Analytics Glossary

Learn more about the terms we use in your Analytic reports.

Abandoned Calls (Call Center)

An inbound call that did not end up ringing your Agents.  We'll mark an inbound call as abandoned in the following scenarios:

  1. Caller was in the hold queue but hung up before they reached an Agent
  2. Caller was routed directly to your Call Center voicemail (so either your Call Center was closed or no Agents were currently toggled On Duty)
  3. Caller tries to call in during your Call Center closed hours 

Abandoned Calls (Departments and Main Line)

Any inbound calls that did not end up ringing an Operator. Usually, this means the caller was sent directly to voicemail or was routed to an IVR menu where they hung up the call before being forwarded to an Operator.

Operator Calls vs. Department Calls

Let’s say a Department Admin wants to see how many calls his Operators handled last week.

By selecting Operator Calls, they’ll see a total of all the calls each Operator handled regardless of where the call came from or went to (meaning even other Departments).

By selecting Department Calls, they’ll see a total of all the calls each Operator handled on that specific Department.

Think of Operator Calls as a way for Department Admins to check the total activity of their Operators since only Company and Office Admins can see all your Entire Office Stats.

Average Call Duration

Includes both Placed and Received calls in the average and is based on the connected date and end date of the call.

The connected date is when a caller starts talking to a user (meaning we don't count the ring time). 

Connected Calls

When viewing a Department or Call Center and selecting Department Calls as the filter, you'll see a breakdown of different call categories including Connected, Missed, Abandoned,  Cancelled, and Voicemails.

Connected Calls in this scenario represents successfully placed and received calls to your Operators and/or Agents.

Cancelled Calls

A cancelled call is when a Dialpad user initiates an outgoing call but hangs up before anyone picks up. This is different from an abandoned call since abandoned only reflects inbound. 

Device Usage

  • Desktop App: Either the Native App (Mac or Windows) or the Chrome App
  • Forwarding Number: Placed or received a call on another PSTN number
  • Mobile HD Calling (VoIP): Used HD Calling (VoIP) on iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android
  • Desk Phone: Any form of SIP desk phone (Obihai, Polycom, and any SIP device)

Internal vs External

Internal calls are any calls between Dialpad users of the same Office. External calls are any calls between a Dialpad user and non-Dialpad user OR any calls between an internal Dialpad user and external Dialpad user (someone outside of your Office).

Note: For best results, make sure that you are placing and receiving calls with your Dialpad number.


Missed Calls: Any case where the Operator was rung and didn't answer. This does currently include Department fan outs - if 10 Operators are rung and 1 picks up, the other 9 will have missed calls.

Minute Stats

Total, Outbound, and Inbound all have the same logic as Calls, Placed, and Received respectively. 

Missed Calls (Call Centers)

Inbound call where we rang out to your available Agents but they didn't accept the call. The difference between a missed call and an abandoned call is that with a missed call, there are available Agents who have been rung out to (and they simply missed the call). 

In an abandoned call, Dialpad never rung out to any Agent because no Agents were available (or the other scenarios outlined under Abandoned). 

Missed Calls (Departments and Main Line)

Inbound calls where Dialpad attempted to ring an Operator, but the Operator didn't answer. When reviewing user stats, the total number of missed calls will include calls to the direct user's line as well as any lines that they've been assigned to as an Operator. 

Placed Calls

Outbound calls that were connected. If a user hangs up while the call is ringing and before anything picks up, then it's recorded as a Canceled call and not included in this section.

Received Calls

Inbound calls that were answered by a user. Even if the caller is routed from an IVR menu to a user, as long as they answer the call, it will be considered a Received call. 

Service Level (Call Centers) 

Available on Pro and Ent Call Center plans 

Your Service Level stats display the total number of calls received on your Call Center and what number has been answered within the Service Level your Admin has set.

You'll see a pie chart beneath your stats that gives the total % of calls meeting your Service Level. 

Short-Abandoned (Call Centers)

Available on Pro and Ent Call Center plans 

Short-abandoned calls happen when your callers hang up within 10 seconds of entering your Hold Queue (meaning no Agents were rung out). 


Determined by your Office's timezone, not individual users. This helps keep your Analytics consistent across all users within your Office.

Total Calls

Total calls are all calls that have been received or placed, including missed, abandoned, and canceled. 


An inbound call where the caller left a voicemail. Voicemails will also be included in Missed Calls if Dialpad attempted to ring a user that did not answer, and in Abandoned Calls if the call was transferred straight to a user's voicemail.  


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