Manage a Call Center

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Get the most out of your Call Center by customizing your settings. 

Let's take a look at how you can set your team up for success and provide the best possible service. 

Purchase Call Center Licenses

Before you can assign users as Agents or Reps to a Call Center, you'll need to purchase either Ai Contact Center or Ai Sales licenses for all users.

From, navigate to Admin Settings

  1. Navigate to Office
  2. Select Licenses
  3. Select Purchase Licenses
  4. Enter the number of Contact Center licenses you'd like to purchase
  5. Select Next
  6. Review your updated billing overview
  7. Select Confirm Purchase

You'll also find the option to purchase licenses in the Billing menu. Both will display an overview of licenses on your account.

Purchase the licenses you'll need to cover all Agents or Reps in the Call Center.

Add Direct Number for Contact Center Users

Contact Center users can use direct numbers, too.

To add a direct number, first, head to your Admin Settings from

  1. Navigate to Office
  2. Select Licenses
  3. Navigate to the Add Ons section
  4. Select Purchase licenses
  5. Enter the number of desired additional numbers
  6. Select Next
  7. Review your updated overview
  8. Select Confirm Purchase

Next, the number needs to be assigned to a user.

Navigate to your Office Settings. 

  1. Select Users
  2. Select Options beside the name of the User
  3. Select Calling
  4. Select Manage Phone Numbers
  5. Select Add a Number
  6. Name the number (optional)
  7. Review the overview and select Add Number

Assign Agents & Admins


Assign users as Agents to make and receive calls in the Call Center. Agents can also be granted Call Center Admin or Supervisor privileges.

Business Hours & Call Routing

In the Business Hours & Call Routing section, define when the Call Center is open and closed as well as how calls are handled. It also serves as the area for you to set the Call Center's timezone.

Head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Navigate to Call Centers
  2. Select the desired Call Center
  3. Navigate to Business Hours & Call Routing
  4. Enter desired hours 


Choose for the Call Center to take calls 24/7, or set it to receive calls only during specific (normal or split) business hours. From there, it's important to set call routing rules.

Dialpad also offers the ability to set holiday hours.

Dialpad Ai

Set up Dialpad Ai in the Call Center to start automatically, turn on or off at the discretion of Agents, and show real-time transcripts when a call or conference begins.

Head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Navigate to Call Centers
  2. Select the desired Call Center
  3. Navigate to Dialpad Ai
  4. Check the 'Turn on Ai for this Call Center' box 

You'll also see the options to allow individual users to start and stop Ai during their calls, and to show transcriptions the moment a call starts. 


You'll also discover Real Time Assist Cards and Custom Moments in this section.


Enable, disable and configure integrations on Dialpad for the Call Center from your Admin Settings at 


CSAT Surveys

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are created by Company or Office Admins in Office Settings, and they can be applied to a Call Center under the CSAT Survey section.


Dashboard & Alerts

Set and manage alerts for your Call Centers, visible from your dashboard and distributed via Dialpad message or email.


Advanced Settings

Take even more control of your Call Center with our Advanced Settings options. Make adjustments to: 


You'll also see an option to prevent Agents from deleting calls, recordings, voicemails, transcripts, and other call-related data. If the checkbox is filled, Agents are able to delete data at their discretion.

Don't worry, any Agent who is also an Admin or Supervisor in the Call Center is still able to delete the mentioned data whether or not the checkbox is filled.

Spam Prevention

Just like for individual users, Call Centers are able to turn on spam-blocking settings for their calls.


Retention Policy

Remove or update your Call Center's retention policy.


Hold Music

Improve your Call Center's ambiance by customizing your Call Center's hold music.

First, head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Navigate to Call Centers
  2. Select the Call Center name
  3. Navigate to Call Routing
  4. Select Edit Call Routing
  5. Navigate to Hold Queue
  6. Navigate to Hold Greeting
  7. Upload your new custom greeting or record one within Dialpad

IVR and Voicemail Language Settings

Set the IVR and Voicemail Language settings that callers hear. You can choose between Chinese (China), English (Australia), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), French (Canada), French (France), German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Italian, or the Office default.


To learn more about Call Centers, visit this Help Center hub.


Call Center Administrator Settings

Choose who can update an Agent's global status. Office and Company Admins can enable Call Center Supervisors and Call Center Admins the ability to change their Agent's global status. 

First, head to your Admin Settings at

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Navigate to Call Center Administrator Settings
  3. Check the desired boxes to enable the permission 


By default, these permission settings are enabled for Call Center Admins and disabled for Call Center Supervisors. 

Administrator Settings can also be applied to specific Call Centers. 

To update Call Center Administrator permissions on an individual Call Center level, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Call Centers
  2. Select the desired Call Center
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings 
  4. Navigate to Call Center Administrator Settings
  5. Check the desired boxes to disable/enable the permission 


Supervisor Call Assignment

Connect callers to the right agents and help Supervisors manage long queues by enabling Supervisor Call Assignments. 

To enable Supervisor Call Assignment, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Call Centers
  2. Select the desired Call Center
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings
  4. Check the box beside Allow supervisors to assign calls to specific agents or themselves


Learn more about using the Supervisor Call Assignments feature in this Help Center article.

Audible Notification for Off-Duty Status

Office Admins can  choose to provide Contact Center Agents with a continuous audible notification when they are set to Off-Duty for missing or rejecting a Contact Center call. 

This setting is enabled by default — if you do not want your Agents to receive the audible notification, you will need to manually uncheck the box beside Enable agent audible notification.

To enable the audible notification, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Navigate to Agent Audible Notification for Off Duty Status
  3. Check the box to enable the notification




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