Headset FAQs
    • 25 Oct 2023
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    Headset FAQs

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    Whether you’re managing a busy Contact Center or working from your home office using a VoIP phone system, having a good headset can do wonders for call quality and just your overall call experience.

    Let's go over some common questions regarding headsets.

    Can I use a USB headset with a docking station?

    We've found that some strange things can happen when you plug your USB headset directly into your docking station, especially with USB ports. When devices are added and removed, not every computer manages those changes gracefully — this is especially true when a docking station is involved.

    To ensure that you don't experience call quality issues like one-way audio or choppiness, werecommend using a USB headset connected directly to the computer and not the docking station

    Learn more about setting your audio preferences.

    Can I use my mobile headphones with a laptop when using Dialpad?

    Chances are your headphones won't give you the call quality you need. We recommend swapping out your headphones for a USB headset that plugs directly into your laptop.
    We do not recommend using mobile headphones connected to a computer's native Bluetooth — it's best to use a USB Bluetooth dongle provided by the headset manufacturer.

    Can I use a Bluetooth headset with the mobile apps?

    Bluetooth headsets can be used with mobile devices when using Dialpad. However, connecting these devices is dependent on your mobile device and its ability to pair with the headset. For assistance with this, we ask that you reach out to your mobile provider.

    You can help confirm this issue is isolated to your Bluetooth headset's ability to pair with Dialpad by doing the following:

    • Disconnect your Bluetooth headset from your mobile device and do a test call with no headset at all
      • Note that if you're not using a headset at all, the sound quality will be reduced, but this will troubleshoot the connectivity to determine if it's an issue with the headset
    • Disconnect your Bluetooth headset from your mobile device and do a test call with a wired headset

    Can I use a Bluetooth headset with a deskphone?

    You can, however, the audio quality will vary depending on your headset and its feature set.
    There are many variables (such as Bluetooth density) that can impact performance and it is best to refer to the manufacturer's recommended setup for best results.

    Can I use any headset with Dialpad?

    Any audio input/output device can be selected and used with Dialpad. However, the audio quality results will vary greatly. 

    We cannot provide audio quality support for any generic audio device. Be sure to review our Help Center article for more information on supported devices. 

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