Use Your Polycom Phone
    • 15 Apr 2024
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    Use Your Polycom Phone

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    The content provides a user guide for using a Polycom device. It covers various functions such as placing calls, receiving calls, conferencing, transferring calls, guest login, switching calls between devices, adjusting caller ID settings, checking voicemail, programming speed dial, toggling Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, and forwarding calls. The guide explains how to perform each function step by step and provides instructions for different scenarios. It also mentions that certain features like extension dialing and transferring calls are only available within the same company or office. Overall, the content serves as a comprehensive guide for users to navigate and utilize the features of their Polycom device effectively.

    Before diving into our user guide, make sure that you're using one of our compatible Polycom devices.

    Place a call

    With either your handset or headset, you can place a call by:

    • Direct dial
    • Scanning through Call History

    Search and call a contact

    To place a call by searching for a contact:

    1. Select Contacts
      1. If you are using a Poly UCS phone, select Directory, then Corporate Directory 
    2. Select Search
    3. Type in the contact’s name
    4. Select Search
    5. Scroll down to review all contacts with that name
    6. Select your contact and press Call

    Using a headset? Plug it into the wired headset connector on the back of your Polycom, then select the Headset button.

    Dial an extension

    Once your Admin has assigned extensions to your team members, dial the extension # directly into your Polycom device and press Call/Dial (or wait 3 seconds for automatic dialing). 

    Extension dialing is only available between team members in the same Company. If your Company has more than one Office, extensions will also work across multiple Offices. 

    Receive a call

    You can receive a call by:

    • Picking up your headset
    • Pressing Answer

    Depending on if you have a headset connected, select Answer on your Polycom device then it will connect your call via speakerphone (headset) or through the handset. 

    Conference (add a caller)

    To conference in another caller:

    1. Select More 
    2. Select Conference on your active call 
    3. Dial-in your recipient's number 
    4. First caller is placed on hold while we ring out to the additional caller
    5. Select Conference once additional caller answers to add them to your active call

    Transfer calls

    Polycom offers three ways to transfer your calls between team members, or between your Executives and Assistants.

    • Warm transfer: Allows you to introduce the caller to your recipient before handing off the call. Once your team member/Operator answers, you can finalize the transfer, send the caller to voicemail, or even hang up the call.  
    • Blind transfer: The person/department receiving the transferred call does not have any pretext and is going into the call blind.
    • Transfer to voicemail

    Check out our step by step guide here for more information on how to transfer calls in your Polycom device. 

    Warm transfer

    To do a warm transfer:

    1. Select Transfer on the active call screen
    2. Dial in your recipient's number
      1. Dialpad will automatically ring out to the recipient while putting your active call on hold
    3. Once your recipient answers, select Transfer 

    If your recipient doesn't want to take the call/is unavailable, select End Call, then select the active line button in the upper right corner to take back the call with the original caller.

    Blind transfer

    To do a blind (direct) transfer:

    1. Select Blind on the active call screen
    2. Dial the recipient's number
    3. Select Dial to send your caller to your transferee

    Guest login (hotdesking)

    Guest login (also known as hotdesking or hoteling) gives employees access to desk phones on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Before following these steps, ensure your Dialpad Admin has enabled this on your Office's account. 

    To set up a guest login: 

    1. Select More 
    2. Select Login
    3. Enter your Dialpad number and your Voicemail & User PIN

    Once your Polycom reboots, your contact information will be populated on the device. 

    When you need to log out of the device, select More, then Logout

    Switch to this device

    To switch a call to your Polycom device, select Switch Call on the device. This will switch the active call to your desk phone from your mobile or desktop app. 

    To move the call back to the desktop, open your desktop app and click on your caller's name under Active Calls. On the screen that appears, select Switch Call to this Device.

    Caller ID

    To adjust how your outbound caller ID appears, navigate to 

    1. Select Your Settings
    2. Select Caller ID 
    3. Select a number from the drop-down option

    Inbound caller ID

    Need help deciphering between personal calls and Department calls?

    Adjust how your incoming caller ID displays on your device by navigating to 

    1. Select Your Devices
    2. Select Advanced Settings 

    You can set preferences for incoming calls to your personal, Department/Main Line, and your Executive line.


    Block your caller ID

    If you're looking for a little privacy, you can opt to block your caller ID by dialing *67 before entering your recipient's area code and number.

    Check your voicemail

    You can check your voicemail directly from your Polycom. Just press the Voicemail button dial on your phone and when prompted, enter your User & Voicemail PIN.

    After you listen to your messages, you can choose to Archive, Keep as New, or Play Again.


    Only new voicemails from your direct line are available on your Polycom device. Any old or already listened-to voicemails will not be available on your Polycom. 

    Message waiting indicator

    With the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI), your Polycom will display a red light at the top when there are any unread voicemails. 

    The light will automatically turn off after listening to your voicemails (from any device). 

    Program speed dial 

    To program speed dial:

    1. Hold down the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th vertical button on the right side of your phone
    2. Manually enter your contact’s name and phone number
    3. Your Polycom device will automatically assign a speed dial to your next available line

    Toggle DND

    To set DND on your Polycom:

    1. Press More on your home screen (can’t be on active call)
    2. Select DND
    3. Select the toggle to ON
    4. Your Polycom and all other connected devices will be put in DND mode 

    To switch back, follow these same steps and select DND Off.

    Forward calls 

    If you're stepping away from your Polycom for the day, you can forward inbound calls to another number entirely through the Dialpad app: Manage Your Dialpad Devices.

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