Text Message Campaign Registry FAQs
    • 31 Jan 2024
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    Text Message Campaign Registry FAQs

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    The Campaign Registry was established to regulate spam texts and customer opt-out options for A2P 10DLC SMS message campaigns. All campaigns must be verified before sending to ensure messaging behavior matches claims. Companies that do not register are at risk of being blocked and may face higher usage fees. Canadian companies texting US numbers still need to register. Single person companies can register as a Sole Proprietor. Common issues with EIN/name mismatch can be due to special characters or incorrect formatting. Dialpad Admins initiate the registration process, and filling out opt-in, opt-out, and help messages is mandatory for all message types. Approval times vary, and the Campaign Registry coordinates registration for multiple carriers. Expedited registration is not available, and rejected registrations can be resubmitted. Inappropriate use cases or banned content can result in number blocking or account suspension. Common reasons for rejection include inadequate opt-in language, incomplete sample messages, insufficient campaign descriptions, and mismatch between description and sample messages.

    The Campaign Registry was created to regulate spam texts and customer opt-out options. Under this entity, all A2P 10DLC SMS message campaigns need to be verified before sending. This ensures that claims of what is being sent match messaging behavior and makes bulk messaging more secure.

    Be sure to thoroughly review our SMS Registration Guide to ensure that you have everything you need.

    Let's go over common questions.

    What if I registered somewhere else?

    If you have previously registered your brand and received a vetting score while you were a customer of another provider, we can import your brand’s vetting data into Dialpad. 

    Contact Dialpad Support to provide us with the information and start your registration to begin the import process.

    Can I opt out of the registration process?

    No. All organizations that send text messages to ten-digit US phone numbers must register.
    Companies that do not register are at a high risk of being blocked. Their messaging rates will also be subject to higher usage fees. 

    Do Canadians need to register?

    Canada is not participating in10DLC SMS registration

    However, Canadian companies still need to register if they are texting US numbers.

    What if I don't have a company / EIN?

    Single-person companies can register as a Sole Proprietor. 


    Sole Proprietor brands will be heavily scrutinized and severely limited (e.g.: only 1 phone number). It’s highly recommended that customers sign up for an EIN with the IRS.

    Why did I get an error saying my tax ID doesn’t match the business name or type?

    The most common EIN / name mismatch issues are due to special characters or INC/LLC formatting. 

    • Special characters are not allowed in business names. The IRS only accepts the following characters:
      • Alpha (A-Z)
      • Numeric (0-9)
      • Hyphen (-)
      • Ampersand (&)
    • INC or LLC formatting: The official name has/does not have a trailing “INC” or “LLC”

    US customers can call the IRS helpline to check their official business name: +1 (800) 829-4933. 

    In the IVR menu, select a language (ex: 1 for English), 1 for EIN questions, then 3 for “I have an EIN”.

    Remember, only Dialpad Admins can initiate the registration process. 

    The registration form can be accessed from https://dialpad.com/campaignregistration or, from your Company Settings 

    Do I need to fill out opt-in, opt-out and help messages if I only send conversational messages?

    Yes. This is a mandatory industry requirement.

    Let’s look at examples of each message type: 

    The Opt-In message is the initial text message you send to a customer.  It must mention the “Brand” and contain Opt-Out language. 

    Consider the following case: A legal office signed on a new client, and the client manually entered their contact information on a form. The lawyer’s first text message to the client should look like the following: 

    Example: "Hi, this is Jane Doe from Jane’s Legal Services. It was great meeting you and we’re excited to have you aboard. Let’s talk about the next steps! For help, reply HELP. To opt-out, reply STOP."

    The Opt-out message is what the recipient receives when they message back “STOP”. 

    Example: "Jane’s Legal Services: You’ve Opted Out will no longer receive any messages."

    The Help message is what recipients see when they reply HELP. Dialpad will send a system message, or you can customize it for your organization. 

    Dialpad has built-in features to support STOP, UNSTOP and HELP. 

    How long does the approval process take? 

    Approval times vary from a few hours to several weeks. 

    Who is the campaign registry?

    The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a reputation authority for business messaging on 10DLC, coordinating campaign registration for multiple carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

    Can I expedite my registration?

    No. Dialpad handles hundreds of submissions every day, and our team is working as quickly as possible. To help us, please ensure you correctly fill out the form. 

