Real Time Assist Cards

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Real-time Assist cards provide triggered pop-ups that guide Contact Center Agents through speaking points, workflows, best practices, and more. Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards help tremendously with onboarding new Agents and guide even the most seasoned Sales rep through tricky conversations.

Custom Moments allow you to track specific items during a call — think of them as bookmarks for important themes on your calls that you might want to come back to later. Custom Moments are invaluable for historical trend reporting, reviewing calls, coaching, and even alerting managers in real-time.

Let's dive into the details of these two incredible features. 

Language availability

RTAs and Custom Moments are available in English and Spanish.

  • For use in English, make sure that your call center language is set to English, then create your English-language cards.
  • For use in Spanish, make sure your call center language is set to Spanish, then create your Spanish-language cards.  

Real-Time Assist Cards

Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards are small RTA_in_app.pnginfo-cards that pop up in real-time when a keyword or phrase is mentioned during a conversation. Completely customizable, RTA cards contain information that will assist agents, such as links to pricing or escalation flows.  

You can create your own RTA cards or choose from a set of pre-existing templates.

A card can be set to trigger on the agent-side, customer-side or both sides of a call, and you can choose which call center(s) or groups a given card should work for.

We still keep track of additional instances where the key phrase occurs, and they’re visible in the call review/analytics.

Analytics and Call Review

Once you’ve created a custom moment or RTA, you’ll be able to see it in action the same way you can with our other, pre-existing moments: once they trigger on a call, they will appear under the Moments filter in both the Analytics and Call History menus. From there, you can filter calls that include the custom moment of your choice.


Alternatively, if you open Call Review for a given call, you’ll see any moments that were triggered during the call -- including custom moments -- as filter options on the left:


Create a Real Time Assist Card

RTA cards and Custom Moments are created essentially the same way: from Dialpad, navigate to Admin Settings > Call Centers > Dialpad Ai.

From there, you will have the option to select either Real-Time Assist cards or Custom Moments.

Clicking either of these will provide a link at the top right of your screen, entitled Create Real-Time Assist card or Create Custom Moment, respectively.


Once you click the link, simply follow the steps provided. You can choose to create a card from scratch, or you can start with the pre-existing templates provided by Dialpad. If you create from scratch, the interface looks like this:


Essentially, the requirements for card/moment creation within that UI are as follows:

  1. Create a title
    • What will you name this card or moment?
  2. Create a description
    • What is this card or moment for?
  3. Fill in the information you want to display to the agent (RTA cards only)
    • What information, links, or answers would you like your agents to see when this card is triggered?
  4. Add trigger phrases
    • What words and/or phrases will trigger this card or moment?
    • Note once you add a trigger phrase the number of calls it’s triggered on in the last week will show up in brackets (ex (7)). This is useful for understanding how useful the trigger phrase will be.
  5. Choose who will trigger this card or moment
    • Should the trigger phrases apply to anyone on the call, just the rep, or just the customer?
  6. Select groups to apply the card to
    • Which agents’ calls should trigger this moment or card? You can add multiple Call Centers or Coaching Teams.