Dialpad Everywhere
    • 18 Dec 2023
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    Dialpad Everywhere

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    Gain instant access to Dialpad features you use most, no matter what tab, window, or app you’re using.

    Before getting started with Dialpad Everywhere, make sure you've upgraded to the latest available version of the app.

    How to set up Dialpad Everywhere

    To get started with Dialpad Everywhere, click your Avatar to open your App Settings.

    1. Select Preferences
    2. Select Other Settings
    3. Check the three boxes under the Dialpad Everywhere section

    Once enabled, you'll notice Dialpad Everywhere pop up on your screen when you navigate away from an active call started on your desktop app.

    Access call controls 

    Hover over your Dialpad Everywhere interface to display all your available call controls, including:

    • Mute
    • Hold
    • Dialpad
    • Warm Transfer
    • Direct Transfer
    • Add a Caller
    • Recording
    • Hang Up 


    Dialpad Ai Everywhere

    If you have Dialpad Ai enabled, you’ll see an Ai button in your Dialpad Everywhere. When you click into it you will be able to see the live transcript of your call. 


    Not only that, but easily toggle between your Real-Time Transcripts and your Real-Time Assist cards.


    Only Dialpad Support, Ai Sales, and Ai Voice with Contact Center Pro or Enterprise Add On with Real-Time Assist created will see RTA cards in their Dialpad Everywhere instance.

    Available integrations

    Ditch context switching and distractions with integrations embedded directly into your Dialpad Everywhere interface.

    Available integrations include: 

    G Suite and Office 365 Integrations 



    Compose Message
    Recent Emails
    View All
    Launch email app in a browser tab with compose open Links to last three emails exchangedView all shared emails 

    Calendar events

    Create Event
    Shared Events
    View All
    Launch calendar app in a browser tab with create event openCurrent event and next event togetherView all shared events


    Create Document
    Shared Documents
    View All
    Launch drive app in browser tabThree shared filesView all shared documents

    Salesforce integration

    Create opportunity

    Opens Salesforce in a new browser tab on the create opportunity view

    Log activity 

    Shows the log activity UI

    View lead

    Navigates you to the lead (if connected)

    Zendesk and ServiceNow integrations

    Create ticket

    Launch Zendesk/ServiceNow app in a browser tab with new ticket open

    Recent tickets

    Shows last three tickets for this contact

    View record

    Launch Zendesk/ServiceNow in the browser tab to page showing all tickets for this contact

    Hubspot integration

    Logging calls to hubspot

    Allows you to log the call to Hubspot

    Have more questions? Check out our Dialpad Everywhere FAQ page.

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