Manage Dialpad License Billing

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Managing and adding licenses for your team is a breeze. Admins can purchase licenses for the following actions:

Once a license is purchased, you're able to complete those actions. Keep in mind that we charge for licenses as they're purchased, even if they're inactive and unassigned. Licenses can be purchased during a billing cycle, and are prorated to the next billing cycle.

You're only able to create User accounts for as many licenses as you have available, so make sure you don't over-invite team members.

If you're seeking to purchase Dialpad Meetings licenses, please review this Help Center article.

Let's take a look at managing licenses in Dialpad.

Purchase Licenses

Licenses can be purchased in two places from your Admin settings. 

  1. From the Billing menu
  2. From the Office menu

Let's look at how each method works. 

Billing Menu

From, navigate to Admin Settings Billing.

  1. Select Purchase Licensesbilling_liscence_.png
  2. Enter the number of licenses or add-ons to be purchased and select Next.purchase_liscence.png
  3. Review your summary and click Confirm purchase



Office Menu

To purchase a license from your Office menu, head to, and navigate to Admin Settings > OfficeLicenses.

Select Purchase Licenses beside the product you wish to add.


In the pop-up menu, enter the number of licenses or add-ons to be purchased and select Next.


Review your purchase and select Confirm Purchase.



Remove Licenses

Office Admins are able to schedule license removals. Generally, an Admin will want to do this when they already have licenses available in the account that they no longer need, and don't want to be billed for.

Let's look at how to remove licenses. 

    1. From, navigate to Admin Settings OfficeLicenses.
    2. Select Remove Licenses or Remove Add-Ons, then enter the number of licenses or add-ons to be removed and select Next.
    3. Review your decision and select Remove Licenses. Licenses scheduled for removal are removed at the end of the current billing cycle. ⚐ This will vary depending on your company's plan and contract type.


Restore Licenses Scheduled for Removal

Since licenses that are scheduled for removal are only removed at the end of the current billing cycle, you're able to cancel the removal and store these licenses as available.

From, navigate to Admin Settings Billing or Admin Settings OfficeLicenses.

Select Buy Licenses or Buy Add-Ons, then enter a number of licenses or add-ons less than or equal to the licenses scheduled for removal and select Next.

Review your purchase and select Confirm Purchase. Notice that, as these licenses were not yet removed, restoring them does not incur any additional charges or fees.