iOS App for Dialpad Meetings
    • 26 Feb 2024
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    iOS App for Dialpad Meetings

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    The Dialpad Meetings iOS app allows users to start and join meetings from their iOS devices. To begin, users must download and install the app and ensure their device is running iOS 16 or above. The app provides a dashboard where users can check meeting information, start or join meetings, access their profile, and adjust app settings. Users can start a meeting by selecting "Start Your Meeting" and choosing whether to join with video or audio only. They can also invite participants during an active meeting by selecting "More" and then "Invite Others." To join a meeting, users can search for the meeting name or navigate to the Upcoming Meetings section. The app allows users to view up to 5 participants' video streams at once and switch between sharing their screen and viewing others in the meeting. Users can access meeting controls by tapping anywhere on the screen, including meeting details, participant information, chat conversations, and more. The app also offers features like scheduling meetings, customizing profiles, adjusting notification settings, and accessing support resources.

    The Dialpad Meetings iOS app allows you to start and join meetings from anywhere, not just on a computer.

    To begin, download and install the Dialpad Meetings app from the Apple App Store. Keep in mind that your iOS device must be running iOS 16 or above.

    Let’s take a look!

    Who can use this feature
    All Dialpad Meetings users who use an iOS device.

    View your dashboard

    Your Dialpad Meetings dashboard lets you quickly check meeting information, start or join a meeting, check your profile, and access app settings.


    Start a meeting

    To start a meeting from your iOS device:

    1. Select Start Your Meeting 
    2. Choose if you want to join with video, or only audio
      • Toggle on the Microphone icon to join the meeting with your audio on
      • Toggle on the Camera icon to join the meeting with your video on
    3. Select Join Meeting

    join.png     joinoptions.png

    If you don’t want to send or receive any video (this is useful if you want to conserve data usage), select More Options Audio Only. It will not turn on your camera during the meeting or display other Participants’ videos.

    More Options also lets you opt-in to View screenshare only and request a dial-in to the meeting rather than needing to join via the app.

    Invite participants during meeting

    Participants can join using the meeting URL, but organizers can also invite more users during an active meeting. 

    1. Tap More
    2. Select Invite Others
    3. Enter the name of who you'd like to add, or choose from the list of recent and favorite contacts
    4. Select Invite 

    Join a meeting

    To join a meeting from the iOS Meetings app:

    1. Tap on the searchbar 
    2. Enter the name of the meeting, then select Enter
      1. ou can also navigate to the Upcoming Meetings section and select a meeting to join.
    3. Choose if you want to join with video, or only audio
    4. Select Join meeting

    When using the Dialpad Meetings mobile app, you can watch up to 5 other participants’ video streams at once. Easily see who is speaking by the purple outline around their video feed.


    Switch back and forth between sharing your screen and viewing the other people in the meeting. 

    1. Tap the screen to access your active meeting menu
    2. Select the Actions Menu (the three vertical dots)
    3. Select  View Screenshare

       live_video_feed_menu.png      dpm_view_screen_share_mobile.png

    Meetings history

    View your upcoming and previous meetings from your Meeting History

    1. Tap My Meetings
      1. Select History to see past meetings
      2. Select Upcoming to view upcoming meetings

    Access meeting controls

    To access your meeting sontrols, simply tap anywhere on your screen. 

    The meeting bottom bar offers 4 quick access menus:

    • Meeting details
    • Chat conversations
    • Participant information 
    • More

    Let's go over each section. 

    Meeting details

    The meeting details displays the meeting's joining instructions, as well as audio and video controls. 

    Dialpad Meetings displays the speaker on-screen, and you’ll see their video if the speaker’s camera is on. Otherwise, you’ll just see their profile picture and name. Your video appears in the top-right corner if turned on, and there’s an icon to switch between front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

    You'll also find a meeting timer on the top left corner. 



    Use the Participants section to view the organizer and all other participants in the meeting.

    In this tab, you’re able to mute others and view user profiles. Organizers can also remove other Participants using the drop-down menu.


    Chat Tab

    Use the Chat Tab to send and receive messages and images with all other Participants in the meeting.

    More Tab


    Use the More Tab to review meeting information, invite other Participants, share meeting information, and adjust meeting settings.

    Meeting settings include audio recording, Dialpad Ai, locking the meeting, and muting all current and future Participants.

    Schedule a Meeting

    Looking to schedule a meeting? From the dashboard, navigate to the My Meetings tab 

    1. Select the Plus (‘+’) icon in the upper right hand corner.
    2. Enter the meeting name, other Participants, date, time, duration, and recurrence (Dialpad Meetings Business only)
    3. Select Next
    4. Decide to add the meeting to your calendar and if Dialpad Meetings should call Participants at the appointed time.

    upcoming.png  schedule.png


    App Settings

    Your Meetings

    The setting tab allows you to customize your profile to the exact specifications you'd like.

    To get there, tap on the Settings gear icon in the bottom right of the screen. 

    Here you'll be able to view your meeting URL, set hold music, adjust the time zone, and auto-dial to invited contacts.



    Scroll a bit further down and you'll be able to adjust your notification settings. You can toggle which email addresses and phone numbers notifications are sent to.

    You can also adjust what you receive notifications for. These include options such as creating a meeting, being invited to a meeting, five-minute reminders, call summaries, and general Dialpad Meetings updates.



    Notify Me When


    Finally, if you scroll to the bottom you'll see a few more options such as the ability to check the version number, send logs to support, visit our Help Center, share a link to Dialpad Meetings, rate the app, or log out.

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