Manage a Contact Center
    • 08 Jul 2024
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    Manage a Contact Center

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    Customize your Contact Center settings to optimize performance. Global settings can be applied across all centers. Manage agent states, assign users, set business hours, and enable AI features. Control agent settings, spam prevention, and call routing. Admins can adjust supervisor permissions and notifications. Enhance caller experience with queue greetings and language settings. Enable supervisor call assignments for efficient call management. Ensure agents are available when needed by controlling their availability settings. Fine-tune your Contact Center for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Get the most out of your Contact Center by customizing your settings and preferences. 

    Each Contact Center can have its own routing rules, agents, and so much more.

    Let's dive in to the details. 

    Global Contact Center Settings

    While each Contact Center has its own settings, there are some things you can apply in bulk, to all Contact Centers within your office. 

    Access your Global Contact Center Settings by selecting Ai Contact Centers from your Admin Settings. 

    Here, you can manage and create Contact Center holidays, as and determine your available and busy state settings.  


    Contact Center Supervisors with Multi-Contact Center Settings access have view-only permissions for this page.
    You must be an Office Admin to make changes on the Global Contact Center Settings page.

    Set available and busy state preferences

    Choose if you'd like your agents to remain in an available or a busy state when they are receiving or placing direct calls (or while they are in a meeting).

    To set your agent state preferences, navigate to your Global Contact Center Settings and check the box beside the scenarios when you don't want your agents to be rung. 

    If you don't select any options, the agent's state will remain available when on personal, coaching team, office, or department calls; or if in a meeting.  

    Let's look at the differences between the available and busy states.

    • Available — when an agent's state is available, they can still receive direct and Contact Center calls. If they ignore a Contact Center call while available, they will be put into an Off-duty state.

      • This lets you prioritize Contact Center calls over all other calls.

    • Busy — when an agent is in a busy state, they are unable to receive a Contact Center call until they revert into an Active state. This state will not allow for wrap-up, or dispositions, and upon the termination of a call, the agent will immediately revert to an Available state.  

      • This lets Agents handle other calls outside of Contact Center calls but is trackable in analytics and accurately reflects the agent's activity.

    Assign Contact Center users

    Once you've purchased Contact Center licenses, its time to assign users as agents so that they can make and receive calls in the Contact Center. 

    Agents can also be granted Contact Center Admin or Supervisor privileges.

    Set Contact Center business hours 

    In the Business Hours & Call Routing section, define when the Contact Center is open and closed and how calls are handled. You can also set the Contact Center's time zone.

    Create holidays and set holiday hours to determine what happens on special days. 

    Turn on Dialpad Ai

    Choose if you’d like  Dialpad Ai to start automatically and show real-time transcripts when a call or meeting begins. You can also determine if you want your agents to be able to turn it on or off.

    Head to your Admin Settings at

    1. Navigate to Contact Centers

    2. Select the desired Contact Center

    3. Navigate to Dialpad Ai

    4. Check the Turn on Ai for this Contact Center box 

    You'll also see the options to allow individual users to start and stop Ai during their calls, and to show transcriptions the moment a call starts. 

    Real Time Assist Cards and Custom Moments are also noted in this section.

    Manage integrations

    Enable, disable, and configure integrations on Dialpad for the Contact Center from your Admin Settings at 

    CSAT surveys

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are created by Company or Office Admins in Office Settings, and they can be applied to a Contact Center under the CSAT Survey section.

    Dashboard and alerts

    Set and manage alerts for your Contact Centers, visible from your dashboard and distributed via Dialpad message or email.

    Take even more control of your Contact Center with our Advanced Settings options. These settings are specific to this Contact Center only. 

    Make adjustments to:

    • Admin and Supervisor Settings

      • Disable the ability for admins and supervisors to listen in on calls

      • Disable the ability for supervisors to change agent's DND status

      • Allow supervisors to see details of scorecards for this Contact Center when calls are graded by someone else

      • Allow supervisors to assign calls to specific agents or themselves


    You must be an Office or Company Admin in order to enable access to graded scorecard details for Admin and Supervisors.

