QA Scorecards

Let's talk Quality Assurance (QA). Providing continual coaching opportunities, and actively monitoring your team's performance, leads to not only heightened customer service, but enhanced client retention and employee motivation.

Dialpad's QA Scorecards allow you to measure and improve the quality of your agent's calls with an objective grading tool. Scorecards can be used on previously recorded calls, and allow you to effectively run analytics on your teams, agents, and even scorecards.

The icing on the cake? You can do all of this within the same Dialpad app environment!

Let's dive into the details. 

Create a QA Scorecard

Dialpad's QA scorecards allow Supervisors and Admins to grade a call and share it with the agent in real-time, either via email or Dialbot alert. 

Once shared, the agent will be able to see the details of the grade given, broken down by each question, on the call summary page.

Let's dive into the step-by-step details of creating a QA scorecard.

    1. Navigate to Admin Settings in your Admin portal and select "QA Scorecard"
    2. Select "Create Scorecard" and type the name and description of your scorecard and click "Create"
    3. Add questions to the scorecard and select Save
    4. After you have finished adding questions, select Publish
    5. When prompted, select Yes, publish now to complete the scorecard creation process.
    6. Voila! Your scorecard is now active and ready for use and will appear in your scorecard inventory. 


Question Content

Every question must have the following features:

        1. Question Title:  Question or statement to be considered when grading the call
        2. Response Type: Yes/No, Agreement (Likert), Frequency (Likert), Importance (Likert), Likelihood (Likert), or Quality (Likert)
        3. Responses: Responses are autofilled to match the response type chosen, but are customizable 
        4. Points: Point value given for each response

Dialpad's QA Scorecards also offer additional optional question features:

          1. Add a comment: The comment field can be marked as required or optional.  A comment field can be added for each question, and all grading comments will show up on detailed scorecard exports
          2. Allow Question to Be Skipped: this will mark the question as N/A and not affect the agent's overall score.  The scorecard will automatically recalculate the total points of the scorecard 
          3. Automatically Fail Entire Scorecard for Certain Responses:  When selected, this feature automatically fails the entire scorecard, giving the agent a 0% for their overall grade.  A scorecard can have multiple questions marked to be automatically failed.

Archive a scorecard

Workflows adapt, and your QA scorecard needs will change as your company grows. QA Scorecards can be archived, which maintains the card's analytics data.

To archive a scorecard, navigate to the QA Scorecard section in your Admin Portal and select the scorecard you would like to archive.


When prompted, select Yes, Archive to archive the scorecard, and remember, this action is not reversible.


Archived scorecards can be reviewed at any time and are located within the QA Scorecard section, in the Archived tab. 


Duplicate a scorecard 

Need to create a copy of a scorecard? Not to worry, duplicating QA scorecards is a piece of cake. 

From your Admin Portal, navigate to QA Scorecards and select the scorecard you would like to duplicate. Screen_Shot_2022-05-04_at_10.57.57_AM.png

      1. Click the name of the scorecard you would like duplicated.
      2. Click Duplicate on the top right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-05-04_at_11.00.32_AM.png
      3. Review the copy of the scorecard and select Publish.Screen_Shot_2022-05-04_at_11.03.05_AM.png
      4. When prompted, select Yes, publish now and your duplicated scorecard is now ready for use.Screen_Shot_2022-05-04_at_11.03.25_AM.png

Grade an interaction

Supervisors, Call Center Admins or Coaches can grade interactions of the Agents or Trainees they monitor. 

      1. Navigate to the Call History view, and select the agent whose call you want to grade.  
      2. Select "Grade Call" from the Menu options to open the call summary view.
      3. Fill out the scorecard and select ‘Submit grade’.

Once the grade has been submitted, the supervisor will be able to view the details in the Web Call History view

Each scorecard will have an Overall Searchable comment field which will also display in the detailed exports. Comments entered here are searchable in the Call History, as well as Analytics. 

If a call had screen capture enabled, you can listen to the recording and view the screen capture within the call summary view. 

Click the screen you’d like to watch and press play (that’s the purple triangle) and you’ll be able to obtain the complete perspective of the call.Agent_Screenshare.png

Searching for Graded Interactions

Dialpad offers several ways for Supervisors to search for graded interactions based on Call Centers or Agents.

  1. To search for graded calls, navigate to Call History.
  2. Click More Filters and select QA Scorecards. 
  3. Chose your desired filters and click Apply.

From the QA Scorecard search filter, you can search by the following criteria:

      • Graded/Not Graded by (Anyone): Displays calls that have been graded by you, or a fellow supervisor, Admin, or Coach.  *Your ability to search for grades submitted by another user will depend on your permissions.
      • QA Scorecard: Displays calls graded by a specific scorecard
      • Grade Score: Displays calls graded with a specific score range
      • Search Overall Call Feedback: Displays calls based on the overall feedback noted The search query must match the feedback entered when the grade was submitted
      • Date Graded: Displays calls graded within a certain date range
      • Grader: Displays calls graded by a specific grader 

Graders can view all of their grades scheduled to be sent by selecting "View Schedule" on any call they have graded. 


