Manage Your Contacts
    • 20 Nov 2023
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    Manage Your Contacts

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    Dialpad allows users to easily access and store contact information, ensuring that contacts are updated. New contacts can be manually added from the Dialpad app's Contacts section or from recent calls with unsaved numbers. To create a new contact, users can enter the contact information such as name, phone number, email address, company, role, and URL. Contacts can also be edited or blocked if needed. The search feature helps users find specific contacts by name or phone number. Contact details can be viewed in conversation threads, and favorite contacts can be marked with a star icon. Contacts are organized in the Contact Directory based on frequency of interaction, company-wide team members, group chats, departments, and blocked contacts.

    Easily access contacts to make a call or send a message, and store general contact information to know exactly who you're interacting with any time. Dialpad syncs contacts both manually and automatically to ensure your contacts are updated to meet your needs.

    Let's take a look at managing contacts in Dialpad.

    Create a contact

    New contacts can be added manually from the Dialpad app's Contacts section or from recent calls with unsaved numbers.

    New contact 

    To manually create a contact, navigate to Contacts of your Dialpad app. 

    1. Select the Add a Contactbutton in the top-right corner
    2. Enter contact information, including name, phone number, email address, company, role, and URL
    3. Select Save Contact

    Your new contact will be stored in your Contact Directory.  

    Please review this Help Center article to learn more about syncing contacts automatically.

    Unsaved number

    To create a new contact from an interaction with an unsaved number:

    1. Navigate to a conversation thread with an unsaved number 
    2. Select Add Contact
    3. Choose Add to Existing or Add New Contact
      1. Add to Existing lets you attach the number to an existing contact; just enter their name and add a label. 
      2. Add New Contact, enter contact information including name, email address, company, role, and URL.

    Edit a contact

    To edit an existing contact, head to your Contacts section of the Dialpad app

    1. Enter the contact's name or number in the search bar
    2. Edit Options beside the contact you'd like to edit (that's the 3 vertical dots)
    3. Select Edit Contact from the drop-down menu alongside a contact in the list
    4. Update the contact information as needed
    5. Select Save Changes

    If you're already in a conversation thread, select the User profile icon in the right sidebar, followed by Edit Contact to make edits quickly.

    Block a contact

    In Dialpad, you have the ability to block any contact from your contact list.

    From the Dialpad app:

    1. Navigate to Contacts 
    2. Select the name of the contact you wish to block. 
    3. The contact's profile information will appear in a sidebar on the right. 
      1. If you don't immediately see the contact's profile information after selecting their name, click the User profile icon in the right sidebar.
    4. Select Block Contact 

    Learn more about blocking a contact or number.

    Delete a contact

    Need to delete a contact? No problem.

    1. Navigate to your Contacts 
    2. Select Options (that's the 3-vertical dot beside the contact's name on the right)
    3. Select Delete
    4. When prompted, click Delete 

    Search for a contact

    Easily find contacts using the Search feature. 

    From the Dialpad app, navigate to Search and enter a name or phone number.

    Note that a contact may appear in the Personal Contacts and Group Contacts tab. This allows you to see which contacts you've interacted with directly and which the business interacted with using a Shared Line such as a Main Line, Department, or Call Center.

    Hover over the User profile icon to see their role and email address at a glance.

    View a contact

    To view contact details from the Dialpad app, open a conversation thread and select the User profile icon in the right sidebar.

    Here you'll see the contact's name, role, phone number, and email address

    Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365 users will also see any shared documents, emails, and calendar events in the right sidebar.

    To favorite a contact, select the Star icon alongside their name.

    View contact directory

    Contacts are organized in your Contact Directory for easy access. 

    From the Dialpad app, navigate to Contacts and select a tab to focus on specific contacts:

    • Frequent: Contacts interacted with most often
    • Directory: Company-wide team members on Dialpad
    • Group Chats: Group chats interacted with
    • Departments: List of Departments in Office that expands to Operators assigned
    • Blocked: Contacts blocked in Dialpad

    Choose a tab, then it will display the corresponding contact information.


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