Port In Your Local US Number
    • 07 May 2024
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    Port In Your Local US Number

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    The content explains that switching to Dialpad does not mean losing your existing phone number and recognition. Porting allows you to change service providers while keeping your current numbers. To initiate a port request, you need the account owner's name, associated service address, list of numbers to port, account number, and PIN number. You can request a port time, assign numbers to Dialpad users, and decide whether to keep existing numbers. The content also mentions the port request verification process and the ability to batch up to 5000 local numbers in one request. Porting takes time, but Dialpad will inform you once the port is completed. The status of each port request is indicated by a red or green confirmation. For more information or assistance, you can contact Dialpad's Porting Team.

    We understand the years of marketing and branding you have done with your "old" phone number. Not to worry, switching to Dialpad doesn't mean you will lose your number and recognition.

    Porting allows you to change service providers while keeping your existing numbers.

    Let's dive into the details.

    Who can use this feature

    Company and Office Admins can initiate a port of their local number straight from the Dialpad portal.

    Initiate a port request

    Before initiating a port request, make sure you have the following information:

    • The account owner's name
    • The associated service address
    • The list of the numbers you want to port
    • The associated account number (typically only needed for mobile numbers)
    • The associated PIN number (typically only needed for mobile numbers)
    Ask your losing carrier for a copy of your Customer Service Record (CSR). That will note all the required information in one place.

    To port in a local number, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com 

    1. Navigate to Office settings
    2. Select Number Porting
    3. Select New Port Request
    4. Enter the phone number you would like to be ported in, then select Create Request 
    5. Enter the account and number details
    6.  Request a port time (optional)
      1. We'll do our best to honor the day and time selected, but keep in mind that the port must first be confirmed by the losing carrier and as such, we cannot guarantee the completion date.
    7. Select Assign Numbers
      1. Choose the Dialpad user who you would like to assign the number to
        1.  Numbers can be assigned to individual users, shared lines, or devices.
      2. Decide if you would like to keep their existing numbers
    8. Select Done

    Once the request has been submitted, you'll see it listed in the Pending Port Requests section.

    Port request verification

    When you initiate an automated port request for your local US number, you’ll be required to authenticate the port request

    To proceed with the authentication process for the port request

    1. Select Request Porting
    2. Select Call me 
    3. Answer the automated call on the requested number to be ported
    4. Enter the verification code displayed on the porting page 

    To initiate a port request for multiple numbers, you must choose at least one number from the batch for verification. 

    You have 12 chances to confirm the verification code, it will be divided into 6 calls with 2 attempts per call.

    If you failed to authenticate the port request, contact our Customer Support for assistance.

    Batching numbers

    Need to port in multiple numbers? Administrators can batch up to 5000 local numbers in one request. 

    To submit a batch request, enter each phone number, separated by a comma. 

    Ex:1 (555) 555-9876,1 (555)-1234,15555677

    Port status

    Porting does take time, but don't worry, we will inform you once the port has been completed. 

    Beside each port request, you'll see a red or green confirmation letting you know if the request was approved, submitted and pending approval, or rejected. 

    If there's a hiccup in the request, we'll alert the Admin and let them know what needs to be done to correct the issue.

    More information

    Have more questions about porting? Check out our porting FAQs.

    You can also contact our Porting Team at [email protected].

    Don't forget, number porting is not available for Dialpad Meetings.

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