Manage a Main Line

Companies are provided with a Main Line number when they sign up with Dialpad. This number serves as the go-to number for the entire business, and Dialpad allows you to then assign Operators and customize settings to meet your business' needs.

Let's take a look at how manage a Main Line in Dialpad.

Main Line Info

From, head into your Admin Settings

Then, from the Office section, click Main Line.

You'll see the option to rename your Main Line, and add an abbreviation representing it across Dialpad. Both the Main Line's name and its abbreviation can be changed at any time.

In this section, Dialpad also lists any local, toll-free, and fax numbers associated with the Main Line.

Select Add A Number to add more phone or fax numbers to the account.



Assigned Operators & Phones

Assign users as Operators to make and receive calls on your Main Line. You also have the option to add a room phone in environments, such as a reception desk, where you want a shared phone to ring.


Business Hours 

In the Business Hours & Call Routing section, define when your business is open and closed as well as how calls are handled. It also serves as the area for you to set the Main Line's timezone.

Choose for the Main Line to take calls 24/7, or set it to receive calls only during specific (normal or split) business hours. From there, it's important to set call routing rules.


Dialpad also offers the ability to set holiday hours.

Call Routing

Hold Music

Set hold music to play for callers on hold on your Main Line. Dialpad lets you choose from several different audio clips, or you can upload an audio file to customize the hold music as your own.dp-main-line-hold-music.png


Dialpad Ai

Enable Dialpad AI on the Main Line. You can set Ai to start automatically, turn on or off at the discretion of Operators, and to show real-time transcripts when a call or conference begins.




Dialpad offers many different integrations to ensure you get the most out of your time. Enable integrations on Dialpad for your Main Line.



Advanced Settings

Take even more control over your Main Line with these advanced settings:




Main Lines are able to turn on spam blocking settings just as individual users can for their calls.


What is my Main Line Number and why did I get two numbers when I signed up?

When you sign up for a Dialpad account, we automatically give you a free local Main Line number which cannot be removed. This number is considered your Company's phone number that your callers can call to reach out to any operator assigned to your mainline.

The second number you receive is your direct Dialpad number, which callers would use to reach out to you directly. 

Don't like the numbers you were assigned? No problem!—in fact, you'll have the option after you finish the sign-up flow to port in an existing local or toll-free number.

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