Customer Newsletter 24.03
    • 22 Jun 2024
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    Customer Newsletter 24.03

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    Let's go over Dialpad's March '24 highlight reel.


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    Catch the Ai Recaps webinar

    Take a tour of the much-anticipated Ai Recaps hosted by Dialpad and T-Mobile. Catch the webinar recording led by Dan O’Connell, our Chief Ai Officer and learn how Ai Recaps maximizes meeting efficiency.

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    CSS Office Hours: Dialpad Ai basic Admin training

    Learn about the ins and outs of Dialpad's Admin Portal.

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    Product updates

    Dialpad's desktop app and web portal are designed to live at the center of your business communications, and we're always rolling out product updates containing new features and improvements. Let's take a look a few highlights from this month.

    DND renamed to Active for shared lines

    We’ve renamed the shared line DND toggle to Active. When the Active state is enabled, it means the agent is actively participating in that Contact Center and if they're available, they can receive calls and as well as interactions from the Hold Queue.

    Global Contact Center settings

    We've added a new Global Contact Center Settings page where you can set preferences that apply to all or some Contact Centers in your office.

    New agent availability settings

    We've added new agent availability settings that determine what type of calls agents can receive if they are already on a call or in a meeting. This lets you decide when you want your agents to be set as off-duty and if you want to prioritize Contact Center calls over all other calls.

    Office-specific reserve pool numbers

    Maintain number consistency and prevent cross-office auto-assignment by using Dialpad's new office-specific reserve pool setting. When enabled, reserved numbers can only be used for users and devices within the same office.

    Support for code creation

    As part of our enhanced security protocols, you might find yourself being asked to provide a Support Code when talking to Dialpad's Customer Support Team. Support Codes can be generated from Your Settings, or sent from the Support Agent. This helps us prevent account breaches and keeps your account safe.

    Dialpad University

    Ready, set, learn about Ai Recaps

    Ai Recaps, enhanced by the cutting-edge DialpadGPT, redefines business communication with its ability to instantly generate clear, concise summaries of meetings and calls. Learn how to enable Ai Recaps and implement this revolutionary new feature into your daily workflow with a new Dialpad University Course. Access Dialpad University in the Dialpad app by selecting your profile picture and selecting Dialpad University.

    Dialpad shines in G2 Winter 2024 reports 🏆 

    See why Dialpad takes the lead in not one, not two, but 8+ categories. 

    Customer spotlight

    Learn how Ai Recaps are transforming Van Horn's team by quickly identifying and addressing trending topics from customer calls. This not only boosts their customer service efficiency but also enhances their sales strategies.

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