A pop-up will appear, noting which graded scorecards are to be sent out on what date. 


This can also be viewed per agent. 

Delete a Grade

Need to delete a grade? No problem!

Office Administrators can delete any grade in their office. Supervisors are only able to delete grades that they submitted. 

Once a score has been deleted it will be removed from the Web Call History, and Scorecard Analytics data.

      1. Navigate to Admin Settings in your Admin portal and select "Call History"
      2. Click the grade to view the scorecard. 
      3. Click the garbage can icon at the bottom of the scorecard.Screen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_1.26.01_PM.png
      4. Click "Confirm" when prompted. Screen_Shot_2022-05-09_at_1.26.11_PM.png

Share scores with Agents

Live feedback is crucial to prevent habit formation. Supervisors can grade a call and share the score with the agent in real-time.

Scores can be shared with the agent via email or Dialbot alert.

      1. Once the call has been graded, select "Submit & Share" 
      2. Click "Share now" at the top of the pop-up menu.
      3. Select your sharing method - Dialbot or email.
      4. Click "Share now"


Once shared, the agent will be notified of the grade, the grader, and the call.

The Agent is then able to view the details of the grade, broken down by question, in the Call Summary page.



Schedule sharing scores with Agents

Time zone differences, annual leave, and unique review periods can create scheduling constraints. Supervisors can grade a call and schedule it to be shared with the agent on a specific day. 

Scores can be sent in a summary email, or Dialbot alert, and can be scheduled up to a month out. 

  1. Navigate to the Call History view, and select the agent whose call you want to grade.  
  2. Select "Grade Call" from the Menu options to open the call summary view.
  3. Fill out the scorecard and select ‘Submit and Share’.
  4. Select the date you would like the agent to receive their grade
  5. Choose if you would like the agent to receive their grade via Dialbot or email. 
  6. Click "Schedule"

Supervisors can view all their graded calls, and those that are scheduled to be sent at a later date.

Who can do what 

There are 4 different permission levels:

  • Supervisor 
  • Call Center Admin
  • Office Admin
  • QA Grader 

* Coaches have the same QA Scorecard permissions as Supervisors.

Let's take a deeper look at User Permissions, and who can grade which calls. 


Permission Role 
Call Center Admin Office Admin QA Grader
Delete grade submitted by another supervisor    
Delete grade submitted by another Call Center Admin    
View another Users grades 
View another Users grade details  
Create, duplicate, publish & archive Scorecards
View Analytics
Export Scorecard Reports
Grade Call Center or Coach Team Call that the User is monitoring
Grade Call Center or Coaching Team Call the user is not monitoring    
Edit grade of Self Graded call 
Edit grade submitted by another Supervisor * * * *
Edit grade submitted by another CC Admin * * * *
Delete grade submitted by User (their own grade)

QA Grader

The QA Grader role has three different permission types:

  1. Scorecard Access: All Coaching Teams - Provides the grader access to all coaching team calls across the entire company
  2. Scorecard Access: Call Centers (Office) - Provides the grader access to all call centers calls within their office
  3. Scorecard Access: Call Centers (Company) - Provides the grader access to all call center calls across the whole company and can only be assigned by the Company (super) Admin

* You can only edit grades for calls that you have graded.

**A user can have multiple permission types.

Scorecard Analytics

Dialpad provides Supervisors and Admins a clear overview of their team's and agent's performance with in-depth scorecard analytics. 

Learn all about scorecard analytics in this handy Help Center article


How are scores calculated when a question is skipped?

When a Grader skips a question (if applicable) that response is excluded from the grade calculation. 

For example, when John grades Mary’s call, he skipped 3 questions, totaling 30 points. The scorecard is worth 100 points and the agent received 60 points for the first 3 questions, 0/10 points on question 4 and then skipped questions 5 (5 pts), 6 (10 pts), 7 (5pts), and 8 (10 pts), totaling 30 points skipped. This results in a score of 60/70, which works out to 85.71 => 86%.

Is Screen Recording available while grading a call?

Not at this time.

Is QA Scorecards automatically included in my plan?

There is an additional monthly fee to use the QA scorecard feature. 

Can I restrict visibility to my Scorecards (so only I can see them)?

Currently, there is no way to restrict visibility to QA scorecards. When you create a QA Scorecard, it will be visible to all other Supervisors, Call Center Admins, Office Admins, and QA Graders.

How do I add QA Scorecards to my account?

There are 2 options to add QA Scorecards to your Dialpad account:

  1. Contact your Customer Support Manager 
  2. Contact Customer Support 


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