Using Devices with WebHID
    • 05 Apr 2024
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    Using Devices with WebHID

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    WebHID integration in Dialpad allows control of calls using supported devices without vendor-specific applications. Call functions like answer, hangup, volume, and mute are synchronized. Compatibility is ensured in the browser and native apps. To enable WebHID, connect a supported headset and configure it in the settings. Once enabled, calls can be managed using headset buttons. To avoid conflicts with other apps, WebHID can be disabled in Hardware Settings. Only WebHID supported headsets can be used, and Bluetooth headset compatibility depends on the vendor.

    WebHID allows web applications to interact with human interface devices (HIDs) other than the standard supported devices (mice, keyboards, touchscreens, and gamepads).

    Dialpad’s WebHID integration lets you control your calls without using a vendor-specific headset application, ensuring any WebHID-supported device will work seamlessly with the Dialpad. This means that call control events such as answer, hangup, volume, and mute control will be synchronized.

    Let’s dive into the details. 

    Who can use this feature

    Dialpad's WebHID integration is available for all Dialpad Voice users.
    While Dialpad's browser WebHID application has been available for quite some time, we're gradually rolling out native application support.
    If you don't see WebHID options on your native (desktop) application, stay tuned, it's coming!


    Our WebHID integration is available in the Dialpad browser and native applications.

    While you’ll need to review your vendor-specific headset support requirements, be sure also to review our feature support matrix:

    Browser SupportGoogle Chrome, Microsoft Edge
    Operating System SupportWindows, MacOS & Chrome OS
    Application SupportBrowser and native application only. 

    Enable WebHID

    If you're using the native desktop app, WebHID is automatically enabled. 

    If you're using our browser app, you'll need to connect your headset. 

    1. Ensure your headset is connected or paired to your computer
    2. Navigate to your Profile Menu (click on your Avatar)
    3. Navigate to Preferences
    4. Select Hardware Settings
    5. Navigate to Call Controls 
    6. Select Add Headset
    7. Select the desired headset from the list of supported headsets from your browser's dialog box

    8. Select Connect

    Configure the headset

    If you were using another source for your audio, you’ll need to configure the new headset. 

    We’ve made this nice and easy, just plug in the desired headset and follow the prompts.

    1. Select Enable Call Controls
    2. Select the headset from the list of supported headsets in the browser pop-up
    3. Select Connect 
    4. Select Yes
    Check the box beside ‘Don’t ask about this device again’ to ensure you don’t have to enable these permissions every time.

    Under your Hardware Settings, you’ll now see the device listed in your Quick Device Selection Menu.

    Using WebHID

    Once enabled, WebHID allows you to answer incoming calls by pressing the “Answer” button on your headset.

    Calls can also be disconnected by pressing the “Answer/Hangup” button.

    Active calls can be muted via headset by pressing the Mute button on your headset.

    Volume control is also supported if your headset offers it.

    Vendor-specific applications may still be required for your headset’s firmware. Be sure to check with your Headset vendor for more information.

    Disable WebHID 

    If you're using MS Teams or Zoom (or any other app that uses the webHID standard) at the same time as the Dialpad app, you might experience unexpected hangups and/or answers. 

    To resolve this, all you need to do is disable WebHID.

    To turn off WebHID, navigate to your Hardware Settings and uncheck the box beside the connected headset. 

    Frequently asked questions 

    Can I use any headset with WebHID?

    No, you can only use WebHID-supported headsets with this integration.

    Can I use a Bluetooth headset?

    This depends on the headset, you’ll need to check with the vendor.

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