Improve the Accuracy of Ai Transcription

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Several factors determine the accuracy of any transcription. You'll need equipment that's reliable — choose a dedicated microphone and run Dialpad using a strong connection. Don't forget about where and how you're speaking, too. Communicating in an ideal environment will dramatically improve Ai's transcriptions.

Let's take a look at what you can do to improve Dialpad Ai's ability to transcribe your calls.


Start off with a high-quality microphone. Laptops rely on tiny built-in microphones, which significantly limits the audio quality captured and attract background noise easily as they're located away from your face.

Either through a USB port or a standalone headset, use an external microphone and speak directly into it to largely reduce any background noise.


Speak loud and clear; if you're too quiet or mumble, Ai might struggle to detect the words you're saying.

You'll want to speak directly into the microphone from a distance of 1 to 3 inches for a headset microphone or of 6 to 12 inches for a non-headset external microphone.

Since our technology works best with conversational speech, take breaks when speaking for a long time or avoid monologuing completely if possible.


Conduct calls in a quiet environment, away from sources of noise as well as in an area that will not produce an echo. Find a smaller room that offers silence so that Dialpad Ai understands exactly what you're saying.


Audio can become choppy when your connection is poor. If possible, utilize a wired internet connection through an ethernet cable. Otherwise, try connecting to a 5GHz wireless network to ensure that your connection is both strong and stable.

Ai Settings

Indicate words and phrases often used in your company or industry. By creating a company dictionary, Dialpad Ai can better recognize what you're saying in order to accurately transcribe a call that includes jargon not understood by the average person.

You can also optimize Dialpad Ai by turning on call recording.