Manage Your Dialpad Devices

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Easily manage all your Dialpad devices from a single web browser tab. See which devices you're currently logged in to, and designate the devices that should ring.

Let's take a look at managing your devices in Dialpad.

View Devices


From, navigate to Your Settings > Your Devices.

You'll see a list of devices as well as when they were last connected and an option to enable or disable ringing. If a forwarding number is set, that will appear alongside the device.

It will also display options to remotely delete the device or log out.

Add a Desk Phone


From, navigate to Your Settings > Your Devices.

Select Add NewAdd New Desk Phone at the bottom of the list, and follow the on-screen walkthrough to set up a supported desk phone.

If your Admin already added a desk phone to your account, it will appear here.

Add a Forwarding Number

Need to forward your number? We've got you covered.

  1. From, navigate to Your Settings and scroll to Your Devices.
  2. Select Add NewAdd a Forwarding Number at the bottom of the list.
  3. Enter the forwarding number, then select Verify.

You don't need to have the mobile app installed, instead, Dialpad will call the submitted number and you must press '1' to verify that it's a working number in order to successfully add the forwarding number.


You're allowed to have up to 5 forwarding numbers added to your account. Dialpad also allows you to have more than 5 devices as long as they don't have a number tied to them.

Edit Advanced Settings


From, navigate to Your Settings Your Devices.

Select Advanced Settings at the bottom of the list. You'll see these options:

  • Incoming Caller ID: To help distinguish personal calls from Dialpad calls, choose the caller ID you want to see when receiving an inbound call to a forwarding number, e.g. Dialpad calls forwarded to your mobile phone
  • Answer Forwarded Calls: Include a verification prompt to press '1' for forwarded calls; this ensures that calls end up in Dialpad and not in your mobile phone's voicemail service
  • SMS Forwarding: Add a forwarding number to enable SMS forwarding to your mobile numbers whenever you receive messages in Dialpad

Inbound caller ID settings only apply if you're using your carrier to receive inbound calls.