Porting FAQs

Porting is the transfer of a phone number between two service providers.

If you have an existing number you would like to keep, you can initiate a port request and assign it to a user or shared line in Dialpad. If you are new to the porting process, please read below for a quick overview.

What to expect?

When porting a number, the provider through which you currently have service is referred to as the ‘losing’ carrier while the new provider that you're porting a number to is referred to as the ‘winning’ carrier.

All port requests originate from the ‘winning’ carrier (in this case Dialpad). You cannot initiate a port request from the ‘losing’ carrier. Some information related to your current service will be required. 

We'd suggest requesting a Customer Service Record (CSR) from your losing carrier as this will include all the pertinent info you need to provide to Dialpad.

Local Porting vs. Toll-Free Porting

Dialpad can initiate port requests for US based local or toll-free numbers. Local ports can be requested through an online form in your account. Toll-free ports can be requested by contacting our support team with a filled out letter of authorization.

Requests for local ports can take 3-5 business days to complete with no issues with the information provided. Toll-free ports can take 5-10 business days. In either case, while your number is being ported it will continue to work. Again, any issue with the information initially provided will increase processing time.

Learn more about local porting

Learn more about toll-free porting

Can I Port a Google Voice Number?

Yes, you can port a Google Voice number. Before requesting a port for your Google Voice number, you'll first need to unlock it through your Google account.

Where Can I Assign Local Numbers vs Toll-Free Numbers?

Local numbers can be assigned to the following:

  • Team Members
  • Main Line
  • Departments
  • Call Queues
  • Room Phones

Toll-Free numbers can be assigned to the following:

  • Main Line
  • Departments
  • Call Queues 
  • Room Phones

Can I Port an International Number?

Depending on your location, Dialpad can port your international numbers. Contact our sales team to inquire about your country's eligibility. 

Can I Port in an Existing Fax Number?

No, not at this time. You or your Office Admin will need to choose from the numbers available when adding a fax line. 

Does Porting Cost Money?

There is no charge to submit a porting request for US residents. Not a US resident? Contact our sales team to inquire about our variable rates.

Once the number is ported and assigned in Dialpad, your account will be charged a rate based on where the number was assigned (i.e. a user line, a Department number, etc.). 

Can I port a number before getting a Dialpad account?

We require that you have a paid subscription to Dialpad before offering the ability to port in any existing numbers.

Should I cancel my current service before making a port request?

No. Do not cancel your current service before making a port request. Wait until after the port request is successful before reaching out to your carrier to close the account.

Will you notify me when my port request is complete?

Yes. When the port is completed, the Dialpad Administrator that requested it will receive an email confirmation. If the number was ported to a team member, they too will receive an email confirmation.

Do I have to keep my Dialpad number after my port?

Nope! It's your phone system–it should have your Company's number. 

When your port completes, reach out to our support team to have the assigned Dialpad number permanently removed from your account.  

Keep in mind that if you do not request to have one of your Dialpad assigned numbers removed, your account will be charged for your Dialpad number and ported number. 

Can I port out Dialpad numbers?

Before contacting your new service provider you must first get a unique PIN number associated with your number.

This PIN number, along with other pieces of information, will enable your new service provider to port the number over to their system.

If you are a Dialpad Administrator, go to dialpad.com/portout and follow the prompts to get the unique PIN number associated with your number. Note that only numbers within your Company are portable.

If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team.