    If your submission was rejected due to an incorrect submission, you'll have to start the process again.

    How do I cancel my A2P registration?

    Canceling and editing A2P registrations is easy, learn more in this Help Center article.

    How do I know when my campaign is registered? 

    Once your campaign displays as Registered, the registration is complete. 

    What is an inappropriate use case or banned content?

    Messages containing certain content create a high volume of consumer complaints, causing different use cases to be banned and leading to the removal of blocked traffic for US A2P (including 10DLC, short codes, and toll-free), regardless of opt-in status.

    Any of the following use cases can result in that number being blocked and/or your account being suspended.

    High-Risk Financial Services

    • Payday Loans 

    • Short Term- High Interest Loans 

    • Auto Loans 

    • Mortgage Loans 

    • Student Loans 

    • Debt Collection 

    • Gambling/Sweepstakes

    • Stock Alerts 

    • Cryptocurrency 

    Get Rich Quick Schemes

    • Deceptive Work from Home Programs 

    • Risk Investment Opportunities 

    • Multi-Level Marketing 

    Job PostingsExceptions permitted if the message sender is the one doing the hiring
    Debt Forgiveness 

    • Debt Consolidation 

    • Debt Reduction 

    • Credit Repair Programs 

    Controlled Substances

    • Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Products - Any mention of Cannabis or Marijuana is strictly prohibited

    • All Schedule 1 & 2 drugs 

    • Tobacco and Vape Other disallowed use cases 

    • Phishing 

    • Pornography 

    • Profanity or Hate Speech 

    • Fraud or Scam 

    • Deceptive Marketing 

    • Lead Generation (All Affiliate Marketing must be carrier approved) 

    • Referral or Reseller Campaigns 

    SHAFT Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, or Tobacco related content

    Why was my registration rejected?

    Brand and Campaign registration applications can be rejected for a variety of reasons. Let's review the most common reasons.

    Opt-in Rejection

    US Mobile Carriers want to know how your organization is obtaining your customers' contact information to send text messages and whether or not you are including language to get their explicit consent before they Opt-in.

    Make sure that the URL provided allows for the approving party (TCR & the Mobile carriers) to navigate to the website and view language that explicitly states your organization will be sending text messages that require your customer to give consent (i.e. clicking a checkbox, clicking “Agree”).

    If your organization has a manual process of getting consent (i.e filling out a physical process, from an email signature), then upload a screenshot or picture on a reputable image-sharing platform (i.e. Dropbox, BOX) and provide the public link.

    Sample Messages Rejection

    The Sample Messages field must be completed — you cannot write “this doesn’t apply” or “n/a”.

    Be sure to review the following sample messages.

    [Brand Name] Thank you for opting in for our texting notifications. To end messaging from us, you may always Reply with STOP. Reply HELP for help.
    Your message must include the Brand Name and the STOP keyword. Dialpad currently does not support functionality for custom Opt-in messages; this is in our backlog and we are working to get this out as soon as possible.

    You have been successfully unsubscribed from [Brand Name]. 
    Your message must include the Brand Name and the STOP keyword. Dialpad will block SMS messages from being sent to numbers that have replied back with STOP. Dialpad currently does not support functionality for custom Opt-out messages; this is in our backlog and we are working to get this out as soon as possible.

    You can get more assistance from our website at: https://brandname.com or XXX-ZZZ-YYYY. Text STOP to stop receiving messages from us. You can also text START to restart getting messages from us again. 

    Your message must include the Brand Name and the STOP keyword. It must have a URL or a phone number for the recipient to reach out to. TCR and/or the Approval party will call or access the URL to validate its legitimacy, so please ensure it is valid. A standard HELP message is already supported by Dialpad, you can go customize this message by accessing the office settings.

    Insufficient Messaging Description Rejection

    Campaign Descriptions describe what your SMS/MMS messages will be used for. 

    While it can include a short brand description, most of the text should describe your use-case and how you will use SMS/MMS. 

    Campaign Descriptions must be at least 40 characters. Things like “customer service” or “n/a” will result in a rejected registration. 

    Here are some examples: 

    1. This campaign will be used to request feedback via SMS messaging for experience with the delivery process. 
    2. Customer support and answering consumer concerns about products and services.
    3. Campaign will contact customers to update them on policy support and their payments.  

    The campaign description must match the sample messages. 

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