Copper CRM + Dialpad

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Never miss an opportunity with Dialpad's seamless integration with Copper CRM, providing high-level visibility into your pipelines.

The Dialpad Copper Integration allows you to connect with your Copper CRM to:

Let's take a look at how this integration works. 

Copper API Key

To configure Copper to your Dialpad account, first, you must generate your API key from your Copper CRM Account.

  1. Navigate to your Copper CRM Settings
  2. Navigate to Integration
  3. Navigate to API Keys
  4. Click 'Generate API Key'


Enable Copper CRM for the Company

Copper must be enabled for the entire Company before it can be used by Offices, Departments or Contact Centers.

To do this, head to your Company Settings from 

  • Navigate to Integrations 
  • Navigate to Copper
  • Select Options
  • Select Manage Settings
  • Check the box beside Enableenable_Copper.png
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Enter your Copper API
  • Select your Leads/People preference leads_people.png
  • Select Save

Configure Copper Call Logging for the Company

Company Admins can configure company-wide settings for this integration.

Head to your Company Settings from 

  1. Navigate to Integrations 
  2. Navigate to Copper
  3. Select Options
  4. Select Manage Settings
  5. Check the desired Call Logging preferences
  6. Select Save


Configure Copper for an Individual Office

Office Admins can configure Copper CRM to inherit the company-wide settings or to use their own unique settings.

When customizing at the individual office level, settings apply to departments, call centers, and groups.

  1. Navigate to your Admin Settings at
  2. Click Admin Settings and navigate to Office Settings
  3. Navigate to Integrations 
  4. Beside Copper, click 'Options'
  5. Select 'Manage Settings'
  6. At the top right, click 'Customize for this Office' 
  7. Select your call logging and lead preferencescopper_configure_for_office.png
  8. Select 'Save'

Call Logging Preferences 

Select what to call activities to log into Copper:

  • Calls - When enabled, a call activity is automatically created for each call.
  • Recordings - When enabled, a link to the user's call recording is posted to the Copper activity.
  • Transcripts - When enabled, a link to the call's Ai transcript is posted to the Copper activity.

Leads and People Creation Settings

Decide which object to create in case no match is found:

  • Leads
  • People

You can then log the call to the newly created object.

Set up Copper as an Agent

Once Copper has been enabled for your company, it's time to configure Copper as an agent. 

This configuration is a one-time setup and can be done during an active call, or when viewing a contact. 

  1. On the sidebar of your call, or when viewing your contact, scroll through the integration list until you see Copper. 
  2. Click Connect Copper CRMenable_copper_crm_first_time.png
  3. Click Proceed in the pop-up window that appearsScreen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_9.04.15_AM.png
  4. Enter your API key and email address
  5. Select Save                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_9.05.17_AM.png

Logging a Call

Calls can be logged to Copper Leads or Copper People and can be logged as a new object, or logged to an existing object.

  • Creating a new object

When you receive an incoming call that has no contact match, it's time to create a new object (either a person or lead).

  1. Click 'Create Lead' 
  2. Enter the contact name, the subject and the call descriptions and click 'Save'

That's it, it's that easy! The lead is now created within Copper and the call is logged.

  • Logging a call to an existing object

When you receive a call from a known contact (via a contact search in Dialpad and Copper), all you need to do is add a subject and description – the contact details will auto-populate based on your records. 

  1. Enter the subject and description
  2. Select 'Log Call'

Your call will now appear in your Copper call logs (and will be listed in Dialpad, too), with links to the call summary and recordings.



Multiple Contact Matches

In the event that you receive a call and find that you have multiple contact matches, our Copper integration allows you to select the correct one. 

  1. Click the checkbox beside the correct match                    Duplicate_contact_copper.png
  2. Click 'Connect'

Your call will now be logged with the correct contact.

Call Review and History 

Call details are is stored not only inside Copper, but also in Dialpad, giving you access to our amazing Ai features. 

The following records are noted within Copper:

  • Call ID
  • Type
  • Number from
  • Duration
  •  Link to transcript
  • Subject of the agent notes
  • Agent notes

Click the call link to instantly access the following Dialpad features:

  • Call Recording
  • Dialpad Comments
  • Dialpad Transcript
  • QA scorecards



What does 'wrong match' do?

If there are multiple contacts with the same name or number, we list all records so that you can associate the correct Lead/ Person.

Will they be able to search People or lead from the search bar?

Currently, we are not supporting search functionality. 

Can I create an object when the call is not active?

No, the call has to be active in order to create an object.

I received app_call_event not found error!

Sometimes, even if there is a Lead created, Copper will display 0 matches found and throw an "App_call_event not found" or "unknown error" occurred. If that happens, please Contact Support.

Are SMS or Screenpop Supported?

Not at this time, but stay tuned!

What are the Accepted number formats?

Dialpad stores numbers in +E. 164 format, and may fail to discover a match if Copper Leads or People are created in a different format.

Can I log missed calls as People or Leads?

Missed call logging is not supported.

Why does Copper keep showing me Log notes?

Notes taken during your call will be concatenated and saved as one log note.

If you do not wish to log the call, simply "Cancel" it.

What should I do if I find duplicates in the CRM system?

There are several scenarios where the system will create a duplicate person, company or lead record. Easily consolidate duplicate records by merging them within Copper. 

*Merging multiple records is final and cannot be undone. 

What happens if I did not create a Dialpad contact, but simply wanted to create an Object?

There is no requirement to create a Dialpad contact for trying to match the contact in Copper. We use the phone number to search Copper.