Send & Receive a Shared Line Message
  • 22 Aug 2023
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Send & Receive a Shared Line Message

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Article Summary

You can send and receive messages from Shared Lines such as a Main Line, Department, or Contact Center.

Let's take a closer look at how to manage messages across Shared Lines.

Send a Message

To send a message from a shared line, head to your Dialpad app. 

  1. Select Send a Message
  2. Select the drop-down menu arrow next to New Message From
  3. Select the desired shared line/number
  4. Enter a contact's name or number
  5. Type your message and press Enter to send

Recipients will see the Shared Line's name and number, along with your name, as the sender.

Receive a Message

To receive a Shared Line Message, head to your Dialpad app

  1. Navigate to the Shared Line 
  2. Navigate to Messages 

New messages will appear at the top of the Messages inbox with a purple circular notification. 

You'll also see the number of notifications listed alongside the Shared Line's name in the sidebar of the Dialfpad app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send SMS or MMS messages from a toll-free number to a toll-free number?

No. Currently, we support SMS/MMS messages to local numbers only.

If you try to send a message from your toll-free number, we'll automatically use the available local line instead. If that's not available (meaning you didn't add a local # to your Department or Contact Center ), we'll default to using your Main Line.

Can I receive SMS or MMS messages on my toll-free number?

No. SMS/MMS messages are supported to local numbers only.

If a message is sent to your toll-free number, it will not be received. You must provide the other party with a local number to receive SMS/MMS messages.

I sent a message to a contact from my Department / Contact Center, but it's displaying as my Main Line — why?

If you didn't add a local number to your Department or Contact Center, Dialpad will default to your Main Line as the outbound ID.

Can I send a message from a secondary number (group or personal)?

No, only a primary number can be used to send or reply to a message — even when replying to a message that was received on a secondary number.

That said, when the primary number is not SMS-capable, Dialpad will send the message from the first SMS-capable number on the list.

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