Using Dialpad Everywhere

Gain instant access to Dialpad features you use most, no matter what tab, window, or app you’re using.

Using Dialpad Everywhere

Before getting started with Dialpad Everywhere, make sure you've upgraded to the latest available version of the app.

Once enabled, you'll notice Dialpad Everywhere pop up on your screen when you navigate away from an active call started on your desktop app. 

Access Call Controls 

Hover over your Dialpad Everywhere interface to display all your available call controls, including: 

  • Mute
  • Hold
  • Dialpad
  • Warm Transfer
  • Direct Transfer
  • Add a Caller
  • Recording
  • Call Park
  • Hang Up 

Available Integrations

Ditch context switching and distractions with integrations embedded directly into your Dialpad Everywhere interface. 

Available integrations include: 

  • G Suite 
  • Office 365
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • ServiceNow
  • LinkedIn

G Suite and Office 365 Integrations 



Compose Message Recent Emails View All 
Launch email app in a browser tab with compose open  Links to last three emails exchanged View all shared emails 

Calendar Events

Create Event Shared Events View All 
Launch calendar app in a browser tab with create event open  Current event and next event together View all shared events


Create Document Shared Documents View All 
Launch drive app in browser tab Three shared files View all shared documents

Salesforce Integration


Create Opportunity

Opens Salesforce in a new browser tab on the create opportunity view 

Log Activity 

Shows the log activity UI 

View Lead

Navigates you to the lead (if connected)

Zendesk and ServiceNow Integrations

Create Ticket

Launch Zendesk/ServiceNow app in a browser tab with new ticket open

Recent Tickets

Shows last three tickets for this contact

View Record

Launch Zendesk/ServiceNow in browser tab to page showing all tickets for this contact


LinkedIn Integrations


Shared Connections

Show shared connections

View Profile

Open LinkedIn in a new browser tab, navigate to profile for this contact


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