Message Notifications

How do I clear message notifications?

Sometimes your app may display notifications even if you've already checked them. To clear these out, click on the Mark All as Read icon in your Recent list for recent messages and Inbox for all other calls/messages.


How do notifications work?

Nobody wants to spend their entire day clearing messages—that's why we try to keep it simple when it comes to notifications. Whichever client you're using to send/receive notifications (desktop app / mobile app) is considered your "active client".

Once that active client is set, you'll only receive notifications to that client. And if you switch clients (so from your desktop app to your mobile app) or you don't interact with any client in 5 minutes, the "active client" status is cleared.

The only time you'll receive notifications to more than one client is when you haven't set an active client (limitations apply per your device settings).


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