Customer Onboarding

Our all-in-one workspace is designed for every industry and every business size. Set up is incredibly fast and we make it easy to customize Dialpad for your unique business needs.  On this page, you'll find setup guides, as well as resources and tips and tricks to help you transition to Dialpad.

Getting Ready for your Dialpad Migration

First off, let's confirm you're ready to migrate to Dialpad. Verify that your network is ideal for VoIP and that your equipment is supported (including headsets, desk phones, and your workstation specs).

Dialpad Admin Configuration

Learn how Company and Office Admins can configure Dialpad for your exact business needs. Review the following articles to ensure your workflows are as breezy and efficient as possible.

Configure your Call Center (For Admins)

Next up is configuring your Call Center. These articles will guide Admins through the setup process.

Number Porting

Looking to keep your existing numbers and migrate them over to Dialpad? Through the porting process, you can move your current numbers used today from your current provider over to Dialpad. Local, toll-free, and international numbers can be ported (the processing times vary, be sure to read our detailed guides.

End-User Training

Make sure that your users are fully trained up, comfortable, and ready. Check out the role-specific user training recordings & guides below to get your users comfortable with the Dialpad platform. 

Understanding Your Dialpad Analytics

Analytics and Call History menus reveal a lot about overall performance, but Call Centers in Dialpad can take advantage of deeper metrics that gather insight from every conversation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our key concepts and definitions so that you get the most out of your data. 

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