Dialpad + ServiceNow
    • 22 Sep 2023
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    Dialpad + ServiceNow

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    Dialpad's native ServiceNow integration allows contact centers and coaching teams to connect with ServiceNow and perform various actions such as creating records, tickets, logging calls, notes, and call dispositions. To enable the integration, users need to enter their ServiceNow instance name and ID, as well as their client secret number. ServiceNow settings can be customized for the entire company or specific offices. Agents can connect their Dialpad account to ServiceNow and match contacts to access call history, work notes, and ticket details. They can create new records or connect to existing ones. Dialpad calls are logged as incidents in ServiceNow, and agents can add notes and update incidents directly from Dialpad. Users can also view incidents in ServiceNow with just one click. The integration is available at no additional cost for Dialpad users.

    Never miss an opportunity with Dialpad's native ServiceNow integration.

    Our ServiceNow Integration is designed for your Contact centers and Coaching Teams, allowing them to: 

    • Connect to ServiceNow 
    • Create Records
    • Create Tickets
    • Log calls
    • Log Notes
    • Log Call Dispositions

    Let's take a look at how this integration works.

    Who can use this feature
    Dialpad's ServiceNow CRM integration is available on ITSM for Users on Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Contact Center, and Ai Sales plan, on the Pro and Enterprise level. It is not available with a standard license.

    What is ITSM?

    ITSM is an IT Service Management plugin that supports several ServiceNow modules, including incident management.

    Enable ServiceNow

    To enable the ServiceNow integration, head to your Company Settings from Dialpad.com 

      1. Navigate to Integrations
      2. Navigate to ServiceNow
      3. Select Options
      4. Select Manage Settings
      5. Select Enable this feature
      6. Enter your ServiceNow instance name
      7. Enter your ServiceNow instance ID
      8. Enter your ServiceNow client secret number
      9. Select Save 

    To obtain your ServiceNow instance and secret number information, you’ll need to head to your ServiceNow portal. 

    1. Search OAuth
    2. Select System OAuth
    3. Click New
    4. Select Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients
    5. Complete the fields as follows:
    6. Select Submit
    7. Write down your Client ID and Client Secret 
      • Select the lock icon to see the client secret

    Configure ServiceNow settings

    Once ServiceNow is enabled, it's time to select your settings. 

    ServiceNow settings can be enabled for the entire company, or per office. 

    Company-Wide Settings

    To set company-wide settings, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com

    1. Select My Company
    2. Select Integrations
    3. Navigate to ServiceNow
    4. Select Options
    5. Select Manage Settings
    6. Navigate to Call Logging
    7. Select the desired preferences
    8. Select Save

    Office-Specific Settings

    To set ServiceNow settings specific to an individual office, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com

    1. Select the desired office
    2. Select Integrations
    3. Navigate to ServiceNow
    4. Select Options
    5. Select Manage Settings
    6. Select Customize for this office
    7. Navigate to Call Logging
    8. Select the desired preferences
    9. Select Save

    First-Time ServiceNow Connection

    Once ServiceNow has been enabled, Agents will need to connect to their account. 

    1. From any Contact Profile, select the contact menu 
    2. Navigate to ServiceNow
    3. Select Connect
    4. Follow the two-factor authorization process
    5. Select Allow

    Contact matching

    Match your Dialpad contacts with ServiceNow to easily access the contact’s call history, work notes, and ticket details from within Dialpad. Let’s take a look at a few of common contact-matching scenarios. 

    No match - connect to a record

    When speaking to a client who is not already a ServiceNow contact, you’ll need to create a new record or connect to an existing record. 

    To connect to an existing record:

    1. Select Connect to a record
    2. Type the contact name in the text field
    3. Select Connect

    No match - create record

    When speaking to a client who is not already a ServiceNow contact, you’ll need to create a new record or connect to an existing record. 

    To create a new record:

    1. Select Connect to a record
    2. Select Create New
    3. Enter the contact information
    4. Select Create

    Confirmed match 

    Once a client record has already been created, you’ll see the confirmed match in the ServiceNow section of the contact’s profile. 


    Here, you can:

    • View open incidents
    • View call history 
    • Update incident work notes
    • Create a ticket 
    • Select the incident to open in ServiceNow 

    Rematch existing match

    People change roles and contacts sometimes need to be rematched. 

    To rematch a contact:

    1. Open the conversation sidebar and open ServiceNow
    2. Click the Gear Icon to access the More Menu
    3. Select Rematch record
    4. Enter the contact name in the text field
    5. Select Connect

    Multiple matches

    If there are multiple contact matches, Dialpad will display the variable contacts and ask you to select the correct one. The call will not be logged to any contact until you select the correct contact. 

    1. Select Connect to a record
    2. Choose the correct contact
    3. Select Connect

    Create a ticket

    Create a ServiceNow ticket from within your Dialpad conversation. 

    1. Select Create ticket
    2. Enter the required details
      • Impact
      • Visibility
      • Description
      • Assignee (assign to yourself)
    3. Select Create

    Incident review and update

    Dialpad calls are logged as incidents in ServiceNow — one call represents one logged incident.  Agents can add notes to the incidents as the call progresses. Not only that, but Agents can also collate the same information with any existing open incident for the contact.

    View and update work notes directly in Dialpad, these will be visible to yourself and your team the next time the contact calls. 

    1. Open the conversation sidebar and open ServiceNow
    2. Enter the new work notes 
    3. Select Update to save the details

    View incident in ServiceNow

    Need to view an incident in ServiceNow? No problem, move from Dialpad to ServiceNow in just one click! 

    1. Open the conversation sidebar and open ServiceNow
    2. Select View incident to open the full details in your ServiceNow account

    You can also access ServiceNow directly from within the More menu. 


    Frequently asked questions

    Can I connect SMS messages?

    No, not at this time. 

    Can I create a contact or Incident when the call is not active?

    Yes, you can create a contact or an incident when the call is inactive.

    Can I log missed calls as incidents?

    Not currently, but we are working on it. 

    If we have multiple Servicenow contacts, which contact will the call will log to?

    The call will be associated with the ServiceNow contact once the User has mapped the Dialpad contact to a ServiceNow contact. You’ll need to select Connect to a record and manually select the correct contact from the available options.


    Does this integration cost money?

    Nope! This is a native Dialpad integration, available to Dialpad Ai VoiceContact Center, and Ai Sales Users on Pro and Enterprise plans.

    Are Dialpad call dispositions logged?

    Yes.  Call disposition codes entered in Dialpad are synchronized with ServiceNow.

    Disposition codes appear in the "Resolution Notes" section of the activity field.


    *Your Office or Company Admin must enable Call Dispositions before you will see them appear in Resolution Notes.

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