Customer Newsletter 24.02
    • 04 Apr 2024
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    Customer Newsletter 24.02

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    Let's go over Dialpad's February '24 highlight reel.

    (Re) introducing Ai Recaps!

    It’s here! Now available to all Dialers, with Ai Recaps you can:

    • Get instant summaries

    • View Action items

    • Auto-save details to your CRM

    • Share call and meeting highlights and to-dos with your team

    • Create calendar events from your Ai Recaps summary

    • Search Ai Recaps to find key details quickly.


    Check out our   on-demand trainings  and   webinars  to ensure you're making the most of out Dialpad's amazing features. 

    Exclusive product preview webinar: Maximizing Meeting Efficiency with Ai Recaps

    Get an early preview of Ai Recaps led by Dialpad Chief AI Officer Dan O’Connell

    Watch now!

    Contact Center update webinar: See Your Agents Like Never Before

    A preview of the Dialpad Contact Center Agent States Behavior update. Find out what’s changed, why you’ll benefit from the enhancements, and how to get the most from the new reporting capabilities.

    Watch now!

    Product updates

    Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are designed to live at the center of your business communications, and we're always rolling out product updates containing new features and improvements. Let's take a look a few highlights from this month. 

    Contact Center agent availability settings

    Contact Center admins can now enable or disable the agents' ability to set themselves as unavailable in their Contact Center.

    Updated SMS registration form for US numbers

    We’ve made significant changes in the current registration process to accommodate stringent requirements being enforced by US mobile networks. The updated form is designed to guide admins to get a successful approval from the mobile networks and their third party registration authority.

    Share Dialpad messages and link previews

    Copy and paste a link to any Dialpad message and share a preview of the message with your colleagues for faster and simpler collaboration. Additionally, users can now get previews of external web pages sent in Dialpad.

    Android Meeting widget

    Stay ahead of your schedule with meeting widgets in the Dialpad Meetings Android app. View and join your daily meetings directly from your home screen and adjust the widget to your preferred size.

    Bulk port out improvements

    Enjoy the option to select all when porting out multiple numbers. Plus, we've increased the number of numbers displayed on the page to 50, reducing the need to toggle to different pages as often.

    Sneak peek: Updated navigation in Dialpad mobile apps

    We’ll soon be launching updated navigation for our Dialpad iOS and Android apps to improve consistency across desktop and mobile, unlock custom organization of your Home screen, and make it easier and faster to access key actions like calling and messaging.

    Dialpad University

    You can now go to Dialpad University in your Dialpad app!

    What is Dialpad University? Dialpad University (DPU) is a FREE self-service learning portal that guides you and your team through onboarding—and everboarding—through a dynamic, interactive learning experience.

    To start your journey in DPU from your Dialpad App, select the three-dot icon then select Dialpad University.


    Customer spotlight 

    Learn how Van Horn improves call-to-answer rates by 10%, boosts employee training effectiveness by 20%, and gets the most out of every meeting with Ai Recaps in this customer testimonial.

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