Differences Between Departments & Contact Centers
  • 08 Jun 2023
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Differences Between Departments & Contact Centers

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Article Summary

Departments and Contact Centers may appear similar at first glance, however, they are actually quite different!

Both offer the ability to distribute calls to a group of users, but in brief, Departments are ideal for starting your business.

As your company scales, and call volumes grow, you'll benefit from the advanced capabilities of a Contact Center such as call monitoring and advanced analytics.

Let's take a look at the differences between Dialpad's Departments and Contact Centers.

Department vs. Contact Center Overview

SUMMARYDepartmentsContact Centers
Maximum Number of Seats 

Supervisors | Agents | Admins | Operators
25200 for Pro, 500 for Enterprise
Automated Response MenuYesYes
Fax NumberYesYes
Send & Receive SMS (US/CA)YesYes
Hold QueueBasicAdvanced
Custom Hold Music


* Available on Pro & Enterprise plans only

Automatic Call Recording


- Simple 'On or Off' controls

* Available on Pro & Enterprise plans only


- Granular controls

Manual Call Recording 


Integrations with CRMs, etc.YesYes
Call Monitoring (Listen In, Barge, & Take Over)


* User must have Admin-level permissions on an Ai Sales or Contact Center license

Live Call Transcripts (for Supervisor)


* User must have Admin-level permissions on an Ai Sales or Contact Center license

Real-Time DashboardNoYes
Alerts (queue size, etc.)NoYes
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) SurveysNoYes
Call DispositionsNoYes
Wrap-Up TimeNoYes
Agent Screen CaptureNoYes

Department vs. Contact Center Call Routing

CALL ROUTINGDepartmentsContact Centers
Longest IdleYesYes
Fixed OrderYesYes
Round RobinYesYes
Random OrderNoYes
Skills-Based RoutingNoYes
Call Waiting Yes, when using Simultaneous Yes, only when making outbound calls
Queue PriorityNoYes

Department vs. Contact Center Hold Queue

 HOLD QUEUEDepartmentsContact Centers
Hold Queue Limits YesYes
Delay AnnouncementNoYes
Out of Hours QueueNoYes
Unattended queueNoYes
Advise Caller Position in QueueNoYes
Allow Caller to Exit Queue to VoicemailNoYes
Allow Caller to Request a CallbackNoYes

Department vs. Contact Center Dialpad Ai 

Dialpad Ai (US/CA)DepartmentsContact Centers
Ai Call Summary YesYes
Speech Coaching YesYes
Real-Time Assist CardsNoYes
Live Call SentimentNoYes

* Dialpad Ai is only available in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, UK, AU and NZ.

Department vs. Contact Center Analytics

DepartmentsContact Centers
Wait TimeNoYes
Service LevelNoYes
Customizable Short Abandon ThresholdNoYes
Call Disposition UsageNoYes
CSAT Survey ResultsNoYes
Agent Status reports NoYes
Real-Time DashboardNoYes

Keep in mind that, in order to create and manage a Call Center in Dialpad, you'll need a Ai Sales or Ai Contact Center license.

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