Tour the Dialpad App

Dialpad is the most modern business communications platform.

On top of offering industry-leading features, the app simplifies everything for all types of users. You don't need to be an expert on all things technology to effectively use our platform at work. In fact, getting started takes just a few minutes.

Let's explore some basics surrounding the Dialpad app, and don't forget to watch the walkthrough guide above.

App Header


Use the app header to adjust audio settings, search for messages or contacts, and set a custom status.

Dialpad's app header also includes a drop-down menu displaying personal and Shared Line numbers, in-app settings for notifications as well as Dialpad Everywhere, and a toggle for Do Not Disturb mode.

If you'd like to quickly access the web portal for account-level settings, use the drop-down menu and select Account Settings.

App Sidebar


Use the app sidebar to access controls for calls, messages, and meetings.

You'll also find quick access to your inbox, contacts, and any Shared Lines that you're assigned to. Coaching Groups, Departments, Call Centers, and Executive Inboxes will be displayed if applicable.

Favorite and Recent sections appear in the app sidebar, providing contacts in chronological order based on the last time you communicated with them.

Conversation Thread


Choose a contact and you'll instantly see the conversation thread in full view. It displays message and call history with this contact over time.

G Suite or Office 365 user? Quickly pull the last three shared emails, docs, or upcoming calendar events with your contacts straight from their profile sidebar.

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