    • Agent Settings 

      • Turn on post-call wrap-up

      • Let agents know when a supervisor is listening in on their calls

      • Turn on call waiting for agents

        • Only applicable on outbound calls

      • Allow agents to view the Contact Center’s live call dashboard 

      • Allow agents to access their own call recordings and summaries for calls within the Contact Center

      • Allow agents access to all call recordings and summaries for calls within the Contact Center

      • Allow agents to be able to delete calls, recordings, voicemails, transcriptions and other call-related data for their own calls within the Contact Center 

      • Allow agents to be able to delete calls, recordings, voicemails, transcriptions and other call-related data for all calls within the Contact Center 


    By default, Agents cannot access, manage, or delete Contact Center call recordings or call data. Agent settings apply to all agents within the Contact Center and cannot be specified on an individual basis.

    Spam prevention

    Just like individual users, Contact Centers are able to turn on spam-blocking settings for their calls.

    Remove or update your Contact Center's retention policy.

    Hold queue greeting

    Improve your Contact Center's ambiance by adding a queue greeting.

    First, head to your Admin Settings at

    1. Select Ai Contact Centers

    2. Select the Contact Center

    3. Navigate to Call Routing 

    4. Edit Call Routing  

    5. Navigate to Hold Queue 

    6. Navigate to Hold Greeting 

    7. Upload your new custom greeting or record one within Dialpad

    IVR and voicemail language settings

    Set the IVR and Voicemail Language

    You can choose between Chinese, English (Australia, United Kingdom, or the United States), French (Canada or France), German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Spain or Mexico), Italian, or the Office default.

    To learn more about Contact Centers, visit this Help Center Hub.

    Contact center administrator settings

    Choose who can update an Agent's global status. Office and Company Admins can enable Contact Center Supervisors and Contact Center Admins the ability to change their Agent's global status.

    First, head to your Admin Settings at

    1. Navigate to Office Settings

    2. Navigate to Contact Center Administrator Settings

    3. Check the desired boxes to enable the permission 

    By default, these permission settings are enabled for Contact Center Admins and disabled for Contact Center Supervisors

    Administrator Settings can also be applied to specific Contact Centers. 

    To update Contact Center Administrator permissions on an individual Contact Center level, head to your Admin Settings at 

    1. Navigate to Ai Contact Centers

    2. Select the Contact Center

    3. Navigate to Advanced Settings 

    4. Navigate to Admin and Supervisor Settings

    5. Check the desired boxes to disable/enable the permissions 

    Supervisor call assignment

    Connect callers to the right agents and help Supervisors manage long queues by enabling Supervisor Call Assignments. 

    To enable Supervisor Call Assignment, head to your Admin Settings at 

    1. Navigate to Contact Centers

    2. Select the Contact Center

    3. Navigate to Advanced Settings

    4. Check the box beside Allow supervisors to assign calls to specific agents or themselves

    Learn more about using the Supervisor Call Assignments feature in this Help Center article.


    The ability for Supervisors to selectively assign calls is enabled at the individual Contact Center level — you don’t have to enable it for all Contact Centers.

    Audible notification for off-duty status

    Office Admins can choose to provide Contact Center Agents with a continuous audible notification when they are set to Off-Duty for missing or rejecting a Contact Center call. 

    This setting is enabled by default — if you do not want your Agents to receive the audible notification, you will need to manually uncheck the box beside Enable agent audible notification.

    To enable the audible notification, head to your Admin Settings at 

    1. Navigate to Office Settings

    2. Navigate to Agent Audible Notification for Off-Duty Status

    3. Check the box to enable the notification 


    The audible notification will only play if you are not actively in the app (i.e. it is not minimized).

    Allow agent availability control

    Don't want your agents to be able to set themselves as unavailable while on duty? No problem!

    To enable or disable Agent control over their Contact Center availability, head to your Admin Settings at

    1. Navigate to Ai Contact Centers

    2. Select the desired Contact Center

    3. Select Advanced Settings 

    4. Navigate to Agent Settings

    5. Un-check the box beside Allow agents to change their availability within the contact center

    When this setting is turned off, the agent's availability toggle will be unavailable.


    1. This setting only affects agents in this Contact Center. 

    2. This setting is turned on by default. If you'd like to block the agent's ability to set themselves to DND, you must turn off this setting. 

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