Manage your Dialpad Devices

Easily manage all your Dialpad devices from one browser. Just navigate to > Your Profile > Your Devices to get started.

Here's where you'll see all your Dialpad devices, including:

  • When they were last connected
  • An option to choose which devices ring
  • Advanced settings for desk phones and forwarding numbers
  • The ability to remove the device completely


If your Administrator already added a desk phone to your account, you'll see it displayed here. 

Dialpad Tip: Admins can give their users the ability to add their own phones. Just navigate to > Office > Office Settings > Office-Wide Settings > Deskphones.

Adding a Forwarding Number

Working from anywhere means working across all your devices. That's why we give you an option to add a forwarding number (outside of Dialpad) to ensure that you never miss a beat.

If you add a forwarding number here and then download the mobile app, we should be able to auto verify your account. 

Advanced Settings

Both desk phones and forwarding numbers have some advanced settings that you should be aware of. These include things like:


Dialpad Tip: These inbound caller ID settings only apply if you're using your carrier to receive inbound calls


What's Next?