Set Holiday Hours & Routing Rules

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Let's take a look at holiday hours in Dialpad.

View Office Holidays

To view your current office holidays, head to your Admin Settings at \

  1. Navigate to Office 
  2. Select Office Settings 
  3. Navigate to Office Holidays


You'll see a list of default holiday dates based on the country your Office is set to. Dialpad displays recurring default holiday dates for the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia. You'll also see any other Company or Office-created holiday dates in this list.

Holiday dates in this list will not affect holiday hours or routing for a Main Line, Department, or Call Center.

Shared Lines will set hours and routing based on these holiday dates or while creating their own.

Create an Office Holiday

To create a new office holiday, head to your Admin Settings at 

  1. Navigate to Office 
  2. Select Office Settings 
  3. Navigate to Office Holidays
  4. Select 'Create New Holiday'create_office_holiday.png
  5. Enter the name of your holiday
  6. Select the date of your holiday
  7. Select the repetition option 
  8. Select 'Confirm New Holiday'

Your holiday will now appear in the list of office holidays.

You can also add holidays from the Company level, rather than the Office level — the steps are the same, you'll select My Company from the top left drop-down menu in your Admin Settings.


Set Holiday Hours & Routing Rules


From, navigate to Admin Settings and choose the Main Line, Department, or Call Center you'd like to set holiday hours and routing rules for. Navigate to Business Hours & Call Routing Holiday Hours.

Select Add Holiday and choose an existing holiday in the drop-down or create your own.

Determine the open hours for this holiday, then set routing options for what occurs while the Shared Line is open and closed. It's an identical process to setting business hours and routing rules on a regular day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I specify per holiday?

You're able to specify a single block of open hours (or an all-day closure), agent routing options, other routing options including direct-to-voicemail, a welcome greeting, and a voicemail greeting.

What can't I specify per holiday?

You cannot specify ring duration, hold queue settings, and split business hours for more than a single block of open hours.

How do we remove and/or adjust holidays?

Return to the Main Line, Department, or Call Center and, in Business Hours & Call Routing, select Options Edit or Remove alongside the holiday.

How is the timezone of the holiday determined?

Holiday use the Office's timezone.