SMS Auto-Reply Message


Set an SMS auto-reply message for when you're outside of personal working hours ('out-of-office') or in Do Not Disturb mode. It's useful if you're out-of-office and would like to alert someone that you cannot respond in a timely manner.

Enable & Create SMS Auto-Reply


From, navigate to Your SettingsCall Handling & VoicemailShow Advanced OptionsSMS Auto-Reply.

Select Automatically reply to messages when in Do Not Disturb mode or Automatically reply to messages received outside of my personal working hours.

You'll then enter the message to send when SMS auto-reply gets activated; it cannot be any longer than 140 characters.

How an SMS Auto-Reply Appears


Users and non-users of Dialpad will receive the SMS auto-reply message. As long as you chose whether to activate it for outside of personal working hours or in Do Not Disturb mode, the SMS auto-reply message will get sent in the regular conversation thread view.

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