Customer Newsletter 24.01
    • 21 Mar 2024
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    Customer Newsletter 24.01

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    Let's go over Dialpad's January '24 highlight reel.


    Check out our on-demand trainings and webinars to ensure you're making the most of out Dialpad's amazing features. 

    Dialpad Ai Voice Admin Training

    How can your business get real-time insights and assistance for customer-facing teams with Dialpad Ai?

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    Dialpad Ai Sales Center Admin Training

    Learn about the ins and outs of Dialpad's Admin Portal for Dialpad Ai Sales Licenses and help your team close deals and smash quotas.

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    Product updates

    Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are designed to live at the center of your business communications, and we're always rolling out product updates containing new features and improvements. Let's take a look a few highlights from this month. 

    Meeting Widgets on iOS

    Stay ahead of your schedule with Dialpad’s Meetings Widget, now available for iOS 17 and newer. This innovative widget lets you view and join your daily meetings directly from your home screen. Opt for the small widget for a concise view, the medium for added participant details, or the large to keep an eye on your next four meetings.

    Omnichannel improvements

    We've added a new compose bar, conversation panel, and right-side panel for the digital agent's view. This includes improvements in seeing past conversations and interactions. Plus, supervisors now have access to the session history tab.

    IVR Workflow templates

    Quick start the creation of your IVR Workflow using one of our three starter templates. Customize the template with your own prompts, menus, logic, and transfer steps to quickly create IVR Workflows for your business. 

    Dialpad is feeling the love ❤️

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Dialpad wins TrustRadius’ Most Loved award for 2023.

    Customer spotlight 

    The LA Chargers increased productivity by 20% with Dialpad!

    The sales and service teams for the Los Angeles Chargers use Dialpad for their customer communication needs. Learn how they increased their productivity through different Ai features and the Salesforce integration.

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