Check Your In-App Audio Settings

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In-app audio settings let you decide the microphone and speaker/headset Dialpad uses.

Built-in options are often included with a laptop or desktop, but Dialpad supports external microphones and speakers/headsets as well. So you're able to choose what works best for you. It takes only a few clicks, and then Dialpad knows your preferences for all calls and messages.

Let's take a look at audio settings in Dialpad's desktop app.

Device Settings

From the Dialpad app, navigate to Hardware Settings by clicking on the gear icon.


This pop-up menu provides quick access to your microphone, speaker/headset, and camera configuration.

You can also access your hardware settings from your App Settings.

  1. Select your in-app Settings menu (click your avatar to access)
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Hardware Settings


Here you'll find the same list of microphone, speaker/headset, and camera options.

Make any adjustments necessary, then continue using Dialpad.

Using a Headset

If you'd rather use a headset for in-app audio, make sure that you've got the following set up:

  • USB wired headset or USB dongle-based wireless headset
    • Headset is selected in your computer's sound settings
    • Headset is selected as default microphone in your Chrome browser (Chrome app users)
    • Docking station is plugged directly into your laptop

Connecting a new USB headset will prompt an overlay, asking whether you'd like to continue to use that specific microphone.

If the app detects a change to your speaker as well, Dialpad will display an alert; this typically occurs when docking with an external monitor that has built-in speakers.

Be sure to read through our Help Center article on supported headsets. 

App Notification Settings

To access your App Notification Settings, select your in-app Settings menu (that's the three vertical dots beside your avatar) and then select Preferences.

Navigate to Notifications & Sounds in the left panel of the pop-up window and choose your notification preferences. Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_3.39.42_PM.png

You can choose where ringing and notification sounds play from, and choose the ringtone that Dialpad plays each time you receive a call. You can also test the audio to ensure it's working properly.

Run a System Test

To run a system test, select your in-app settings menu (that's the three vertical dots beside your avatar) and then select Preferences.

Navigate to Other Preferences in the pop-up window and select Run System Test.

Dialpad will redirect you to the system test in your web browser. It runs through the microphone, audio playback, network connectivity, data transfer, VoIP, and audio input.

If there are any issues along the way, the system test will offer deeper insights and troubleshooting assistance.