Receive a Call
  • 14 Nov 2023
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Receive a Call

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It couldn't be easier to answer calls with Dialpad. When an incoming call is coming in, a call notification will appear and sound across all of the selected Dialpad-connected devices.

Accept the call with a tap or a click, and you’re connected. That's it!

Let's take a closer look at receiving a call in Dialpad's desktop app.

If you're looking to receive a call from another type of device, visit our Help Center articles on iOSAndroid, or desk phones. 

Answer or decline a call

Dialpad lets you receive calls both in-app and through a pop-up notification outside the app. You'll also hear a ringtone played through your device's speaker or a connected headset.

Incoming calls appear in the top-left corner of the Dialpad app — simply select Answer to pickup, or Decline to ignore the call.

If you decline or miss a call, Dialpad will ask if you'd like to call them back, send a text, or mark the call as spam.

If you're in Do Not Disturb Mode, remember that these incoming calls will not surface as notifications. 


If you'd like the conversation view to open automatically during a call, head to your settings and enable the 'Navigation when answering a call' setting. You can choose to have the conversation view open for shared lines, for calls to your personal line, or both.

Adjust your ringtone

To adjust your ringtone and audible notifications, head to your in-app Preferences Menu

  1. Select your Avatar
  2. Select Preferences 
  3. Select Notifications and Sounds 
  4. Navigate to Sounds 

Choose the ringtone Dialpad plays each time you receive a call.

Dialpad offers several premade ringtones, but you may upload an MP3 file to serve as a custom ringtone instead.

You can also choose where ringing and notifications play from, such as your laptop's built-in speakers or a connected headset.

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