App Updates
    • 20 Nov 2023
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    App Updates

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    Dialpad regularly updates its mobile apps for iOS and Android to provide new features and improve functionality. Users will either receive automatic updates or be notified when an update is available through the App Store or Play Store. There are two types of app updates: passive and required. Passive updates allow continued access to the app without immediate updating, while required updates must be installed to access all features. It is recommended to update the app whenever prompted to benefit from new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Users can check their app version in the Dialpad App Preferences page. Although using an older version is possible, a required update will eventually force users to update to the latest version. Updates for the desktop app are notified through a banner, and users can manually force an update on the native and Chrome app by following specific steps provided for each platform.

    We're constantly rolling out new features and functionality updates to ensure our users get the most out of Dialpad.

    Updating the mobile apps for iOS or Android works the same way as any other app. If there's a new version available, your app will either be automatically updated (if that's how you've set up your updates in your Play/App Store settings), or you'll receive a notification that an update is available for your app from either the App Store or the Play Store. 

    Let's dive into the details.

    Types of app updates

    Dialpad releases two types of app updates:

    1. Passive
    2. Required

    For passive releases, you'll still have access to the app if you don't update right away.

    For required updates, you'll need to update the app before you can access any of the app's features. 

    Our updates include new features, bug fixes, and behind-the-scenes tweaks, so updating the app whenever you're prompted is your best bet. 

    How can I tell what App version I'm on?

    See what version of the app you're running by accessing the Dialpad App Preferences page. 

    Can I use an older version of the app?

    Sure, but keep in mind that at some point, a required update will force you to update your app to the latest version in order to keep using it. 

    When should I update my app?

    Whenever we update our desktop app, we send out a banner notification giving you the option to update.

    If you ignore the update (or hit X by mistake), you can still manually force an update on the native and Chrome app.

    Force an update by following the steps below:

    Mac Native App

    1. With your native app open, navigate to Dialpad on your Mac's main menu
    2. Click Check for Update
    3. If an updated version is available, you'll be prompted to restart your app

    Windows Native App

    1. With your native app open, press Alt on your keyboard to display the File | Edit | Help menu
    2. Click on File > Check for Update
    3. If an updated version is available, you'll be prompted to restart your app

    Chrome Extension

    1. With your Chrome browser open, click on Screen_Shot_2017-07-19_at_4.23.11_PM.png > More Tools > Extensions
    2. Check the Developer Mode box
    3. Click on Update Extensions Now

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