Messaging Features
    • 04 Apr 2024
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    Messaging Features

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    Dialpad chat offers various messaging options, including forwarding messages to other users, favoriting messages for easy reference, marking messages as unread, deleting messages, sharing conversations between teams, copying message text, and searching message history. Forwarding a message is simple by selecting the forward icon and entering the recipient's contact information. Favorited messages appear in the starred section of the inbox. Marking a message as unread ensures it receives attention later. Deleting a message involves selecting the options icon and confirming deletion. Sharing a conversation can be done by copying a link and pasting it into another conversation. The copy text feature allows users to copy and paste message contents. Searching for specific messages is made easier by entering keywords in the search bar. Group messaging enables sending messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.

    Dialpad chat offers so much more than just sending and receiving messages — with Dialpad messaging, you can favorite messages, forward conversations, pull up messages based on search terms, archive discussions, quickly share images or videos from one contact to the next, and more!

    Let's take a closer look at all messaging options in Dialpad.


    Forwarding a message to another Dialpad User couldn't be easier. 

    1. Hover your mouse over the message you'd like to forward
    2. Select the Forward icon
    3. Enter a contact's name or entire email address
    4. Add a message to the recipient (optional)
    5. Select Forward Message

     It will then appear as a forwarded message via email.


    Favorite a message for easy referance. Favorited messages show up in the Starred section of your inbox. 

    To favorite a message:

    1. Hover over the desired message
    2. Select the Star icon

    Now, if you navigate to Inbox and select  Starred, you'll see the newly favorited messages.

    Clicking on a favorited message opens the conversation thread.

    Mark as unread

    Mark a message as Unread to ensure you dedicate time to respond later on.

    1. From the conversation thread, hover over the desired message
    2. Select the More menu (the 3 vertical dots)
    3. Select  Mark as Unread


    Now, if you navigate to the New section of your Inbox, you'll see the message as new.

    Select it, and Dialpad will take you to the message in the appropriate conversation thread.


    To delete a message, navigate to the desired message.

    1. Select the Options icon (the 3 vertical dots)
    2. Select Delete 
    3. Confirm the deletion



    When you delete a message, it does not unsend it — your message will remain visible to others in the conversation.

    Share a conversation

    Want to share a conversation between teams? You can send a link to share a message or an entire thread to add context or key information to another conversation.

    To create and share a  conversation link:

    1. Navigate to the conversation 
    2. Hover over the message you want to share
    3. Select Copy Link
    4. Paste the link to another conversation

    The message will expand to show a preview of the message. 

    You can remove the message preview before or after sending it by selecting the ‘X’ icon next to it.


    Private conversations cannot be shared with individuals who are not part of that conversation. If you share a conversation URL with someone outside of that group chat, channel, or message, the recipient will not be able to open the conversation. 

    Copy Text, however, contains no privacy restrictions and is an easy way to share message details with anyone. 

    Copy Text 

    Need to send the same message to another person? Use the Copy Text feature to copy and paste message contents. 

    To copy text:

    1. Navigate to the conversation 
    2. Hover over the message you want to share
    3. Select More actions
    4. Select Copy Text

    That’s it! The message text is instantly copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it anywhere you’d like. 

    Search message history

    Search conversations and messages by keywords, saving you from having to endlessly look for a specific message. 

    1. From the Dialpad app header, select Search 
    2. Enter your keywords
    3. Select Messages after entering a search query.
    4. Choose a message, then the conversation thread will appear

    Group messaging 

    Need to send messages to multiple people at once? Use our Group Message feature! 

    Learn all about group messages in this handy Help Center article. 

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