Dialpad + Voice Intelligence


Never scramble to take a note or worry about losing track of your action items after a call, Dialpad's incredible Voice Intelligence (or 'Vi') has you covered.

Let's take a look at Voice Intelligence in Dialpad.

Who can use this feature?

Voice Intelligence and its capabilities described below are available to all Dialpad customers on the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

It is only available for Offices in the United States and Canada. Voice Intelligence is also currently offered as part of a public beta in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom; if you're enrolled, you'll see a 'Beta' tag alongside Voice Intelligence in the Dialpad app.

Enable Voice Intelligence

Voice Intelligence is turned off by default for newly-created user accounts, and is turned on for Departments, Call Centers, and Coaching Teams. If you do not see Voice Intelligence as an option in your settings, reach out to your Dialpad Admin as they may have disabled it.

Active Call

Vi can be turned on in the middle of a call, or at the beginning.

While in an active call, select the Vi button located above the caller's name and number. Just like that, Vi is activated and Voice Intelligence will provide you with a real-time transcript, action notes and capture key details.dp-turn-on-vi-active-call.gif


Personal Settings

Vi can also be configured for all calls. From Dialpad.com, navigate to Your Settings and scroll to Voice Intelligence.

You'll see two options that can be enabled or disabled:

  • Auto-Start Vi: Voice Intelligence will be enabled for every call, without you having to manually activate it
  • Show Real-Time Transcript: Provides a real-time transcript at the start of every call, without you having to manually activate it



Not seeing this? Reach out to your Dialpad Admin to enable Voice Intelligence for the entire Office.

Detect Name for Unknown Caller

Voice Intelligence detects an unknown caller's name if they say it at the start of the call, then pins the name to the real-time transcript throughout the active call.


Keep in mind that this is only for unknown callers. Caller Name (CNAM) from caller ID or a saved contact name will take precedent even if the caller says a different name at the start of the call.

This capability works for both making and receiving calls.

Action Items


From a call review, navigate to MomentsAction Items. You'll see a list of moments pertaining to action items that you or any callers shared during the conversation. No pens or notebooks necessary.

Select an action item, then it will expand to display the excerpt from the transcript.



From an active call, select the Snippet button. Voice Intelligence will then capture the last ten seconds and the next ten seconds of conversation from that time.

Snippets appear in a call review alongside other types of moments. Select a snippet, then it will expand to display the excerpt from the transcript.

Call Highlights


Find out if there are any Call Highlights to observe without exiting the Dialpad app.

View the conversation thread after a call, and it will either display a portion of the transcript or Call Highlights including any action items and the purpose of the call.

Select View Call Details or View All Action Items, then the Vi Call Summary launches in a new window.

If Voice Intelligence did not assign an action item and only reveals who triggered it, you're able to assign the action item from the call review. Anyone who is assigned an action item will receive an email and Dialbot alert.

You're also able to edit, delete, and add action items.

Share Call Highlights In-App


Easily share Call Highlights from a conversation thread in the Dialpad app.

From a conversation thread, select the Share icon and enter a name or email address. You can also add a message to include.

Recipients receive an email with a link to the Call Highlights, and sharing with anyone outside your company will result in a public-facing link being created.

Vi Call Summary


From the Dialpad app, identify the call in a conversation thread and select View Call Details. Dialpad will launch the call review in your web browser (shown above). It's also accessible by choosing a call in the Call History menu.

Call reviews display the transcript, moments, comments, and a share link. You can also search a transcript for exact words and phrases said during a call.

Visit this Help Center article to learn more about the Vi Call Summary.

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