Ai Call Summary

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Access the Ai Call Summary

Need to segment your user's access based on their roles? No problem, Dialpad offers different permission levels based on your role within the company. 

  • Company Admins can see all call records and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for all Department, Call Center, and Coaching Team calls.
  • Office Admins can see all call records for calls within the Office and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for all Main Line, Department, Call Center, and Coaching Team calls.
  • Department and Call Center Admins can see all call records within their respective Departments or Call Centers and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for the same.
  • Coaching Team Coaches can see all call records for their Trainees and access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for the same.
  • Users can see all their own personal calls and access personal call recordings; they can also access Ai Call Summaries for these calls. If users are part of a Coaching Team as Trainees, their Coaches can access automatic recordings and Ai Call Summaries for their calls.

Dialpad App


From the Dialpad app, identify the call in a conversation thread and select View Call Details. Dialpad will launch the call review in your web browser.

Web Portal


From, navigate to Call History and select the Ai button alongside the call you're seeking to examine. Dialpad will then launch the call review.

Visit this Help Center article to learn more about the Call History menu.

Information & Controls (Title Bar)

In the title bar, the Ai Call Summary displays basic information related to the call as well as access to additional controls.

You'll see the contact's name or entire number, the call date and time, and the duration of the call.


Here are the controls available in the Ai Call Summary:

  • Search: Find words or phrases in the transcript
  • Show Comments: Add and view comments between team members using @mentions to tag
    • @mentions auto-suggest people within the entire company 
    • Recipients receive an email and a message from Dialbot with a link to the call review; if a recipient doesn't already have access to the call review, the @mention will grant them access until the comment is removed
  • Add to Playlist: Store the call alongside others similar to it in a playlist
  • Download Data: Get a URL to copy/paste or download a CSV file containing the transcript
  • Share: Create a link sharing the entire Ai Call Summary or only a portion of it
    • Security options exist to limit the call review's link to anyone with the URL or only team members logged in to Dialpad; there's also an option to revoke all links shared previously


To the left of the Ai Call Summary, you'll see all of the Moments that occurred on a call. Clicking on a particular Moment will expose the portions of the call that represent those Moments. 

You can see where in the transcript those Moments occurred, as well as the specific excerpts of the call for those moments.

Real-time assist (RTA) cards that were activated will appear here, too, if the feature is enabled.

Moments Definitions

  • Action Item - a single, clearly-defined task to be completed after the call/meeting, usually assigned to an individual or small group; example: "I will send the information to you tomorrow"
  • Address - when anyone mentions an address of a physical location or building
  • Call Recording Notification - the agent notifies the customer that the call is being recorded
  • Competitor - a customer mentions a competitor defined in your company dictionary
  • Currency - the customer or agent mentions a dollar amount or an amount in another currency; example: “That costs $100”
  • Date - the customer or agent mentions a specific date; example: “Let’s meet December 10, 2020”
  • Time - the customer or agent mentions a specific time of day; example: “let’s meet at 1:30 PM”
  • Email Address - when anyone mentions an email address
  • Interesting Question - any interesting question asked on a call; example: “Can we meet tomorrow at 4:00?”
  • Call Purpose (available to Dialpad Ai Voice, Ai Contact Center, and Ai Sales customers) - the caller states why they are calling; example: "I'm calling today to see if I can get my windows washed"
  • Negative Sentiment - the customer says something generally negative
  • Positive Sentiment - the customer says something generally positive
  • Phone Number - identify when anyone mentions a phone number
  • Recommendation - marks where a Real-Time Assist popped up on a call
  • Snippet - Snippets allow agents to mark and save important parts of conversations for future reference. For example, an agent can snip parts of a call where a prospect discusses their top concerns in order to create a reminder of what the agent should bring upon subsequent calls.
  • Support Defective (available only to Ai Contact Center customers) - the customer mentions that the product or service is defective
  • Support Issue Resolved (available only to Ai Contact Center customers) - the customer indicates that their problem has been solved
  • Swearing - identified when anyone uses profanity; example: "that's bullshit"
  • Unsure Agent (available to Ai Contact Center customers) - the Agent expresses uncertainty about an answer; example: "I'm not really sure"

We'll update this list as new moments are introduced to Dialpad and Dialpad Ai.

Call Highlights


Find out if there are any Call Highlights to observe without exiting the Dialpad app.

View the conversation thread after a call, and it will either display a portion of the transcript or Call Highlights including any action items and, for Call Centers, the purpose of the call.

Select View Call Details or View All Action Items, then the Ai Call Summary launches in a new window.

If Dialpad Ai did not assign an action item and only reveals who triggered it, you're able to assign the action item from the call review. Anyone who is assigned an action item will receive an email and Dialbot alert.

You're also able to edit, delete, and add action items.

Share Call Highlights In-App


Easily share Call Highlights from a conversation thread in the Dialpad app.

From a conversation thread, select the Share icon and enter a name or email address. You can also add a message to include.

Recipients receive an email with a link to the Call Highlights, and sharing with anyone outside your company will result in a public-facing link being created.

Transcript & Recording (Middle)

The live transcript shows the full text of the conversation in real-time. Reading is faster than listening, so having a transcript allows you to very quickly catch up on conversation content at a glance.


Front and center in the Ai Call Summary is the transcript, which includes the full transcript as well as a tab for Moments-based excerpts.

You can also listen to the audio from a call if it was recorded. Select Show Callers if you'd like to see when during a call that people spoke.


We also recommend rating the Ai Call Summary for punctuation and capitalization accuracy; the ability to rate appears at the bottom of the screen each time a call review opens.

Share a call summary

Need to send a call to a colleague for their review? Dialpad makes it easy to share the Ai Call Summary with a single URL.

Unique call links can be set to be shared with anyone within your organization, or to anyone 

To share a Call Summary, first head to

  1. Select Call Summary
  2. Select the options menu beside the call you'd like to share (that's the three vertical dots)
  3. Select ShareShare_Call_Summary.png
  4. Choose who can access the link (users within your company, or anyone with the link)
  5. Choose which portion of the call you'd like to share Share_call_summary_options.png
  6. Select Copy Link and share