How many trainees can be in a coaching team?

    A Coaching Team can have a maximum of 500 members. Since you’ll need at least one coach per team, the maximum number of Trainees is 499.

    How many coaches can be in a coaching team?

    A Coaching Team can have a maximum of 50 Coaches.

    Can a coach be assigned to multiple coaching teams?

    Yes, each user can serve as a Coach for multiple Coaching Teams; however, a Trainee can only be assigned to one Coaching Team.

    Will the coach always see their trainees in the live calls tab?

    No, you’ll only see Trainees in the Live Calls tab if they are on a live call. You can, however, go to the Members tab to see a list of all Coaches and Trainees assigned to a Coaching Team.

    Why don't I see all my trainee's calls?

    Only a Trainee’s calls from their direct line will appear — Department or Call Center calls will not appear in a Coaching Team. 

    Are internal coaching team calls recorded?

    No, internal Coaching Team calls are not recorded or coachable. This means that, if you are a Trainee and call another Dialpad user within the same Company, the call will not be recorded. 

    If you'd like internal Coaching Team calls to be recorded or coachable, please reach out to our Support Team.

    Will I be presented with the option to leave a disposition on internal coaching team calls?

    No, internal Coaching Team calls will not show the option to leave a disposition. If you are a Trainee and call another Dialpad user within the same Company, the option to leave a disposition will not appear.

    If you'd like the option to leave a disposition on internal Coaching Team calls, please reach out to our Support Team.

    Does the trainee see anything different in their app?

    Trainees see a section in the left sidebar for the Coaching Team but it only offers the Members tab. Otherwise, everything is identical to using Dialpad as normal.

    Will the trainee know their calls can be monitored?

    Yes, the Trainee sees a banner at the top of their screen indicating the call is being recorded.

    Is there a limit to the number of coaching teams I can have?

    Nope! Create as many as you need to ensure your agents are providing the best possible experience. 

    Can I use the chrome 'Click to Call' extension and the Salesforce CTI at the same time?

    The best practice in this instance is to have your team add a Website Exception to your Chrome Extension for the domain of your Salesforce instance:

    Does the trainee ‘Listen In’ permission include both live meetings and calls?

    No.  Trainees only have “Listen In” permission for Live Calls.

    Will meetings display in the call summary view?

    Not at this time.

    Why can’t I see everyone’s screen that is in a meeting?

    Only the organizer of a meeting will display in the Live Call view for the coach to join their meeting or view the transcript.

    Can coaches delete their trainee's call recordings?

    Yes. Coaches can delete recordings from the Recording Tab for the Coaching Teams they are managing.


    Can I download the video recording?

    Absolutely! When a Coaching Team has a Dialpad Meeting, you can download both the video and the audio!

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