Shared Line Messaging
  • 17 Jan 2024
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Shared Line Messaging

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Article Summary

You can send and receive messages from Shared Lines such as a Main Line, Department, or Contact Center.

Let's take a closer look at how to manage messages across Shared Lines.

Send a shared line message

To send a message from a shared line, head to your Dialpad app. 

  1. Select Send a Message
  2. Select the drop-down menu arrow next to New Message From
  3. Select the desired shared line/number
  4. Enter a contact's name or number
  5. Type your message and press Enter to send

Recipients will see the Shared Line's name and number, along with your name, as the sender.

Receive a shared line message

To receive a Shared Line message, head to your Dialpad app

  1. Navigate to the Shared Line's inbox 
  2. Navigate to Messages 

New messages will appear at the top of the Messages inbox with a purple circular notification. 

You'll also see the number of notifications listed alongside the Shared Line's name in the sidebar of the Dialfpad app.

Frequently asked questions

Can I send SMS or MMS messages from a toll-free number to a toll-free number?

No. Currently, we support SMS/MMS messages to local numbers only.

If you try to send a message from your toll-free number, we'll automatically use the available local line instead. If that's unavailable (meaning you didn't add a local number to your Department or Contact Center ), we'll default to using your Main Line.

Can I receive SMS or MMS messages on my toll-free number?

No. SMS/MMS messages are supported to local numbers only.

If a message is sent to your toll-free number, it will not be received. You must provide the other party with a local number to receive SMS/MMS messages.

I sent a message from my Shared Line, but it's displaying as my Main Line — why?

If you didn't add a local number to your Department or Contact Center, Dialpad will default to your Main Line as the outbound ID.

Can I send a message from a secondary number (group or personal)?

No, only a primary number can be used to send or reply to a message — even when replying to a message that was received on a secondary number.

That said, when the primary number is not SMS-capable, Dialpad will send the message from the first SMS-capable number on the list.

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