Assign Agents to Contact Centers
    • 03 May 2024
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    Assign Agents to Contact Centers

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    Contact Center Agents are front-line employees who interact with your customers through various communication channels like phone, email, or chat. Once you've created a Contact Center, its time to assign agents to it. 
    Let's dive into the details.
    Who can use this feature
    Contact Center Agents are available to Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales customers.

    Our discontinued 'Ai Voice with Call Center Add-On' license also supports this feature but is limited to existing customers.

    Assign an agent

    To assign an Agent to your Contact Center, head to your Admin Settings from 

    1. Navigate to Ai Contact Centers
    2. Select the desired Contact Center
    3. Select Agents & Admins
    4. Type the name or email address of the agent in the search bar 
    5. Select Enter to confirm

    An agent can be assigned to a maximum of 100 Contact Centers.

    Assign Contact Center Admin

    To make an Agent a Contact Center Admin, select Options and choose Make Admin or Make Supervisor. You will see this user's role change in the list.

    Select your routing type, such as skills-based routing, to then prioritize which Agents receive calls based on their rank and proficiency for a specific type of call.

    Initially, this user will appear as an Agent, but you're able to make them an Admin or Supervisor using the same menu.

    • Contact Center Supervisors have all the access as an Agent or Rep with the ability to utilize coaching metrics like Listen In, Barge In, and Take Over, as well as access the dashboard and set alerts
    • Contact Center Admins can do everything that a Contact Center Supervisor can do, as well as edit the Contact Center's settings.

    Upgrading users from Ai Voice to Ai Contact Center

    When you add an Ai Voice user to a Contact Center, you’ll receive a prompt to upgrade the Ai Voice user to a Contact Center or Ai Sales license. You must upgrade in order to move the user to a Contact Center, which may require purchasing a new license.

    This upgrade will occur instantly, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

    If you choose to upgrade to Ai Contact Center, you’ll have an option to let them keep their existing numbers or remove them. If you keep the existing number, you’ll be billed for an additional number on that user’s line.

    Without a direct number, the user will only be able to place outbound calls from the Contact Center.

    Assign an agent to multiple Contact Centers

    To assign an agent to multiple Contact Centers, head to your Admin Settings from 

      1. Navigate to Office Settings
      2. Select Users
      3. Select Options beside the desired User
      4. Select Groups
      5. Select Make Contact Center Agent
      6. Check the boxes beside the desired Contact Centers
      7. Select Close to save any changes

    To remove an Agent from a Contact Center, follow steps 1-5 as noted above, and then uncheck the boxes beside any contact center's you want the agent removed from.

    Ring connected devices

    Agents should ensure calls ring connected devices — calls can ring via Dialpad on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, desk phones, room phones, and forwarding numbers.

    To determine which devices will ring, head to Your Settings from

    1. Navigate to Your Devices
    2. Select Ring This Device beside any device you want to ring

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